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2021 European Championship Latin postponed to 17 July 2021 Dear valued members,Dear Competitors,In light of...
- admin
Dear Dancers, I hear on the grapevine that a ***MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT*** is on its way;...
- admin
Press Release: April 14, 2021 Topic: “Save the Dancers” GoFundMe Campaign UpdateDear Fellow WDC Competitor,We...
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Dear valued member bodies, dear valued presidents, today. I may contact you concerning a very...
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3 July 2021. Balkan Cup 2021. Greece, Porto Cheli.
Questions are being asked about how the suspect carried out the attack when he was known to authorities.
The US president says he and his wife are praying for the victims of a racially motivated shooting.
The BBC's Sarah Rainsford investigates the killing of civilians in a summer camp in Bucha, Ukraine.
Its hue was created by sunlight being projected through the Earth's atmosphere onto the Moon.
The military has been ordered to intervene as a wave of Covid cases sweeps the unvaccinated country.
- Greg Norman
Russia ‘not convinced’ that Finland, Sweden joining NATO will improve security in Europe
The Kremlin on Monday says it is “not convinced” Finland and Sweden joining NATO would "improve the security architecture on our continent.”
- Lawrence Richard
Russia is 'bankrupt,' unable to win and facing a 'dead end' in the war: Zelenskyy
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared that victory could be near as Russian forces have become 'bankrupt' and are now facing 'a dead end' in the war.
- Landon Mion
Kim Jong Un slams North Korean officials over COVID-19 response
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un criticized officials over slow delivery times for medicine, and instructed military personnel to aid in pandemic response as the coronavirus has infected 1.2 million people with fever and killed 50 in just days.
- Lawrence Richard
Total lunar eclipse: 'Blood moon' phenomenon dazzles skywatchers
A total lunar eclipse, known as a "blood moon," graced the sky Sunday night into early Monday morning.
- Greg Palkot
Ukrainian town defies the Russians as residents come home and vow, 'We will win'
Bucha, Ukraine, a small town outside Kyiv, has become synonymous with some of the worst horrors that have befallen the country since Russia launched its invasion Feb. 24.
Live: French PM Jean Castex resigns as Macron prepares cabinet reshuffle
French Prime Minister Jean Castex submitted his resignation to President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, setting the stage for a cabinet reshuffle as Macron embarks on his second term. Follow FRANCE 24's live updates for all the latest developments. All times are Paris time (GMT+2).
Live: Sweden to apply for NATO membership, says PM
Sweden will apply for membership in NATO as a deterrent against Russian aggression, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said Monday in a historic reversal of the country's decades-long military non-alignment. All times are Paris time (GMT+2). 
- Nadia MASSIH
War in Ukraine: Irpin residents return to ruins after Russian withdrawal
The Ukrainian resistance in Irpin played a key role in holding off the Russian advance on the capital Kyiv during the first few weeks of the war. But the middle-class commuter town paid a heavy price. More than 300 civilians were killed and tens of thousands fled. Now, more than a month after the Russian withdrawal, residents are beginning to return to try to rebuild their lives. Reconstruction is slowly getting under way, but an estimated €800 million is needed to build new homes. FRANCE 24's Nadia Massih, Bastien Renouil and Raïd Abu Zaideh report from Irpin.
Kim Jong-un decries North Korea Covid response, deploys army
Kim Jong Un slammed North Korea's pandemic response and ordered the army to help distribute medicine, state media said Monday, as the country said 50 people had died since first reporting an outbreak of Covid-19.
Dozens killed in suspected jihadist attacks in Burkina Faso
Around 40 people, many of them civilian volunteers with the army, have been killed in suspected jihadist attacks in Burkina Faso, local sources and security officials said on Monday.
Xi Jinping looms large over Australia's election
The faces of Australian election candidates are plastered on campaign posters across the country -- but there's one face that stands out, and it belongs to Xi Jinping.
Former Somali president returns to power, vows to return Somalia to stability
Somalia's parliament elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the country's tenth president on Sunday, in a vote broadcast live on national TV.
Israeli police will investigate 'events' surrounding funeral of  Palestinian journalist: Minister
Israeli police say they will hold an investigation "into the events that ensued during the funeral" procession of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on Friday.
Chadians take to the streets in anti-French protests
Chadian police fired tear gas and used water canon to disperse hundreds of protesters who took to the streets of the capital and other towns in an anti-French protest that saw the destruction of some French-linked businesses.
Robinhood soars after 30-year-old crypto billionaire takes stake
It's been a brutal year for Robinhood. The twin plunges of stocks and bitcoin have crushed the online brokerage's sales. The company also reported a loss and drop in users. The stock has plummeted 40% this year and Robinhood recently announced a big round of layoffs.
<img class="img-responsive" src="https://cdn.benzinga.com/files/imagecache/1024x768xUP/images/story/2022/05/16/shutterstock_2111317139.jpg">Prominent Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:<a class="ticker" href="https://markets.businessinsider.com/stocks/aapl-stock">AAPL</a>) analyst Ming-Chi Kuo&nbsp;offered an update on his expectations concerning ports for...
(RTTNews) - Seagen Inc. (SGEN) announced that the Board has accepted the resignation of Clay Siegall, as President, CEO and member of the Board. It was previously announced that the Board formed a committee of independent directors to undertake a thorough investigation into Siegall's conduct. The Board and Siegall agreed it is in the best...
Welcome back, readers. Privately held startups are watching <a href="https://www.businessinsider.com/startup-shares-bolt-thrasio-udacity-cameo-dropped-value-2022-5?utm_medium=ingestutm_source=markets" target="_blank">their valuations plunge</a>, and a $59 million Miami mansion is now <a...
<figure><img alt="Themis founder and CEO Neepa Patel" class="img-responsive imported-news-entry-img" src="https://images2.markets.businessinsider.com/627e7e13e7446d0018cc60e6?format=jpeg" /><figcaption>Neepa Patel, Themis' founder and CEO<p class="copyright">Themis</figcaption></figure><ul class="summary-list"> <li>Financial firms are...
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="legendSpanClass"><span class="xn-location">SKOKIE, Ill., <span class="legendSpanClass"><span class="xn-chron">May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The much-anticipated 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class of luxury roadsters will feature two of the latest intelligent suspension technologies from Tenneco's (NYSE:
After Helsinki, Sweden's Social Democratic government is now also seeking to join Nato. Both the Finnish and Swedish parliaments will debate the issue today. Moscow has called the plans a "mistake" and threatened consequences. Concerns have also been voiced by Turkey, which as a Nato member must agree to the accession. Europe's press takes stock.

