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COVID: Israel to shut its borders to foreigners due to omicron variant

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Israel is closing its doors to the world as other countries confirm their first cases of the omicron COVID-19 variant. Phone-tracking technology will help officials to isolate those exposed to the new variant.

Iceland's left-right coalition takes office for second term

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Prime Minister Katrin Jacobsdottir will focus on climate change as Iceland comes under threat from melting glaciers. Right-wing parties will try to keep the economy stable.

Coronavirus digest: Germany confirms third case of omicron variant

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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A person wRead more

A person who arrived in the western state of Hesse from South Africa has been infected with the new variant. Denmark and Italy are the latest EU countries to announce omicron cases. Follow DW for the latest.

Swiss reject plan to abolish COVID health pass

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Opponents of the certificate, which restricts entry to events and restaurants to mostly vaccinated people, forced Sunday's referendum. Most voters, instead, have backed the government's approach.

Pope Francis pained by English Channel migrant deaths

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Most of thRead more

Most of the pope's comments to the faithful Sunday in St. Peter's Square were about migrants and refugees. He asked civilian and military leaders to do more to provide aid and comfort.

Formula One team boss Frank Williams dies

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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The legendary team boss sustained a spinal cord injury in a car crash in 1986 that rendered him unable to walk. Founder of his own team, Williams was in F1 for over half a century.

Spain's Canary Islands draw more migrants despite dangers

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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A lack ofRead more

A lack of prospects exacerbated by the pandemic has been leading tens of thousands of Africans to make the dangerous crossing to Spain's Canary Islands. It remains unclear how many have died in the attempt.

Taiwan scrambles fighter jets after China sends 27 aircraft

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Taiwan's dRead more

Taiwan's defense ministry says its air forces were mobilized to warn off 27 Chinese warplanes. The incursion into Taiwan's air defense zone included 18 fighter jets, five nuclear-capable bombers and a refueling aircraft.

Germany: Dozens take illegal mystery COVID vaccine before police shut it down

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Scores ofRead more

Scores of people waited in line for an unknown and unauthorized shot described as a COVID-19 vaccine in the city of Lübeck. Around 50 jabs were administered before police could intervene.

