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SpaceX successfully lands Starship rocket after four failed attempts

On May 6, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully launched and landed the SN15 after initial attempts ended in explosions mid-air or shortly after landing.

Colombia: Dozens injured as anti-government protests enter second week

On May 6, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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The protests began last week after President Ivan Duque introduced a controversial tax reform bill.

'Diplomacy is back': G7 foreign ministers present united front despite COVID setback

On May 5, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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G7 ministeRead more

G7 ministers criticize Russia and China as they "revitalize in-person diplomacy." But the first face-to-face talks in over two years were not the fresh start they hoped for after a COVID-19 scare unsettled proceedings.

Champions League: Thomas Tuchel works his magic as Chelsea reach all-English final

On May 5, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: Sports

Chelsea wiRead more

Chelsea will meet Manchester City in the second all-English Champions League final in three seasons. Thomas Tuchel masterminded another big win for Chelsea, whose German striker Timo Werner scored the opener.

Italy: 2 US tourists jailed for life over policeman killing

On May 5, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

An ItalianRead more

An Italian court has handed life sentences to the pair after they were convicted of murdering an Italian police officer while they were on vacation in Rome.

Nigeria: Abducted college students freed

On May 5, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

Dozens ofRead more

Dozens of students were grabbed from a Nigerian college in March, sparking outcry. The last of them have now been freed.

US announces support for COVID vaccine intellectual property waiver

On May 5, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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The US wilRead more

The US will support a proposal to waive IP protections for coronavirus vaccines, Washington's top trade official said. More than 100 countries want the temporary suspension of patents on COVID-19 vaccines.

Israel: Opposition leader Yair Lapid tapped to form government

On May 5, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Benjamin NRead more

Benjamin Netanyahu has lost his mandate to form a government after failing to reach a deal. The president has requested that his opponent Yair Lapid now make an attempt.

WHO to set up pandemic early warning center in Germany

On May 5, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

The WorldRead more

The World Health Organization will establish a center in Germany to monitor emerging pandemic threats in the hopes of preventing the next one. "Viruses move fast. But data can move even faster," the WHO's chief said.

Coronavirus digest: Canada approves BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine for young teens