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Russians Are Big Kissers. Here's How to Do It Right
by Liza Ivanov ()

Many Americans comment on how much in-your-face PDA (public display of affection) there is in Russia. My cousin said that Russia is “just the worst country to be single in,” because every day you ride the train and watch couples hug and kiss, kiss a LOT.

The Unusual Story Behind Russia’s Most Famous Painting of Christ – Ivan Kramskoy’s ‘Christ in the Desert’
by Liza Ivanov (Russian art for the seeking soul)

A few months before he was due to graduate with honours from the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, Ivan Kramskoy (1837-1887) organized the notorious ‘Revolt of the 14.”

He led a group of his best friends (who also happened to be the most promising students of the graduating class of 1864) as they marched into the university main office and furiously presented a list of complaints and demands to the administration.

They proudly denounced the unbearable constraints of academic art, it’s strict delineations between high and low art, it’s deadness and impotency.

David Irving, the Great WW2 Revisionist Historian Everyone Should Know About
by Ron Unz (The Unz Review)

The author is the founder and editor of the Unz Review, a conservative American political website, and a one-time candidate for the governor of California.

The original title of this essay at Unz was: The Remarkable Historiography of David Irving. We changed it to give the reader a sense of the gist of the article

Never Offer a Russian a Cold Beverage: Russia’s Liquid Kryptonite Explained
by RI Editorial Board ()

When you visit or live in a foreign country, it's always the little differences that stand out the most.

And if you spend more than one week in Russia, you will quickly discover that Russians are not keen on drinking cold beverages. It's not their cup of tea. Tea is their cup of tea. And it should be very hot tea. Ideally with lemon. Spasibo.

Russia Announces 26 Year Old Military Spokeswoman - NATO Surrenders
by Mark Boden ()

And get this, her name is Rossiyana, which is the Russian equivalent of naming your daughter 'America'.  

- David Mack
Jill Biden Made A Surprise Visit To Ukraine To Meet With Their First Lady
Olena Zelenska had not been seen in public since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began in February.

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- Peter Aldhous
The WHO Has Nearly Tripled Its Estimate Of The Pandemic’s Death Toll
The UN’s health agency has embraced statistical methods that put the true toll of the pandemic at around 15 million. Will it shock nations that are denying the severity of COVID-19 into action?

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- David Mack
A Former Marine Was Freed From “Wrongful Detention” In Russia, But Concerns Remain For Brittney Griner And Others
Trevor Reed's release from Russia highlighted concerns over the continued detention of WNBA star Brittney Griner and another former Marine, Paul Whelan.

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- Richard Holmes
The UK Was Warned This Counterterrorism Program Was A Disaster — But Rolled It Out Anyway
Revealed: the inside story of how the British government rolled out a dangerously flawed intelligence-sharing system right as the UK suffered one of its deadliest years from terrorism.

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- Richard Nieva
Worldcoin Promised Free Crypto If They Scanned Their Eyeballs With “The Orb.” Now They Feel Robbed.
The Sam Altman–founded company Worldcoin says it aims to alleviate global poverty, but so far it has angered the very people it claims to be helping.

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- Jason Burke Africa correspondent
Rwanda president suggests UK extradite genocide suspects after asylum deal

Exclusive: Comments raise concerns UK will find it difficult to refuse requests from Kigali on sensitive issues

Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, has suggested the UK extradite suspects wanted in the east African country for alleged roles in the 1994 genocide, after a controversial deal with the Home Office to process asylum seekers there.

Speaking less than two weeks after the deal was announced, Kagame told an audience of diplomats in Kigali that included the British high commissioner he hoped “that when the UK is sending us these migrants, they should send us some people they have accommodated for over 15 years who committed crimes [in Rwanda]”.