Netherlands: 13 omicron cases found from South Africa flights

On November 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: World

The DutchRead more

The Dutch public health institute said in a statement that testing was continuing on the samples of 61 people who tested positive for COVID after arriving from South Africa.
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2021 European Championship Latin postponed to 17 July 2021 Dear valued members,Dear Competitors,In light of...
- admin
Dear Dancers, I hear on the grapevine that a ***MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT*** is on its way;...
- admin
Press Release: April 14, 2021 Topic: “Save the Dancers” GoFundMe Campaign UpdateDear Fellow WDC Competitor,We...
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Dear valued member bodies, dear valued presidents, today. I may contact you concerning a very...
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3 July 2021. Balkan Cup 2021. Greece, Porto Cheli.
Travellers from all countries will be banned from entering Israel for 14 days, local media report.
The government says the three-week curbs are critical to protect hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.
One family returns to the same camp they had lived in for seven years before trying to reach Europe.
Activists in Calais demand change after decades of people coming to the city looking to reach the UK.
A former first lady and a man convicted of corruption vie to succeed an unpopular president.
- Dom Calicchio
Canadian health expert’s claims of indigenous ancestry don’t check out: reports
She claimed to have ancestral ties to the Metis indigenous peoples of Canada, but a recent report revealed that a top health official’s kin more accurately hailed from Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia.
Afghan prime minister defends Taliban’s rule amid crisis
Afghanistan’s Taliban prime minister defended the group’s rule in a public address Saturday, saying it was not to blame for a worsening economic crisis and is working to repair the corruption of the ousted government
- Bryan Llenas
Father-son Afghan refugees reunite in NYC after five years apart, with help from Fox
A famous Afghan musician has been reunited with his son in New York City after Fox Corp. helped his family evacuate Afghanistan following a Taliban threat made against them.
- Audrey Conklin
WHO skips over Greek letters 'nu' and 'xi,' names new variant 'omicron'
WHO confirmed it skipped the Greek letters "nu" and "xi" in naming its new COVID-19 variant, which it dubbed the "omicron" variant.
Will flight restrictions help as new virus variant emerges?
A new coronavirus variant identified in South Africa is leading to a new round of travel restrictions just as many had finally begun to ease.
Britain snubbed as France hosts Channel talks following migrant disaster
France hosts a meeting of European ministers on Sunday to discuss ways to stop migrants crossing the Channel in dinghies, but without Britain, which has been excluded following a row last week. In reaction, the British government announced Sunday that it would hold its own talks on the crisis with European ministers later this week.
Snow delights children, but blocks migrants at Belarus border
At a migrant camp near the Belarusian border with Poland, migrants say they were promised a better life in the EU only to find themselves living in subhuman conditions. FRANCE 24’s Gulliver Cragg reports from the Belarusian border village of Bruzgi.
Live: Israel bans entry to all foreigners as world races to stem Omicron spread
Israel became the first country to ban entry to all foreigners starting midnight Sunday as Australia and several European nations confirmed cases of the new Omicron coronavirus variant. Since it was first detected in South Africa, the variant has sparked global concern with countries rushing to implement measures to stem an infection spread.
Iranian, Chinese and Russian teams meet ahead of crunch nuclear talks
Iran's negotiating team, led by Ali Bagheri Kani, held bilateral and trilateral meetings in Vienna on Sunday, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported, ahead of Monday's resumption of nuclear talks to salvage the 2015 agreement between Iran and major world powers. 
Copa Libertadores: Brazil's Palmeiras win title for second year
Deyverson scored an extra-time winner as reigning champions Palmeiras retained the Copa Libertadores on Saturday with a 2-1 victory over Flamengo in an all-Brazilian final in Montevideo.
Iran nuclear talks to restart as US emphasizes it's 'prepared to use other options' if diplomacy fails
The US and its allies restart Iran nuclear talks on Monday unsure how Tehran's new government will approach negotiations, not optimistic about the prospects ahead and emphasizing that if diplomacy fails, the US is "prepared to use other options."
Japan adds $6.75 billion to military budget in rush to bolster air and sea defenses
Japan plans to add $6.75 billion to its already record annual military spending in a rush to bolster air and maritime defenses as it becomes more concerned about threats posed by China and North Korea.
New Zealand politician cycles to hospital in labor, gives birth
New Zealand Member of Parliament Julie Anne Genter got on her bicycle early on Sunday and headed to the hospital. She was already in labor, and she gave birth an hour later.
China's crackdown on Hong Kong fuels fears in Taiwan
As China cracked down on the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, the Taiwanese public watched on anxiously. Some fear they could be next to see harsher clampdowns as China steps up pressure on the democratic island of 24 million to "unify" with the mainland. CNN's Will Ripley reports.
Country where 54 percent of adults drink alcohol once a week may run out of liquor for Christmas
Shops in the United Kingdom could run short of wine and liquor ahead of Christmas because there aren't enough drivers to make deliveries.
<figure><img alt="Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell straining to hold up the globe, against a red-orange background" class="img-responsive imported-news-entry-img" src="https://images2.markets.businessinsider.com/618d96ab3d74d00019f4055d?format=jpeg" /><figcaption><p class="copyright">Marianne Ayala/Insider<!-- sh_cad_1...
<figure><img alt="Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)" class="img-responsive imported-news-entry-img" src="https://images2.markets.businessinsider.com/614449efa060c800184b9b10?format=jpeg" /><figcaption><p class="copyright">Spencer Platt/Getty Images<!-- sh_cad_1 --></figcaption></figure><ul><li>The practice of short...
<figure><img alt="NFT" class="img-responsive imported-news-entry-img" src="https://images2.markets.businessinsider.com/619e74ffd8faa3001870a500?format=jpeg" /><figcaption>NFT<p class="copyright">SOPA images/ Getty Images<!-- sh_cad_1 --></figcaption></figure><ul class="summary-list"> <li>NFT marketplace OpenSea made a meager $28,000 per month in...
<figure><img alt="Skyline view of Compton, California" class="img-responsive imported-news-entry-img" src="https://images2.markets.businessinsider.com/619eb2091ca52800181137e1?format=jpeg" /><figcaption>The Compton Pledge is the largest city-based guaranteed income program in the United States.<p class="copyright">jjwithers/Getty Images<!
<figure><img alt="Stock market trader new york" class="img-responsive imported-news-entry-img" src="https://images2.markets.businessinsider.com/61a0f8651ca5280018115c0d?format=jpeg" /><figcaption>US stocks have rebounded dramatically from the coronavirus sell-off in March 2020.<p class="copyright">Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images<!
Twenty-seven people, including several children, drowned trying to cross the English Channel to the UK on Wednesday, most of them refugees from Iraq and Iran. This is the largest single loss of life in the English Channel since the UN migration agency IOM started recording data in 2014. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the incident shocking and promised even tougher action against smugglers. Commentators are adamant that this is not enough.
- RT
French presidential contender caught flipping off hater
Preview Far-right figure Eric Zemmour, touted as a potential president of France, was caught showing the middle finger to an angry woman who accosted him in Marseille. A minister later asked young people not to repeat the obscene gesture. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Football fans in hysterics as star fakes injury after referee ‘pushes’ him in cup final (VIDEO)
Preview A footballer is the toast of social media trolls after he dramatically fell to the floor following a 'push' in the back by the referee during a cup final in Brazil. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Study shows what would happen if China dealt with Covid like US
Preview If China were to drop its zero-Covid-19 policy and open up its economy the way some Western countries have, it would have hundreds of thousands daily infections that would overwhelm its healthcare system, a study has claimed. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Vaccination with DIY jab thwarted by police
Preview German police have shut down an illegal vaccination point at an airport in the northern town of Lübeck, saying that people who have attended it may have been injected with an unauthorized jab against Covid-19. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
‘I was so scared’: ‘Big Liz’ Women’s NBA superstar makes OnlyFans move
Preview Women's NBA superstar Liz Cambage has joined OnlyFans, admitting that she decided to "just do it" because she believes "every other girl" is on the racy subscription site. Read Full Article at RT.com
Miracle in Upstate New York - a Russian Monastery and Seminary From Another World (Jordanville)
by (Russian Faith)

This article originally appeared on a new site about the Christian renaissance in Russia, called Russian Faith. Their introductory video is at end of this article.

Russia's 12 Most Ancient and Remarkable Churches
by Alexey Mosko (Russia & India Report) DesyatinnayaScroll down to see more


The Religious Roots of Russia's Mistrust towards the West
by Damir Marinovich ()

I wouldn't completely disagree with some of the points made in the article "Anti-Western Sentiment as the Basis for Russian Unity," heavily criticized by fellow RI contributor Eric Kraus.

Russian identity has a deeper anti-Western sentiment than implied by the recent rise of anti-Western sentiment among Russians, primarily caused by what is perceived as US and NATO aggression.

Dear America - You Are Delusional, and Failing at Everything You Undertake
by Dmitry Orlov ()

Orlov is one of our favorite essayists on Russia and all sorts of other things. He moved to the US as a child, and lives in the Boston area.

EPIC FAIL: Why Most US Weapons Systems Are Worse than Russia's
by Jacob Dreizin ()

We first published this article in November of 2015, and are re-running it now in light of the dramatic advances Russia has recently made in weapons tech, rapidly outpacing the US. A lot of the problems the author identifies here explain why the US is falling behind.

- David Mack
A Chinese Tennis Star Accused A Top Official Of Sexual Assault. Then She Disappeared.
Tennis stars are demanding answers about Peng Shuai, whose disappearance has again underscored China’s brutal authoritarianism just months before it hosts the Winter Olympics.

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- Zahra Hirji
Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change Or Keep Burning Coal? You Can’t Have Both.
"By 2030 in the United States, we won’t have coal,” US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry claimed this week.