Continue reading...
- Nyasha Chingono in Harare, Jason Burke and Julian Borger
Zimbabwe denies harbouring deceased Rwandan genocide fugitive

DNA shows body exhumed in the country was Protais Mpiranya, Rwanda’s most wanted fugitive

Zimbabwe has denied harbouring the Rwandan genocide fugitive Protais Mpiranya after it emerged that he died in 2006 and was buried in the country after living there for four years.

The 20-year manhunt for one of the world’s most brutal killers came to a decisive end in an overgrown cemetery outside Harare, but Zimbabwean authorities say they did not conceal his whereabouts.

Continue reading...
- Jason Burke
Secret British ‘black propaganda’ campaign targeted cold war enemies

Britain stirred up tensions, chaos and violence in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, according to declassified papers

The British government ran a secret “black propaganda” campaign for decades, targeting Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia with leaflets and reports from fake sources aimed at destabilising cold war enemies by encouraging racial tensions, sowing chaos, inciting violence and reinforcing anti-communist ideas, newly declassified documents have revealed.

The effort, run from the mid-1950s through to the late 70s by a unit in London that was part of the Foreign Office, was focused on cold war enemies such as the Soviet Union and China, leftwing liberation groups and leaders that the UK saw as threats to its interests

Continue reading...
- Agence France-Presse in Kano
Protests in Nigeria after arrests for ‘blasphemy’ killing of female student

Demonstrators demand release of two students held after murder of Christian woman in Sokoto

Hundreds of people in Nigeria’s north-western city of Sokoto demonstrated on Saturday over the arrest of two students after the murder of a Christian student accused of blasphemy, residents said.

Africa’s most populous country is roughly divided between Muslims and Christians but religious tensions and deadly clashes are not uncommon, particularly in the north.

Continue reading...
- Jane Clinton
Fifty people to be sent to Rwanda in a fortnight, says Boris Johnson

PM says he will ‘dig in for the fight’ with ‘leftie lawyers’ challenging government’s plan for refugees

Boris Johnson said 50 people have been told they will be sent to Rwanda within the next fortnight, and that he was ready to fight with “leftie lawyers” seeking to challenge the government’s plans for refugees.

Under the £120m scheme announced last month, people deemed to have entered the UK unlawfully will be transported to the east African country, where they will be allowed to apply for the right to settle.

Continue reading...
- Bryan Pietsch
Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Sweden to make NATO bid as military exercises begin; McDonald’s to exit Russia
The U.S. Senate is expected to advance a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine.
- Chico Harlan
Russian oligarchs loved luxe Sardinia. Now they’re frozen out of paradise.
At least eight villas spread out across 10 miles have been frozen by the Italian government.
- Adam Taylor
How countries around the world have responded to mass shootings
A shooting in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday left 10 people dead. Here's how other countries have responded to such massacres.
- Bryan Pietsch
Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Sweden to make NATO bid as military exercises begin; McDonald’s to exit Russia
The U.S. Senate is expected to advance a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine.
- Chico Harlan
Russian oligarchs loved luxe Sardinia. Now they’re frozen out of paradise.
At least eight villas spread out across 10 miles have been frozen by the Italian government.

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Sri Lanka proposes privatizing national airline amid crisis
Sri Lanka’s new prime minister wants to privatize the country’s loss-making national airline as part of reforms aimed at solving the country worst economic crisis in decades
US vice president, officials heading to UAE to pay respects
The trip is the highest-level visit by Biden administration officials.
Greek court convicts helicopter pilot of UK wife's killing
A Greek helicopter pilot has been convicted of killing his British-Greek wife in their home on the outskirts of Athens and trying to mislead police for weeks by claiming she was killed by intruders in a brutal house invasion
Johnson says UK will act on N. Ireland rules if EU won't
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has renewed British threats to break a Brexit agreement with the European Union, blaming it for a political crisis that’s blocking the formation of a new government
In Ukraine and internationally, scenario darkens for Russia
Russia’s war in Ukraine is hitting new hurdles both on the battleground and internationally
Escaping the Taliban: The Last Way Out of Afghanistan
Every day, thousands of people are fleeing the Taliban through the last open route out of Afghanistan. It's their last hope to escape poverty and desperation – but not everyone makes it.
United Against Russia?: Ukraine's Membership Application Poses Tough Questions for the EU
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is pushing for rapid EU accession talks with Kyiv. The Eastern Europeans are applauding the move, but Berlin and Paris are applying the brakes. The issue poses a threat to Europe's united stance against Russia.
Finland Could Join Military Alliance Imminently
Finland has been neutral for almost 80 years, but now it wants to join NATO and could apply later this week. The Ukraine war has destroyed any last trust in Russia and the mood in Helsinki and the rest of the country has shifted rapidly.
Staryna's Mission: The Elite Ukrainian Soldiers Defending the Donbas
In the battle for the Donbas, Russian troops are facing off against some of the most experienced soldiers in the Ukrainian armed forces. A visit with Captain Oleksandr Staryna, who says the Russians have recently lost momentum.
Fabrice Leggeri's Resignation: The Final Days of the Frontex Chief
Radical views, internal resistance, merciless investigators: Why Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri had to go – and what his resignation means for the future of the EU border agency.

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- KARL RITTER / Associated Press
The move in Sweden came after Finland on Sunday announced that it would also seek to join NATO
- David Koenig / Associated Press
The fast food giant said that holding on to its business in Russia “is no longer tenable, nor is it consistent with McDonald’s values.”
Vice Mayor Chen Tong said that grocery stores, malls, convenience stores and pharmacies will be allowed to reopen
- Frank Jordans and Jari Tanner / AP
The Finnish Parliament is expected to endorse the decision in coming days
- Associated Press
Zelensky, in an Instagram post, called the visit “a strong signal of bipartisan support for Ukraine from the United States Congress and the American people"
Japan inks US$100 million loan to Ukraine; offers to help evacuees find jobs
The aid will be co-financed with the World Bank and not used for military purposes; specialised job assistance will be given to people who have fled to Japan since Russia’s invasion.
Hong Kong court shows leniency to cycling activist for trespassing at Legislative Council Complex
Hong Kong Cycling Alliance member Martin Turner received a bind-over order at court for trespassing, for resisting complex’s security staff.
China’s slowing economy ‘the biggest elephant in the room’, Kevin Rudd says
Former Australian prime minister says China is dealing with ‘self-inflicted’ problems, including ‘poor policy choices’, and that economic growth is the Communist Party’s top challenge this year.
Beijing urges Pakistan to stop terror attacks on Chinese nationals
Premier Li Keqiang tells Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to bring to justice those responsible for a deadly attack on teachers at a Confucius Institute last month.
Starbucks to add abortion travel coverage to US health benefits; joins growing list of companies
The global coffee chain joins Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla and a growing list of companies offering the benefit as some US states impose tighter restrictions.
News24.com | French city rekindles burkini row with pool rule change
The Alpine city of Grenoble is set to reignite one of France's recurring summer debates on Monday when it votes to authorise the "burkini" in state-run swimming pools.
News24.com | Four killed, four wounded in Brazil shooting
Gunmen in Brazil opened fire outside a bar in the northern city of Altamira, killing four people and wounding four others, officials said on Sunday.
News24.com | 'Copycat' mass shootings becoming deadlier, experts warn after New York attack
An 18-year-old white man suspected of fatally shooting 10 people in a Black neighbourhood in Buffalo, New York, appears to be the latest in a line of "copycat" gunmen carrying out deadlier mass shootings inspired by previous attackers.
Businessinsider.co.za | Russian soldier said his commander shot himself in leg so he could leave the war in Ukraine
Audio published by Ukrainian officials showed a Russian soldier telling his mom nobody wanted to be fighting the war in Ukraine.
News24.com | Flood saves Ukrainian village from Russian occupation
The intentional flooding of a small village north of Kyiv that created a quagmire and submerged cellars and fields, but prevented a Russian attack on the capital, was worth all the sacrifice, residents said.
Buffalo shooting victims: Former police officer, community advocate among 10 killed
The Buffalo Police Department late Sunday released the names of the 10 victims killed in the shooting. Three people were also wounded.
Shanghai begins reopening as COVID-19 spread under control
Vice Mayor Zong Ming said 15 out of Shanghai's 16 districts had eliminated COVID transmission among those not already in quarantine.
As Finland, Sweden move to join NATO, Putin warns military buildup would spark reaction
The decision by Finland and Sweden to seek membership in NATO also comes as the military alliance prepares for a much broader strategic shift spurred by Russia's invasion.
- Michelle Butterfield
Amber Heard returns to stand as Johnny Depp defamation trial continues
Amber Heard is back on the stand this week after her testimony about alleged abuse at the hands of Johnny Depp.
UK’s Johnson threatens to act unilaterally on Northern Ireland border if EU won’t
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there would be 'a necessity to act' if the EU doesn't agree to overhaul post-Brexit trade rules in Northern Ireland.
- Noi.md
PSRM reacționează, după ce președintele raionului Cahul a fost demis
Partidul Socialiștilor a venit cu o reacție, după ce președintele raionului Cahul, Marcel Cenușa a fost demis astăzi, iar în locul lui a fost numit un consilier raional PAS. „Guvernarea și-a dat jos masca și a arătat la întreaga țară cum își promovează interesele politice prin abuz, ilegalități și inventarea dosarelor penale cu puternic iz politic”, menționează PSRM într-un comunicat. „Guvernar
- Noi.md
Poliția de Frontieră va fi dotată cu drone. Pentru ce vor fi folosite
Republica Federală Germană va oferi Poliției de Frontieră a R.Moldova aparate de zbor fără pilot. Dronele vor fi folosite în scopul prevenirii și combaterii criminalității transfrontaliere, precum și securizării mai eficiente a frontierei de stat. {{616127}}Șeful Poliției de Frontieră, Rosian Vasiloi, a găzduit vizita delegației germane, condusă de Klaus Kandt, fost chestor al Poliției Feder
- Noi.md
Orban a acuzat UE De impunerea unei culturi și ideologii străine