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- Pia Peterson
Amazing Photos Of Airport Reunions After The Coronavirus Pandemic Separated Families
Countries like the US and Australia are reopening their borders to vaccinated travelers, making for emotional reunions nearly two years in the making at airports around the world.

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- Emily Baker-White
Why Facebook Shutting Down Its Old Facial Recognition System Doesn’t Matter
Facebook just made a big deal of shutting down its original facial recognition system. But the company’s pivot to the metaverse means collecting more personal information than ever before.

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- Zahra Hirji
The World Is On Track To Warm 3 Degrees Celsius This Century. Here’s What That Means.
Our current coastlines gone. Bangkok underwater. Massive declines in the fish population. More droughts, downpours, and heat waves.

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- Charlie Moloney (now), Martin Farrer(earlier)
Covid live news: Austria reports first case of Omicron as new variant continues to spread

Austria becomes latest country to detect Omicron; Sajid Javid says UK should still plan for Christmas ‘as normal’; Anthony Fauci says new variant is probably already in the US

Omicron’s worst impact will be in nations with low vaccination ratesWhat do we know about the new ‘worst ever’ Covid variant?See all our coronavirus coverage

China could face more than 630,000 Covid-19 infections a day if it dropped its zero-tolerance policies by lifting travel curbs, according to a study by Peking University mathematicians, Reuters reports.

In the report by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the mathematicians said China could not afford to lift travel restrictions without more efficient vaccinations or specific treatments.

Continue reading...
- Jennifer Rankin in Brussels
EU ministers meet in Calais over Channel crisis but without UK

France seeks greater European co-operation, but talks exclude Priti Patel after diplomatic row

EU ministers are meeting in Calais on Sunday to discuss how to stop people crossing the Channel in small boats, but without the UK home secretary, Priti Patel, whose invitation was rescinded following a diplomatic row with France.

France has invited representatives from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the European Commission to the meeting, which was called last week after 27 people hoping to claim asylum in the UK died making the perilous crossing.

Continue reading...
- Kaamil Ahmed
Channel crossings: who would make such a dangerous journey – and why?

Most of the people who reach the UK after risking their lives in small boats have their claims for asylum approved

Last week’s tragedy in the Channel has reopened the debate on how to stop people making dangerous crossings, with the solutions presented by the government focused on how to police the waters.

Less has been said about where those people come from, with most fleeing conflicts and persecution. About two-thirds of people arriving on small boats between January 2020 and May 2021 were from Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria. Many also came from Eritrea, from where 80% of asylum applications were approved.

Continue reading...
- Dalya Alberge
Lucian Freud painting denied by artist is authenticated by experts

The artist insisted he did not paint Standing Male Nude, but three specialists have concluded it is his work

Almost 25 years ago, a Swiss art collector bought a Lucian Freud painting – a full-length male nude – at auction. He then received a call from the British artist, asking to buy it from him. The two men did not know each other, and the collector politely refused, as he liked the picture.

Three days later, he claims he received another call from a now furious Freud who told him that, unless he sold it to him, he would deny having painted it.

Continue reading...
- Victoria Bekiempis
Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking trial finally to begin in earnest

British socialite faces six counts alleging that she helped recruit and groom teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial is scheduled to start in earnest in federal court in Manhattan on Monday with opening statements about the eagerly awaited case.

The first arguments will set the stage for a six-week trial in which the British socialite’s alleged involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes will be aired in grueling detail, outlining how prosecutors and defense attorneys will approach the proceedings.

Continue reading...
- By Michelle Lee
Seoul wants to build a metaverse. A virtual New Year’s Eve ceremony will kick it off.
But designers still aren’t sure what these virtual worlds may ultimately look like.
- By Lesley Wroughton
Frustrated by vaccine inequity, a South African lab is on the cusp of replicating Moderna’s shot
Scientists are racing to make a vaccine because, despite vaccine donation pledges, supply is short and just 6 percent of Africa’s 1.2 billion people have been fully vaccinated.
- By Shira Rubin
Israel bars all foreigners, reinstates phone surveillance in effort to contain omicron variant
The country has also added all African nations except Egypt and Morocco to its coronavirus “red list.”
- By Rachel Pannett, Dan Diamond, María Paúl and Jennifer Hassan
As omicron variant is detected around the world, travel bans may be too late, experts say
Governments are scrambling to close their borders to travelers from southern Africa, where a potentially dangerous new variant was first found.
- By Kim Bellware and María Paúl
Amid massive shortage, Canada taps strategic reserves — of maple syrup
Quebec produces 73 percent of the world’s maple syrup supply but was hit with a shorter and warmer spring sugaring season that caused output to fall by nearly a quarter.

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USGS: Magnitude-7.5 earthquake strikes northern Peru
The U.S. Geological Survey says a strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.5 has struck in northern Peru
USGS reports earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 7.5 strikes northern Peru
USGS reports earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 7.5 strikes northern Peru
IS roadside bomb in Iraq leaves 5 peshmerga dead, 4 wounded
The official state news agency of Iraq's Kurdish-run region says a roadside bomb attack by Islamic State group fighters in northern Iraq killed five Kurdish forces and wounded four others
Czech president swears in opposition leader as new premier
The Czech president has sworn in Petr Fiala as the country’s new prime minister following last month’s parliamentary election
500 vigilantes gather in Mexico town, pledge to aid police
Extortion of avocado growers in western Mexico has gotten so bad that 500 vigilantes from a so-called “self-defense” group known as United Towns, or Pueblos Unidos, have gathered and pledged to aid police
How Stable Is Germany's New Coalition?: The First Fractures Become Apparent in Berlin
The coalition talks were secretive and the three parties involved sought to exude unity and harmony. Now that Germany's next coalition agreement has been presented, though, fractures are becoming apparent. And surprisingly, the Greens may not be the Social Democrats' favorite child.
The Bataclan Trial: Salah Abdeslam and the Banality of Terror
The only surviving attacker from the terror commando that descended on Paris on the night of Nov. 13, 2015, is currently on trial. The young man used to like going out, drinking alcohol and smoking joints. What happened?
Imagining Life after Erdoğan: Turkish Economic Woes Fuel Speculation of Early Elections
A lira in freefall and skyrocketing prices: Turkey's economy is in poor shape and much of the population is suffering. President Erdoğan's weak response is strengthening the opposition and fueling speculation that elections may be held sooner than planned.
Trying to Do the Right Thing: Refugees in Exclusion Zone Deeply Divide Poles
With thousands of migrants trying to cross into the country from neighboring Belarus, Podlasie, Poland, has become the epicenter of an international crisis. The development is dividing locals, with some doing what they can to help the refugees and others doing all they can to keep them out.
The Violence of the Fourth Wave: "One Thing We Have Learned Is that COVID Is an Asshole"
Doctors and nurses at the intensive care ward in Leipzig University Hospital are fighting desperately to save the lives of corona truthers. It can be a thankless task.

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- Associated Press
U.K. Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed that two people have tested positive with the omicron variant
- Ciara Nugent
"We have a whole roadmap for a post-fossil future based on renewable energy"
- David Rising and Rod McGuirk/AP
Chinatown in the Solomon Islands' capital has been the focus of rioters, looters and protesters who demanded that Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare resign.
- Andrew Meldrum and Mogomotsi Magome/AP
The new variant has a “constellation” of new mutations, which could potentially make it more transmissible and make vaccines less effective, experts say
- Tara Patel/Bloomberg
France will begin testing electric air taxis in coming months at a hub outside Paris with the goal of having two dedicated flight paths to ferry passengers in time for the 2024 summer Olympics. One route would link Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget airports and the other would be between two suburbs southwest of…
Thailand’s monkey festival is back as macaques get fruity with delighted tourists
Watched by tourists and locals, thousands of monkeys in Lopburi in central Thailand feasted on two tonnes of fruit and vegetables after the town’s Monkey Festival resumed following a two year hiatus caused by the pandemic.Hundreds of macaques, also known as long-tailed monkeys, were seen climbing on people and up stacks of fruit, munching away on bananas and pineapples.The feast, which cost over 100,000 baht (US$3,000), is an annual tradition for locals to thank the monkeys for doing their part…
Hong Kong Housing Authority looking at building more ‘nano flats’ for sale in coming projects
Hong Kong’s main provider of subsidised housing is considering building more small flats in coming projects, with some as tiny as 250 sq ft, the Post has learned.Sources said the Housing Authority was assessing the size of flats to sell to low-income families with households of two or three people. In at least three projects, some flats could have 226 sq ft of internal floor area, the minimum size adopted for two- to three-member families. It is roughly equivalent to 250 sq ft of saleable area…
Hong Kong housing: almost all residents to be affected by renewal plan in Yau Tsim Mong prefer to remain in same district, survey finds
More than nine in 10 Hongkongers who will be affected by a major Urban Renewal Authority (URA) project in Yau Tsim Mong would prefer to be relocated elsewhere in the same district, and nearly half of homeowners there want “flat-for-flat” compensation, according to a new survey.District council members conducted the survey in October and November, making home visits to 343 residents living in Yau Tsim Mong district to gauge on their views on redevelopment.Leo Chu Tsz-lok, who led the survey…
Pandemic treaty to be front and centre at landmark WHO meeting
When health ministers from around the world converge for a historic meeting this week, just one thing will be on the agenda.On Monday, the governing body of the World Health Organization will begin only the second “special” session in the body’s 73-year history to consider whether some kind of treaty or agreement is needed to help fend off future pandemics.The WHO and the European Union have been pushing for a “pandemic treaty” for months, with WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus…
As China draws focus, ‘unreliable’ US leaves Middle East allies fast losing faith in security guarantees against Iran
With the US and Iran set to re-engage on November 29 in their seventh round of talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by Donald Trump’s administration three years ago, Washington has sought to reassure Middle Eastern allies that it will not abandon them amid a shift in its foreign policy focus to China.Following the debacle of the United States’ pull-out from Afghanistan in August, however, many of its partners in the region – Gulf Arab monarchies, in particular – are fast losing faith…
News24.com | Europe’s energy crisis is about to get worse as its winter arrives
A super power price spike in the UK last month forced some industrial companies to cut production and seek state aid, a harbinger for what could play out widely in Europe just as it contends with a resurgence of the coronavirus.
Businessinsider.co.za | International travellers to England must self-isolate after 2 cases of Omicron variant identified
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced tighter travel restrictions for travelers entering England after the country detected cases of the Omicron variant.
Businessinsider.co.za | A former nurse who's anti-vaxx will face trial for organising rallies protesting lockdowns in the UK
A panel of nurses and midwives found that Kay Shemirani had denied the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Businessinsider.co.za | A rare Roman mosaic was discovered buried beneath a farmer's field in the UK
The rare mosaic depicts scenes from Homer's "The Iliad" and it was found by the family that owns the land during lockdown last year.
News24.com | Covid-19: In swipe at China, US praises SA scientists for 'quick identification' of Omicron
The United States has praised South Africa for quickly identifying the new Covid-19 strain called Omicron and sharing this information with the world – a barely veiled slap at China's handling of the original outbreak of the novel coronavirus.
- Kaylen Small
Ukrainian Calgarians commemorate Holodomor victims: ‘It’s part of us’
Calgarians commemorated victims of the Holodomor — meaning "death by hunger" — on Saturday.
- Eric Stober
Here’s why WHO skipped 2 Greek letters to name new variant ‘Omicron’
The WHO chose on Friday to dub the variant, first reported to the agency by scientists in South Africa, ``omicron'' -- continuing its use of the Greek alphabet.
- Eric Stober
Biden’s White House blames COVID-19 as approval drops, inflation rises
Joe Biden's team views the pandemic as the root cause of both the nation's malaise and his own political woes.
- Eric Stober
Afghan prime minister says Taliban not to blame for deepening crisis
The half-hour audio played on state-run media was the first such public address by Mohammed Hassan Akhund since the Taliban captured Kabul.
- David Lao
Will COVID-19 booster shots protect against the Omicron variant? Experts undecided
South African scientists first identified the variant earlier this week after a sudden, exponential rise in cases in the country.
- Noi.md
Alexei Gurski: &quot;Am vrut să fac ceva ce nimeni altcineva în Moldova nu a făcut&quot;
Alexei Gurski este un artist moldovean modern care realizează lucrări în stilul artei pop. Creația lui Alexei a fost recunoscută nu numai în Moldova, ci și în Rusia. Într-una din expozițiile sale, Gurski și-a prezentat interpretarea personalităților celebre - rusești și străine - în diverse imagini ale eroilor celebrului roman al lui Bulgakov "Maestrul și Margarita". De exemplu, actorul sovieti