Uniunea Europeană impune Ungariei o cultură și o ideologie străină și există puncte spre care nu este pregătită să meargă. Potrivit RBC-Ucraina cu referire la telex.hu, despre aceasta a declarat premierul ungar Viktor Orban, menționînd că „Uniunea Europeană abuzează zilnic de puterea sa, în timp ce Budapesta acceptă să fie tolerantă, dar cu rezerve”. {{616333}}"Dar este ceva ce nu ne putem p
- Noi.md
«Prietenii înrăiți» Britania și SUA, sau Cine distruge globalizarea?
Care-s, de fapt, relațiile reale dintre SUA și Marea Britanie? În opinia unor observatori, Britania nu avea loc în tabloul lumii al SUA. Tot ei pun la îndoială teza, potrivit căreia în războiul contra Rusiei Britania și SUA se află de aceeași parte. La sigur a fost un trio al învingătorilor? Pentru a conștientiza prietenia înrăită dintre Britania și SUA, să ne transferăm cu 78 ani în urm
- Noi.md
&quot;Dumnezeu și natura&quot; de Emil Childescu
"Natura obișnuită este o sursă inepuizabilă pentru artă", a spus Theodore Rousseau, directorul școlii Barbizon. Toată lumea poate vedea personal corectitudinea acestor cuvinte vizitînd expoziția lui Emil Childescu "Dumnezeu și natura", deschisă la Centrul Expozițional Constantin Brîncuși pe 22 mai. Pe 7 mai, maestrul a împlinit 85 de ani. Poetul naturii Emil Childescu poate fi numit un adevă
Comisia Europeană clarifică cum pot plăti legal companiile din UE pentru gazele ruseşti
Comisia Europeană a clarificat cum pot plăti companiile din UE pentru gazele ruseşti fără a încălca sancţiunile impuse Rusiei de blocul comunitar, conform unui document actualizat consultat de Reuters, citează Agerpres.
Stoltenberg: Rusia nu şi-a atins obiectivele strategice. Ucraina poate să câştige războiul
Ucraina poate să câştige războiul împotriva Rusiei, care nu se derulează aşa cum a prevăzut Moscova, a declarat secretarul general al NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.
Italienii au dejucat mai multe atacuri cibernetice ale rușilor în timpul finalei Eurovision 2022
Poliția italiană a dejucat atacuri cibernetice ale unor grupuri de hackeri pro-ruși care vizau competiția Eurovision 2022 a cărei finală a avut loc sâmbătă noaptea la Torino.
Antonina Radu, condamnată în dosarul Colectiv, a fost reținută în Republica Moldova
Antonina Radu, fosta angajată a ISU București condamnată definitiv în dosarul Colectiv la 8 ani și 8 luni de închisoare, a fost reținută în Republica Moldova, potrivit digi24.ro.
Atac cu cuțitul într-un tren din Germania. Cinci persoane au fost rănite
Cinci persoane au fost rănite vineri într-un tren regional în apropierea oraşului german Aachen, în urma unui atac cu cuţitul, care conform autorităţilor germane ar putea avea o motivaţie islamistă.
Suedia a luat oficial decizia de a intra în NATO. Țara va începe discuții diplomatice cu Turcia
Guvernul social-democrat al Suediei a luat luni decizia oficială de a solicita aderarea la NATO, călcând pe urmele vecinei sale Finlanda, într-o mișcare care va redesena harta geopolitică în nordul Europei.
Escrocherie de milioane de lei, deconspirată de polițiști. Sunt vizate persoane din cadrul unei companii exportatoare de cereale (VIDEO)
Activitatea infracțională a unui grup de persoane bănuite în comiterea infracțiunii de escrocherie în proporții deosebit de mari a fost documentată pe parcursul lunilor februarie - aprilie 2022 de ofițerii Direcției investigații complexe a Inspectoratului Național de
Kalush Orchestra, de pe scena Eurovision direct la război. Solistul Oleg Psiuk a plecat pe front
Componenții trupei Kalush Orchestra vor reveni în Ucraina, pentru a lupta împotriva armatei ruse.Oleg Psiuk, solistul trupei rap care a câștigat Eurovision 2022, a fost fotografiat în timp ce-și săruta iubita, în fața unui hotel. Ulterior, acesta a urcat într-un taxi, scrie gandul.ro.
AVERTISMENT din partea Organizaţiei Mondiale a Sănătăţii: COVID-19 se poate răspândi rapid în Coreea de Nord
COVID-19 se poate răspândi rapid în Coreea de Nord, unde programele de vaccinare nu au început încă, a avertizat luni Organizaţia Mondială a Sănătăţii (OMS), informează Reuters.
Și-a agresat tatăl vârstnic chiar în centrul Capitalei. Făptașul nu a reacționat la apariția oamenilor legii
În dimineața zilei de luni, 16 mai, în jurul orelor 08:40, o patrulă de carabinieri ce asigura ordinea publică în Parcul Catedralei din Chișinău, a fost solicitată de un bărbat pentru aplanarea unui conflict.
- Radio Chisinau
În ciuda relaxării restricțiilor la nivelul Uniunii Europene începând de luni, pasagerii care călătoresc cu avionul înspre și dinspre Germania vor fi nevoiți în continuare să poarte măști în timpul zborului, potrivit Ministerului de Interne din Berlin, informează DPA, potrivit Agerpres.
- Ziarul National
Centrul internațional de expoziții „Moldexpo” a făcut o solicitare prealabilă către Spitalul municipal „Sfânta Treime” și Consiliului municipa...
- ProTV.md
Norvegia, Danemarca si Islanda vor ajuta Finlanda si Suedia daca vor fi atacate inainte de a adera la NATO
- ProTV.md
Politia este in cautarea a patru barbati care s-au luat la bataie in fata unui magazin din capitala. Momentul a fost filmat de un trecator - VIDEO
- Parlament.md
 Sofia, 16 mai 2022 – Deputatul Igor Chiriac participă la reuniunea Comitetului Parlamentar al Dimensiunii Parlamentare a Inițiativei Central Europene. Evenimentul are loc la Sofia, în perioada 16-17 mai și este găzduit de Adunarea Națională a Republicii Bulgaria.Subiectul principal care va fi discutat de parlamentari este promovarea cercetării și inovării transfrontaliere în regiunea Inițiativei Central Europene.