- Noi.md
Moldovenii Daniel Șveț și Mădălina Țurcan au făcut senzație la SuperStar
Veste frumoasă pentru fanii concurenților moldoveni care participă la SuperStar România. Doi dintre cei trei care s-au calificat în etapa următoare sînt moldoveni. Este vorba despre interpretul Daniel Șveț și interpreta Mădălina Țurcan. Săptămîna trecută primii 16 concurenți au trecut prin provocarea de a cînta la Arenele Romane, show-ul „SuperStar România”, iar după Semifinala 3, care a avut l
- Noi.md
Stoianoglo va apărea în curînd pe banca acuzaţilor
Procuratura Anticorupţie a finalizat şi este gata să trimită în judecată un dosar intentat procurorului general suspendat, Alexandr Stoianoglo, pentru depăşirea atribuţiilor de serviciu. Este vorba despre epizodul prin care procurorul general a dispus acordarea indemnizaţiei unice de 270.000 de lei fostului şef al Procuraturii pentru Combaterea Crimei Organizate şi Cazuri Speciale (PCCOCS), Nic
- Noi.md
Pașapoartele biometrice se ieftinesc
Agenția Servicii Publice va lansa săptămîna viitoare procesul de achiziționare a blanchetelor de acte de identitate necesare pentru o perioadă de trei ani. Potrivit autorităților, decizia este dictată de expirarea contractului existent, dar și de faptul că actualul stoc este suficient pentru întocmirea actelor către populație pînă în toamna anului 2022. În prezent, ASP are în stoc circa 360.000
- Noi.md
Chicu: Iarna va fi foarte grea pentru majoritatea populației țării
Fostul prim-ministru al Republicii Moldova Ion Chicu consideră că iarna va fi foarte grea pentru majoritatea populației Moldovei, și s-ar putea să nu fie suficienți bani nici măcar pentru nevoile de bază. Declarația a fost făcută în cadrul emisiunii Delo prințipa (Дело принципа), transmite a-tv.md. „Este deja clar că iarna va fi foarte, foarte grea pentru majoritatea populației țării, și nu
Tulpina super-mutantă de coronavirus a primit numele Omicron. OMS a declarat-o variantă îngrijorătoare
Noua variantă de coronavirus secvențiată de cercetătorii din Africa de Sud este o variantă îngrijorătoare și are un potențial de reinfectare mai mare decât al celorlalte variante, a stabilit vineri OMS. Mai mult, cunoscută până acum ca tulpina B.1.1.
NATO avertizează Rusia că va suferi consecințele dacă va ataca Ucraina
Secretarul general al NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, a avertizat Rusia cu privire la consecințele și prețul de plătit dacă folosește forța împotriva Ucrainei, după ce Moscova a strâns echipament militar greu, tancuri și trupe pregătite de luptă în apropierea granițelor acestei țări,
AVERTISMENT SUMBRU: Noi forme COVID și mai îngrijorătoare s-ar putea răspândi global în câteva luni
Președintele Comisiei Europene, Ursula von der Leyen, a declarat, vineri, că noua super-mutație a coronavirusului, B.1.1.529, provenită din sudul Africii, poate duce la forme și mai îngrijorătoare ale virusului, care s-ar putea răspândi la nivel global în câteva luni.
În Europa a fost confirmat primul caz de infectare cu varianta sud-africană a coronavirusului
În Europa a fost confirmat primul caz de infectare cu varianta sud-africană a coronavirusului. Mutaţia ar fi mult mai rezistentă la vaccin sau anticorpi. Cazul a fost descoperit în Belgia la o persoană care s-a întors din Egipt în 11 noiembrie.
Piețele bursiere europene s-au prăbușit vineri, după descoperirea unei noi variante COVID-19
Principalele burse europene au înregistrat scăderi semnificative vineri dimineaţa, fiind afectate de descoperirea, în Africa de Sud, a unei noi variante a virusului SARS-CoV-2 deosebit de contagioasă, transmite AFP, citează digi24.ro.
Ca să-i arate cât de mult o iubește, un indian a construit o replică a Taj Mahal-ului pentru soția lui
O replică a Taj Mahal-ului, simbol universal al iubirii eterne, a fost ridicată de un indian la Burhanpur, în centrul Indiei, în semn de dragoste faţă de soţie, dar şi de pace pentru ţara sa.
Pacienții care s-au infectat cu noua tulpină sud-africană nu au dezvoltat forme severe. Ce simptome au avut
Persoanele din Africa de Sud care au contractat tulpina Omicron de coronavirus nu au dezvoltat forme grave ale bolii, a declarat medicul Angelique Coetzee, care conduce Asociaţia Medicală din Africa de Sud.
Australia luptă cu persoanele anonime care postează mesaje defăimătoare pe reţelele sociale
Australia este pe punctul de a începe o luptă cu persoanele anonime care postează mesaje defăimătoare pe reţelele sociale. Premierul australian, Scott Morrison, spun că vor fi introduse noi competenţe judecătoreşti pentru a demasca trolii anonimi din mediul virtual.
Moldoveanul Artur Ioniță a marcat primul său gol din acest sezon în Serie B
Fotbalistul moldovean Artur Ioniță a marcat primul său gol din acest sezon în Serie B, a doua ligă valorică a Italiei. Căpitanul naționalei Moldovei a înscris în partida pe care formația sa, Benevento, a jucat-o pe teren propriu cu Reggina și s-a impus cu 4-0.
Cel mai longeviv angajat al IGSU. Grigore Bogos are 80 de ani
De aproape jumătate de secol îşi dedică o bună parte a vieţii Inspectoratului General pentru Situații de Urgență. Grigore Bogos, în vârstă de 80 de ani, este unul dintre cei mai longevivi angajaţi ai IGSP, unde continuă să activeze până în prezent.
- Publika
O replică a Taj Mahal-ului, simbol universal al iubirii eterne, a fost ridicată de un indian la Burhanpur, în centrul Indiei, în semn de dragoste faţă de soţie, dar şi de pace pentru ţara sa.
- Radio Chisinau
Președinta Maia Sandu a adresat un mesaj de felicitare cu prilejul Zilei Lucrătorului din Agricultură și Industria de Prelucrare, marcată astăzi. „Transmit un omagiu și gânduri de recunoștință tuturor celor care lucrează pământul. Dacă, astăzi, ne putem bucura de o bucată de pâine pe masă, este datorită efortului și sacrificiului Dumneavoastră”, se spune în mesaj.
- TV6
Noaptea trecută, un bărbat din Cahul și-a omorât soacra cu o pușcă de vânătoare, scrie deschide.md. Tragedia a avut loc aseară când un bărbat de 49 de ani, fiind în stare de ebrietate s-a certat cu soția și cu soacra. La un moment dat acesta a luat pușca și a tras în direcția soției și […] Сообщение Un bărbat din Cahul și-a împușcat mortal soacra iar soția a ajuns în stare gravă la spital появились сначала на TV6.
- Realitatea.md
În 2022, pentru deservirea datoriilor, vor fi cheltuiți 6,2 miliarde lei sau fiecare al șaptelea leu colectat din impozite va merge pentru plata datoriilor, scrie Bani.md cu referire la estimările economistului IDIS Viitorul, Veceaslav Ioniță. „În anul 2022 Guvernul va trebui să aloce 6,2 miliarde de lei pentru plata datoriilor. Aproape 13% din acumulările de […] Articolul Bani.md: Unul din 7 lei achitați de moldoveni ca impozite va merge spre plata datoriilor apare prima dată în Realitatea.md.
- Președinția Republicii Moldova
Președintele Republicii Moldova, Maia Sandu, a adresat un mesaj de felicitare cu prilejul Zilei Lucrătorului din Agricultură și Industria de Prelucrare, marcată astăzi.

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Премьер-министр Польши: газопровод «Северный поток-2» - «инструмент шантажа» России против Украины и Республики Молдова
Премьер-министр Польши: газопровод «Северный поток-2» - «инструмент шантажа» России против Украины и Республики МолдоваПремьер-министр Польши Матеуш Моравецкий выразил надежду, что будущее правительство Германии изменит свою позицию по спорному газопроводу «Северный поток - 2»,…
На въезде в Кишинёв появится первая перехватывающая парковка Park&Ride
На въезде в Кишинёв появится первая перехватывающая парковка Park&RideПервая в Кишинёве перехватывающая парковка откроется уже в следующем месяце, обещают столичные власти. Так называемая стоянка Park&Ride будет расположена на…
Сколько зарабатывает сервис видеоконференций Zoom
Сколько зарабатывает сервис видеоконференций ZoomZoom отчитался о финансовых результатах за III квартал 2021 года. Выручка компании составила $1,05 млрд, что на 35% выше, чем…
Сколько молдаван получили румынское гражданство за последние 11 лет
Сколько молдаван получили румынское гражданство за последние 11 летЗа последние 11 лет румынское гражданство получили 1 027 091 гражданин Республики Молдова. Данные содержатся на сайте Министерства юстиции Румынии…
Кардиолог объяснила, как сделать сосуды чистыми без лекарств
Кардиолог объяснила, как сделать сосуды чистыми без лекарств Кардиологам часто задают вопрос, можно ли почистить сосуды от холестериновых бляшек, причем сделать это с помощью доступных каждому средств, не…
- Dmitrii Fortuna
Baltics Call for Unified European ‘Frontline’ Against Russian Disinformation
In light of the three Baltic States’ and other Central and Eastern European countries’ continued struggle against Russian disinformation, Latvian President Egils Levits emphasized that international law needs to be improved to promote cyber security and limit sovereign countries’ vulnerabilities to information warfare. Speaking at this year’s Munich Security Conference, Levits described the struggle of […]
- Ilinca Dan
Russian propaganda spreads conspiracy that coronavirus could be designed to kill elderly Italians
In a time that calls for international cooperation to fight a common threat, Kremlin mouthpiece Sputnik chooses to spread disinformation about COVID-19. A Sputnik article published on 15 March promoted an entire catalog of unfounded theories about the origin of the coronavirus: from the idea that COVID-19 could originate in Latvia to the suggestion that […]
- Ilinca Dan
Sanctions on the spotlight: Disinformation targets Latvia
Disinformation framing Latvia as Russophobic is part of a long-term campaign, this time resurfacing due to the implementation of US sanctions. Starting from December, pro-Kremlin outlets have been targeting Latvia and accusing it of Russophobia and of acting as a US puppet and a failed state, new analysis by the Centre for East European Studies (CEEPS) has […]
- Ilinca Dan
Facebook takes down 122 Russian military intel accounts that targeted Ukraine
Facebook announced a new takedown of 122 user accounts, pages, groups, and Instagram profiles originating in Russia that violated its policy against foreign or government interference. According to Facebook’s internal investigation, the network had links to Russian military intelligence and primarily targeted Ukraine, along with neighboring countries in the region. The operation was characterized by greater tactical […]
- Ilinca Dan
Disinformation sharpened tensions between Serbia and Montenegro as media misrepresented religion freedom law
The divisive situation around the newly adopted Law on Freedom of Religion in Montenegro has been used by disinformation outlets in the Balkan region to foment division, which resembles the practice earlier detected in Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia. The adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion enacted by the Montenegrin Parliament on 27 December 2019 attracted significant […]
חודשים לפני בריחת המחבלים: מודיעין שב"ס התריע בפני הנציבה על פרצה בכלא גלבוע