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Сеть магазинов LIDL в Румынии начала продавать "вкусняшки" из Республики Молдова
Сеть магазинов LIDL в Румынии запустила акцию „Bunătăți de peste Prut” («Вкусняшки из-за Прута»), и румыны могут найти в ней…
"Молдовагаз" предлагает ввести летний и зимний тарифы на голубое топливо
Компания «Молдовагаз» предложит применять в Молдове разные тарифы на газ в летний и холодный период и повысить тариф летом до…
Диетолог заявила о вреде плавленого сыра для костей
Диетолог заявила о вреде плавленого сыра для костей Плавленый сыр является источником кальция, фосфора и ряда витаминов, но в нем содержится большое количество фосфатов. Доказано, что эти вещества…
Россия национализировала активы Renault
Россия национализировала активы Renault Российские активы Группы Renault переходят в государственную собственность РФ. Об этом сообщается в telegram-канале Министерства промышленности и торговли России. «Состоялось…
Резервный фонд рухнувших криптовалют Terra и Luna бесследно исчез
Резервный фонд рухнувших криптовалют Terra и Luna бесследно исчез Эксперты специализирующейся на криптовалютных расследованиях частной компании Elliptic сообщили, что биткоины на сумму $3,5 млрд, приобретённые создателями рухнувших криптовалют Terra…
- Dmitrii Fortuna
Baltics Call for Unified European ‘Frontline’ Against Russian Disinformation
In light of the three Baltic States’ and other Central and Eastern European countries’ continued struggle against Russian disinformation, Latvian President Egils Levits emphasized that international law needs to be improved to promote cyber security and limit sovereign countries’ vulnerabilities to information warfare. Speaking at this year’s Munich Security Conference, Levits described the struggle of […]
- Ilinca Dan
Russian propaganda spreads conspiracy that coronavirus could be designed to kill elderly Italians
In a time that calls for international cooperation to fight a common threat, Kremlin mouthpiece Sputnik chooses to spread disinformation about COVID-19. A Sputnik article published on 15 March promoted an entire catalog of unfounded theories about the origin of the coronavirus: from the idea that COVID-19 could originate in Latvia to the suggestion that […]
- Ilinca Dan
Sanctions on the spotlight: Disinformation targets Latvia
Disinformation framing Latvia as Russophobic is part of a long-term campaign, this time resurfacing due to the implementation of US sanctions. Starting from December, pro-Kremlin outlets have been targeting Latvia and accusing it of Russophobia and of acting as a US puppet and a failed state, new analysis by the Centre for East European Studies (CEEPS) has […]
- Ilinca Dan
Facebook takes down 122 Russian military intel accounts that targeted Ukraine
Facebook announced a new takedown of 122 user accounts, pages, groups, and Instagram profiles originating in Russia that violated its policy against foreign or government interference. According to Facebook’s internal investigation, the network had links to Russian military intelligence and primarily targeted Ukraine, along with neighboring countries in the region. The operation was characterized by greater tactical […]
- Ilinca Dan
Disinformation sharpened tensions between Serbia and Montenegro as media misrepresented religion freedom law
The divisive situation around the newly adopted Law on Freedom of Religion in Montenegro has been used by disinformation outlets in the Balkan region to foment division, which resembles the practice earlier detected in Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia. The adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion enacted by the Montenegrin Parliament on 27 December 2019 attracted significant […]
ראש ממשלת שבדיה: נגיש בקשה להצטרפות לנאט"ו