בדוח שנשלח לנציבה קטי פרי עם כניסתה לתפקיד נכתב במפורט על קיומן של כלונסאות העלולות להקל על חפירת מנהרה שתסייע להימלט מהכלא. למרות האזהרות, פרי לא פעלה בנושא, והדוח הוסתר מוועדת הבדיקה למחדל הבריחה. שב"ס: נדווח לוועדת הבדיקה על הפעולות שננקטו על ידי פרי

אלמנתו של אלדד פרי גילתה שהיא בהריון אחרי הרצח וביקשה לעכב פינוי הבית

אלמנתו של יזם הנדל"ן שנרצח בחוד שעבר בסמוך לבית כנסת ברחובות ביקשה מבית המשפט שלא לפנות את ביתה ולמכור אותו בצל לחץ הנושים. בשבוע שעבר הגישה פרקליטות מחוז מרכז כתב אישום נגד דניאל קדר בגין רצח בנסיבות מחמירות של פרי

בזמן הצירים: מחוקקת ניו זילנדית רכבה באופניים לבית חולים לפני הלידה

ג'ולי אן ג'נטר, חברת המפלגה הירוקה ותומכת נלהבת בשימוש באופניים כאמצעי תחבורה, דיוושה לבית החולים ושעה לאחר מכן ילדה. "לא תכננתי לדווש בזמן הצירים, אבל זה מה שקרה בסופו של דבר", אמרה ג'נטר, שגם בלידה הקודמת שלה לפני שלוש שנים רכבה לבית החולים

משרד הבריאות: על נוסעי האוטובוס בו שהתה המאומתת לזן החדש להיבדק ולהיכנס לבידוד

המאומתת לווריאנט האומיקרון חזרה ממלוואי ונסעה באוטובוס מתל אביב לאילת ביום שני בשבוע שעבר. על פי הודעת משרד הבריאות, על הנוסעים לגשת בהקדם ולהיבדק בבדיקת PCR באחד ממתחמי הבדיקות ולהיכנס לבידוד עד לקבלת תוצאת בדיקה שלילית

בנט: "מבין את העייפות מהחיים בצל הקורונה, אבל זו המציאות"

בפתח ישיבת הממשלה השבועית התייחס ראש הממשלה להגבלות הן "לא צעד קל אבל הכרחי". השר אבידר הודיע כי הוא מתכוון להצביע נגד איכוני שב"כ: "הממשלה הזו לא יכולה להכשיר את הרעות החולות של הממשלה הקודמת". שר התיירות רזבוזוב: "בשבוע הבא נחליט על פיצוי לענף"

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Cod galben de vânt şi ninsoare viscolită în zonele de munte din 10 judeţe, până luni dimineaţa
Administraţia Naţională de Meteorologie (ANM) a emis, duminică, o atenţionare Cod galben de vânt şi ninsoare viscolită, valabilă până luni dimineaţa în zonele de munte din 10 judeţe. Citește mai departe...
Raed Arafat: Malawi s-a adăugat la lista țărilor din sudul Africii pentru care există restricții
Guvernul s-a reunit duminică într-o ședință extraordinară pentru în contextul apariției noii tulpini a SARS COV-2, Omicron. Citește mai departe...
SUA: Un copil de 5 ani a fost împuşcat mortal în timpul filmării unui videoclip de către un grup de adolescenţi
Un copil de cinci ani a fost împuşcat mortal în nordul Statelor Unite, în timp ce un grup de adolescenţi filma un videoclip pentru a-l posta pe reţelele de socializare, a anunţat sâmbătă poliţia din oraşul Brooklyn Park, statul Minnesota, relatează AFP, preluat de Agerpres. Citește mai departe...
Ședință extraordinară de guvern. O aeronavă Tarom va zbura la Pretoria pentru a-i prelua pe cetățenii români blocați în Africa de Sud
Guvernul s-a reunit  duminică într-o ședință extraordinară pentru în contextul apariției noii tulpini a SARS COV-2, Omicron. Medicii infecţionişti sunt convinşi că tulpina super-mutantă va ajunge şi în ţara noastră. Citește mai departe...
BILANȚ COVID | Sunt 1.377 de cazuri noi de infectare în ultimele 24 de ore și 87 decese
Un număr de 1.377 de cazuri noi de COVID-19 au fost înregistrate în ultimele 24 de ore şi au fost raportate 106 decese, dintre care 19 anterioare intervalului de referinţă, a informat, duminică, Grupul de Comunicare Strategică (GCS). Citește mai departe...

Podul cu arc din Defileul Jiului, în zona Lainici, singurul proiect pus în aplicare, în ultimele trei decenii, pe Drumul Național 66, capătă contur. Podul cu o lungime de 75 de metri, care va lega Oltenia de Ardeal, are...

Sărbătorile de iarnă reprezintă un moment magic și ar trebui să fie un prilej de bucurie pentru toată lumea. Din păcate, există și copii mai puțini norocoși, dar și necuvântătoare care au nevoie de ajutor. 

Centrul Educațional ”Exploratorium”, deschis, sâmbătă, odată cu debutul sărbătorilor de iarnă! S-a deschis, astfel, și Muzeul Copiilor, parte a Centrului ”Exploratorium”. Evenimentul, un proiect PROEDUS...

Trei programe de tip ”Rabla” vor fi suspendate temporar, a anunțat Administrația Fondului pentru Mediu. Este vorba despre ”Rabla Clasic”, ”Rabla Plus” și ”Casa Eficientă Energetic”, care vor fi...

Val de amenzi, în urma controalelor efectuate de comisarii de la Protecția Consumatorilor, cu sprijinul ofițerilor Serviciului de Investigare a Criminalității Economice Ilfov, în complexul en-gros Dragonul Roșu!

Noua variantă a coronavirusului, cunoscută ca Omicron, a fost identificată prima dată în Africa de Sud, dar nu este clar dacă aceasta își are originea în această țară sau a fost adusă din altă pare a regiunii. Oamenii de știință spun că este mult mai probabil ca virusul să sufere mutații în locuri în care rata de vaccinare este scăzută, iar rata de infectare mai ridicată, scrie CNN.
Preşedintele ceh Milos Zeman, testat pozitiv covid-19 săptămâna trecută, l-a numit duminică - dintr-o cabină de plexiglas - pe liderul opoziţiei Petr Fiala în postul de premier, relatează BBC News, potrivit News.ro.
Gabriela Ruse a pierdut meciul jucat împotriva britanicei Emma Răducanu, scor 3-6, 6-7(3), într-o partidă demonstrativă de tenis care a avut loc duminică la Royal Albert Hall din Londra, în cadrul turneului ATP Champions.
Charles Barkley, unul dintre cei mai importanți baschetbaliști din NBA în anii 80' și 90', a strâns o avere importantă, în special în timpul carierei, însă are un plan clar cu banii.
Preţurile la energie în Europa au doborât record după record încă înainte de venirea iernii şi această criză se va agrava pe măsură ce temperaturile vor începe să scadă, transmit Bloomberg și Agerpres. Luna trecută creşterea preţurilor la electricitate a forţat unele companii britanice să îşi reducă producţia şi să solicite ajutorul statului, un exemplu la ceea ce ar putea să se întâmple în întreaga Europă tocmai în momentul în care apare o nouă variantă de coronavirus. Pentru guvernele din regiune aceasta ar putea însemna tensiuni cu ţările vecine care vor încerca să îşi asigure aprovizionarea proprie, iar pentru gospodării ar putea însemna o situaţie în care li se cere să consume mai puţină energie şi chiar să se pregătească pentru întreruperi în aprovizionare.
Pandemia și practicile neordinare pe care le-a adus la muncă. Regulile altor țări vs Moldova
Pandemia nu doar că a accelerat munca de la distanță, dar a provocat și surmenaj printre lucrători. Respectiv, condițiile moderne cer și soluții noi, poate chiar ieșite din comun. Experiența companiilor străine ne arată că unii angajatori au apelat la metode mai puțin obișnuite pentru a împăca lucrul de acasă cu eficiența și bunăstarea angajaților. În timp ce marile firme oferă deja zile de concediu în plus, plătite, iar guvernele din străinătate se asigură că tele-lucrătorii au facturile la lumină și Internet compensate, în Republica Moldova, Codul Muncii nu spune mai nimic la acest capitol. Rămâne, așadar, în reponsabilitatea privaților să ia decizii, în contextul pandemic, pentru wellbeing (trad. eng - bunăstare) la locul de muncă.
Raliurile nocturne, în vizorul polițiștilor. Un șofer a rămas fără permisul de conducere (VIDEO)
Noaptea trecută, în jurul orei 21.00 aveau loc raliuri pe traseul M3 Chișinău - Cimișlia, la intersecția cu Drumul Băcioiului. Poliția a aflat despre ele, așa că șapte echipe s-au deplasat la fața locului.
Republica Moldova va elibera pașapoarte din policarbonat. Prețul actelor ar putea să scadă
Agenția Servicii Publiceva lansa săptămâna viitoare procesul de achiziționare a blanchetelor de acte de identitate necesare pentru o perioadă de trei ani. Potrivit autorităților, decizia este dictată de expirarea contractului existent, dar și de faptul că actualul stoc este suficient pentru întocmirea actelor către populație până în toamna anului 2022. În prezent, ASP are în stoc circa 360.000 de blanchete de pașapoarte și 155.000 de blanchete pentru buletine de identitate.
Abonamentul anual la AGORA - asigură-te cu informație de calitate până la următorul Black Friday
Într-un an, un om poate citi zeci de mii de știri. Contează însă, ca și în cazul vinului, calitatea lor! Până pe 30 noiembrie, ai preț special pentru un an de informații de valoare. Abonamentele anuale Fan, Susținător și Ambasador le poți lua acum la -60% din preț. Plătești o dată și scapi de griji până la următorul Black Friday!
Palmeiras, noua regină a Americii de sud
Sâmbătă s-a disputat finala Cupei Libertadores între Palmeiras și Flamengo, ambele din Brazilia. Palmeiras este noua și vechea campioană a continentului. Echipa condusă din teren de Felipe Melo a reușit să-și apere trofeul cucerit anul trecut, în urma victoriei din finala cu Santos, o altă mare echipă din Brazilia.
Un copil de 5 ani, împuşcat MORTAL în timp ce câțiva adolescenţi filmau un videoclip pentru rețelele sociale
Un copil de cinci ani a fost împuşcat mortal în Statele Unite, în timp ce un grup de adolescenţi filma un videoclip pentru a-l posta pe reţel...
Miniștrii de Externe ai NATO, ședință despre securitatea Ucrainei și criza migranților din Belarus
Miniștrii de Externe ai NATO vor discuta despre cele mai presante probleme de securitate, inclusiv consolidarea armatei ruse în apropierea Uc...
Simptomele pacienților infectați cu varianta Omicron sunt neobișnuite. Medic: „Se întâmplă la persoane tinere”
Persoanele din Africa de Sud care au contractat tulpina Omicron a coronavirusului nu au dezvoltat forme grave ale bolii, a declarat șefa Aso...
Republica Moldova a recepționat PRIMUL lot de vaccin Spikevax, produs de compania Moderna
Republica Moldova a recepționat, pe 27 noiembrie, primul lot de vaccin Spikevax, produs de compania Moderna. E vorba de 50 400 de doze de ...
Spicherul Igor Grosu, PRIMA vizită de lucru la Bruxelles
Președintele Parlamentului Igor Grosu va întreprinde o vizită de lucru la Bruxelles în perioada 28 - 29 noiembrie curent. Igor G...