הנשיא פוטין הגיב להצטרפות המתוכננת של פינלנד ושבדיה לנאט"ו: "התרחבות הארגון היא בעיה; זה האינטרס של ארה"ב". משרד ההגנה הרוסי מסר כי הסכים לפינוי החיילים הפצועים שמסתתרים במפעל הפלדה אזובסטל במריופול

בנט: נתניהו שחרר את סינוואר ואישר לפתוח קונסוליה באבו-דיס

ראש הממשלה, שהשתתף בדיון לאחר שנאספו 40 חתימות של חברי כנסת המחייבות את הגעתו, אמר הוא לא מתנצל על הקשר עם עבאס. "אני גאה בו, מה הבעיה?", הבהיר. הוא טען כי ממשלתו "לא מתעסקת בפוליטיקה אלא בניהול", ומתח ביקורת על התנהלות נתניהו מול איראן וחמאס

סילמן סירבה להתחייב לתמוך במינוי כהנא, בנט הוציא אותה מהישיבה

חברת הכנסת שפרשה מהקואליציה סירבה לתמוך בישיבת סיעת ימינה במינוי כהנא לשר הדתות. רה"מ ויו"ר ימינה השיב כי היא חלק מהסיעה, וכי הוא "חייב לדעת" את עמדתה בנושא. מאחר שלא ענתה, המשיך את הדיון עם הח"כים האחרים. למקורביה אמרה סילמן כי תצביע נגד המינוי

חשד לרצח: אישה נמצאה מתה בדירה באשדוד, בן זוגה לשעבר חשוד במעשה

המשטרה הוזעקה למקום לאחר שעלה חשד לפגיעה באישה, החלה בסריקות וכעבור זמן קצר עצרה את החשוד, בן זוגה לשעבר, לחקירה. טרם התבררו נסיבות מותה של האישה. צוות מד"א: "ראינו את האישה שוכבת מחוסרת הכרה, ביצענו בה בדיקות רפואיות אך נאלצנו לקבוע את מותה במקום"

"שיחקת אותה!": בתכנית הבוקר של NBC עפים על קורל ביסמוט ששרה עם מארון 5

אחרי שהופיעה מול 60 אלף איש בפארק הירקון יחד עם מארון 5 וקטפה מחמאות מסולן הלהקה אדם לוין שהזמין אותה אישית להתארח אחרי ששמע אותה מופיעה בטיילת - הסיפור המשוגע של המוזיקאית קורל ביסמוט מגיע גם לחו"ל. צפו למעלה בריאיון שלה לתכנית הבוקר במהדורה הדיגיטלית של רשת NBC.

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Ministrul Culturii: Să transmitem toți nevoia unei reforme fundamentale a concursului Eurovision. Dacă arta e furată, nimeni nu va mai lua în serios ce se întâmplă acolo
"Cei care au gândit la EBU să facă un asemenea transfer de voturi și-au făcut rău lor, au făcut rău competiției în sine și au făcut rău Ucrainei până la urmă", a declarat astăzi Lucian Romașcanu, ministrul Culturii, după scandalul de la Eurovision. Citește mai departe...
Norvegia, Danemarca şi Islanda vor ajuta Finlanda şi Suedia în cazul unui atac
Norvegia, Danemarca şi Islanda au semnat luni o declaraţie comună în care îşi exprimă sprijinul pentru Finlanda şi Suedia în cazul în care cele două ţări ar fi atacate, transmite Reuters. Citește mai departe...
Soțiile soldaților blocați la Azovstal: Cel mai important e să le fie salvate viețile, nu să primească postum medalii
Soțiile ultimilor soldați ucraineni rămași în Mariupol fac apel la întreaga lume să le salveze partenerii de viață. Citește mai departe...
Ar putea folosi Rusia opțiunea nucleară? Cele două scenarii oferite de un analist SIPRI
Utilizarea armelor nucleare de către Rusia este puțin probabilă, dar nu complet exclusă, este de părere Pyotr Topychkanov, analist al Institutului Internațional de Cercetare a Păcii (SIPRI) din Stockholm. Citește mai departe...
Premierul suedez: ''Guvernul a decis să informeze NATO despre dorinţa Suediei de a deveni membră a Alianţei''
Suedia va solicita aderarea la NATO, a anunţat oficial, luni, premierul Magdalena Andersson. Citește mai departe...

ANAF anunță că în următoarele zile vor începe controale ample în toate domeniile cu risc ridicat de evaziune!

Criza economică din prezent este o furtună aproape perfectă, avertizează vicepreședintele USR, Claudiu Năsui. Fostul ministru al Economiei crede că Guvernul va mări taxele și impozitele, măsură care va afecta în mod direct buzunarele românilor. Deși unii experți au atras atenția că majorarea unor impozite nu mai poate fi exclusă, reprezentantul USR consideră că acest lucru mai mult ar dăuna. 

Cel mai mare târg de adopții de animale organizat vreodată în Capitală a avut loc, duminică, la Arena Națională.

Anchetă, în cazul incendiului devastator care a cuprins, sâmbătă-seară, un bloc de 10 etaje din Ferentari, în Sectorul 5 al Capitalei! Investigațiile pentru stabilirea cauzei și circumstanțelor...

Accident mortal, sâmbătă-seară, pe drumul dintre Dealul Viilor și Ineu, în județul Arad! Un bărbat, în vârstă de 74 de ani, și-a pierdut viața, după ce mașina sa a părăsit partea...

Când va avea loc Transylvania Open 2022, turneul WTA 250 de la Cluj-Napoca
Organizatorii de la Transylvania Open au anunțat programul ediției din 2022, turneul de la Cluj-Napoca fiind unul de categorie WTA 250.
VIDEO Improvizație rusească: grenade de mână puse în pahare de plastic și aruncate din drone comerciale
A doua armată a lumii, serios încercată în războiul din Ucraina, a ajuns să recurgă la improvizații în lupta cu militarii ucraineni.
Patrick Mouratoglou și marii favoriți de la Roland Garros 2022 - Rafael Nadal, ultimul pe listă
Patrick Mouratoglou a vorbit despre favoriții de la Roland Garros, iar antrenorul Simonei Halep nu îi vede drept principali favoriți pe Novak Djokovic și Rafael Nadal. Mai mult, ibericul este plasat ultimul pe lista celor cu șanse mari de a ridica trofeul pe Philippe Chatrier.
VIDEO Cu muncitorii în spatele lui, Nicușor Dan anunță că au început reparațiile în Centrul Vechi / Cât vor dura lucrările
Nicuşor Dan a anunţat, luni, că au început lucrările de refacere a pavajului de pe străzile din Centrul Vechi al Capitalei, unde piatra cubică este distrusă în foarte multe zone. Primarul general spune că "reparațiile vor dura câteva săptămâni", astfel încât în a doua jumătate a lunii iunie vor fi gata toate cele 14 străzi.
Premierul francez Jean Castex și-a dat demisia
Premierul francez Jean Castex și-a prezentat luni demisia președintelui Emmanuel Macron, potrivit unui comunicat remis presei de Palatul Élysée și citat de agențiile AFP și Reuters.
Miniștrii Culturii de la Chișinău și București, despre controversa de la Eurovision: Nu este în puterea unui festival de muzică să confirme sau infirme legătura noastră spirituală (VIDEO)
Ministrul român al Culturii, Lucian Romașcanu, a declarat într-o conferință de presă comună cu omologul din Republica Moldova, Sergiu Prodan, că, în opinia sa, Eurovision ar avea nevoie de o reformă, transmite digi24.ro. La rândul său, ministrul Culturii de la Chișinău a declarat că este fanul Zdubilor, nu și al Eurovisionului, considerând că această competiție ar fi subiectivă și politizată.
Președintele rus și-a găzduit aliații la Moscova. Doar Putin și Lukașenko s-au referit la Ucraina
Liderii Organizației Tratatului de Securitate Colectivă (OTSC) s-au întâlnit la Moscova pe 16 mai, anunță presa rusă. Summitul, care a avut loc la Kremlin, a coincis cu cea de-a 30-a aniversare a Tratatului de Securitate Colectivă. La reuniune au participat președintele rus, prim-ministrul Armeniei, președintele Kazahstanului, cel al Tadjikistanului, al Republicii Kârgâze, precum și liderul din Belarus. În partea deschisă a summitului, doar liderii de la Moscova și Minsk au vorbit despre Ucraina.
Pentru a doua oară în istorie, executivul francez va fi condus de o femeie. Elisabeth Borne a fost numită în funcție după ce fostul premier și-a dat demisia
La mai bine de trei săptămâni de la realegerea lui Emmanuel Macron în funcția de șef al statului, Jean Castex și-a prezentat cererea de demisie din funcția de prim-ministru. În aceeași zi, liderul de la Palatul Élysée a decis că Elisabeth Borne, fosta ministră a Muncii, va fi cea care va prelua șefia cabinetului de miniștri. Borne devine a doua femeie care ocupă funcția de prim-ministru în Franța, singurul precedent datând din 1991-1992, când socialista Edith Cresson a condus guvernul francez, transmite televiziunea BFM TV.
Președinta Maia Sandu va efectua o vizită de lucru la Bruxelles și Paris
Potrivit unui anunț al Președinției, șefa statului va efectua în perioada 17-18 mai o vizită de lucru la Bruxelles și Paris. Maia Sandu va avea întrevederi cu președintele Franței, prim-ministrul Regatului Belgiei și cu președinta Legislativului UE.
Ucraina nu va face concesii Rusiei, afirmă șeful diplomației de la Kiev
Ministrul ucrainean de Externe, Dmitro Kuleba, a exclus eventualele concesii făcute Rusiei. Totodată, acesta a declarat că Uniunea Europeană se va confrunta cu un „eșec moral” dacă nu va aproba candidatura Ucrainei la aderare până în iunie, transmite The Guardian.
VIDEO // SCHEMĂ de milioane la depozitarea și exportul semințelor de floarea-soarelui și de porumb, deconspirată în R. Moldova
Escrocherie în proporții deosebit de mari în afaceri cu cereale. Ofițerii Direcției investigații complexe a Inspectoratului Național de...
„Moldexpo” cere DESPĂGUBIRI de 300 000 de lei pentru prejudiciile cauzate în urma utilizării sediului său pentru Centrul „COVID”
Centrul internațional de expoziții „Moldexpo” a făcut o solicitare prealabilă către Spitalul municipal „Sfânta Treime” și Consiliului municipa...
Teatrul Național „Vasile Alecsandri” de la Bălți împlinește 65 de ani: Premieră de spectacol, lansare de carte și documentare despre teatru și oamenii lui
Premiera spectacolului „Avalanșa” de Tuncer Cücenoğlu, în regia lui Linas Zaicauskas, lansarea cărții „Teatrul Națonal „Vasile Alecsandri” la ...
Descoperire neașteptată făcută la bordul avioanelor rusești doborâte în Ucraina
Pe parcursul ultimelor trei luni s-a demonstrat în repetate rânduri că armata de invazie a Rusiei este slab echipată pentru confruntări militare...