On May 5, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

Canada isRead more

Canada is the first country in the world to approve a COVID vaccine for children aged 12 to 15, with the United States and other countries expected to soon follow suit. DW has the latest.
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2021 European Championship Latin postponed to 17 July 2021 Dear valued members,Dear Competitors,In light of...
- admin
Dear Dancers, I hear on the grapevine that a ***MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT*** is on its way;...
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Press Release: April 14, 2021 Topic: “Save the Dancers” GoFundMe Campaign UpdateDear Fellow WDC Competitor,We...
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Dear valued member bodies, dear valued presidents, today. I may contact you concerning a very...
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3 July 2021. Balkan Cup 2021. Greece, Porto Cheli.
It's the first country to allow the Pfizer jab for this age group.
Experts tell the BBC that delays in decision-making worsened the crisis of India's second wave.
Facebook's top "court" says the company has six months to justify its permanent ban of Mr Trump.
Mexican authorities have promised a full investigation into the collapse of a metro overpass in Mexico City, as questions mount over the line's safety.
From Theresa May and Boris Johnson to English breakfasts, Michel Barnier's new book reveals all.
Iran releases chilling fake video showing US Capitol blow up after attack
Iran has reportedly released a chilling propaganda video depicting a fake attack by its Republican Guard blowing up the US Capitol.
French reporter kidnapped by jihadist rebels in north Mali
The chief of Reporters Without Borders says that French journalist Olivier Dubois was kidnapped April 8 while working in Mali’s northern city of Gao.
Germany bans Muslim group over alleged terror donations
The German government on Wednesday banned a Muslim organization that it accused of supporting "terrorism globally with its donations."
- Edmund DeMarche
Philippines FM who told China to ‘Get the F--- OUT’ apologizes
Teodoro Loscin, the Philippine foreign minister who took to Twitter to tell China to ‘GET THE F--- OUT’ amid tension over the South China Sea, apologized on Tuesday to his Chinese counterpart after appearing to irk his own president.
US report: Taliban will likely curtail Afghan women's rights
U.S. intelligence agencies are warning that any gains in women’s rights in Afghanistan made in the last two decades will be at risk after U.S. troops withdraw later this year.
- Marc DAOU
Syria’s Rifaat al-Assad: From ‘butcher of Hama’ to real estate tycoon
The appeals process for the trial of Rifaat al-Assad goes ahead in Paris on Thursday. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s uncle was initially convicted of money laundering as part of an organised gang, embezzlement of public funds and aggravated tax evasion. FRANCE 24 looks back at the long career of this Assad dynasty scion who amassed a colossal European property empire.
Israel opposition chief Yair Lapid handed mandate to form government
Israel’s president has tapped opposition leader Yair Lapid to form a new government on Wednesday – a step that could lead to the end of the lengthy rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 
France grants citizenship to over 2,000 foreign workers for Covid-19 response
France has granted citizenship to over 2,000 foreign-born frontline workers to reward them for their services to the nation during the coronavirus pandemic, the government said Wednesday.
French police officer shot dead in Avignon during drug raid
A French police officer has been shot dead in the city of Avignon during an anti-narcotics operation, Prime Minister Jean Castex said.
'Napoléon is a part of us', French President Macron says
French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to Napoléon Bonaparte during a series of special ceremonies on May 5 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the former emperor’s death amid a divisive national debate about the historical figure's legacy. 
The Trump administration was a 'difficult time' for Ukraine, says foreign minister
The years of the Trump administration were "a difficult time" for Ukraine, the country's foreign minister told CNN Wednesday, ahead of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's trip to Kiev.
Colombia's bloody protests could be a warning to the region
Tensions have hardly dissipated in Colombia after President Ivan Duque withdrew a controversial fiscal reform proposal this weekend. Six days of protests had seen at least 19 people killed and hundreds injured. Now, the demonstrations have evolved into a broader popular show of anger.
Pentagon tracking out-of-control Chinese rocket that could reenter Earth's atmosphere
The Pentagon has said it is tracking a large Chinese rocket that is out of control and set to reenter Earth's atmosphere this weekend, raising concerns about where its debris may make impact.
Italy charged two Californians with murder. Here are the case details
The trial of the two US citizens charged with the murder of Italian police officer Mario Cerciello in July 2019 has concluded and a verdict is expected soon. CNN's Barbie Nadeau reports.
Attorneys in Gates divorce also worked on Bezos split
Two of the attorneys on opposite sides of the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce case also represented the opposing sides in the 2019 divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott.
<div class="content-header"><a href="https://www.businessinsider.com/category/advancing-cities?utm_source=markets&utm_medium=ingest" target="_blank"><figure> <img alt="Advancing cities banner v3" class="img-responsive imported-news-entry-img" src="https://images2.markets.businessinsider.com/603e678a13b221001876b17b?format=jpeg"...
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., <span class="xn-chron">May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- YATCO, the Official MLS and Ultimate SaaS Platform of Yachting™, has been growing at a rapid rate digitally, as well as through partnerships and within its marketing division. YATCO.com has seen a 20%...
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">RICHMOND, Va., <span class="xn-chron">May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Allianz Partners, a travel insurance and assistance company, was honored with two Stevie® Awards for exceptional customer service at the 19<sup>th</sup> Annual American Business Awards®. The company was recognized...
Rating Action: Moody's assigns Aa3 UND/Aaa ENH to Channelview ISD, TX's GOULT Refunding Bonds, Series 2021<div class="spacer-5"></div><a class="btn-more" href="https://www.moodys.com/page/viewresearchdoc.aspx?docid=PR_907098476cid=7QFRKQSZE021" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Read the full article at Moody's</a>
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">POST FALLS, Idaho, <span class="xn-chron">May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Northwest Specialty is one of only three hospitals in the nation to feature two robots utilizing a state-of-the-art surgical robotic navigation system called the Excelsius GPS®. Designed to function like a...
Europe's cultural sector has been even harder hit by the pandemic than its tourism sector. According to an Ernst & Young study, its turnover plunged by 31 percent - or almost 200 billion euros - in 2020, and in the performing arts it dropped by as much as 90 percent. Pilot projects have recently been launched in the UK, Spain and other countries in preparation for rebooting the sector, including concerts attended by people who tested negative for the virus.
- RT
‘I can change your life in the worst way’: UFC standout Usman warns YouTuber Jake Paul as vicious war of words escalates
Preview UFC superstar Kamaru Usman has fired a warning to YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, saying that Paul could "truly get hurt" if he keeps pushing forward with his desire to box the UFC welterweight champion. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Covid-19 mortality rate has DOUBLED among young people in Brazil, Pan-American health watchdog warns
Preview Hospitalizations and deaths of younger people linked to Covid-19 are on the rise across the Americas, the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) has warned, adding that the situation in Brazil is particularly alarming. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
‘I don’t want to play here’: Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev slams racket on detested clay surface... then wins match (VIDEO)
Preview Surface tension boiled over for Daniil Medvedev as the world number three admitted he did not want to play on clay in an outburst at the Madrid Open – only to make a mockery of his predicament by reaching the round of 16. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Federal judge throws out CDC nationwide eviction moratorium, says agency has ‘no legal authority’ for it
Preview A nationwide moratorium on evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, recently extended through the end of June, goes beyond the legal authority of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a federal district judge ruled. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Can Snapchat be sued for ‘promoting reckless driving? Court says yes, potentially puncturing hole in Section 230
Preview The US Ninth Circuit Appeals Court has reversed an earlier decision in support of Snapchat, the ‘disappearing’ message microblogging platform. The app offers a “speed filter” it claims led to users’ reckless driving and death. Read Full Article at RT.com
A Magical Siberian Village and Its Amazing Wooden Church - Lost In Time
by Professor William Brumfield (RBTH)

This article is from a series by the invaluable William Brumfield, (Wikipedia), Professor of Slavic Studies at Tulane University, New Orleans, USA.

Brumfield is the world's leading historian of Russian architecture.  He makes frequent trips to Russia, often to her remote regions, and records the most unusual examples of surviving architecture with detailed, professional photography.  

Young Russian Women in Train Station Sing Beautiful Ancient Folk Song About Love (Video)
by (Russian Faith)

This article originally appeared on a new site about the Christian renaissance in Russia, called Russian Faith. Their introductory video is at end of this article.

Europe Commits Suicide by Importing Barbarians - Russia Watches With Great Sadness
by Dmitry Orlov (Club Orlov)

Orlov is one of our favorite essayists on Russia and all sorts of other things. He moved to the US as a child, and lives in the Boston area.

This Super-Popular German Writer Predicted Russia Would Inherit The Earth (Spengler)
by Kerry Bolton (Katehon)

Oswald Spengler (Wikipedia) was a massive celebrity in pre-WW2 Europe and America, whose book, "The Decline of the West" was one of the most read ever at that time, selling millions of copies.

This is a longer scholarly article, but is not at all dull, and it is absolutely fascinating.  Highly recommended.

8400 Words

This Favorite WW2 Song Captures Russia's Ability to Suffer and Fight (Ahh the Roads - Translation)
by The Saker (The Saker)

Ekh Dorogi is a Russian popular favorite to this day. It was written in 1945. The famous Russian baritone Dmitry Khvorostovsky frequently performed it, so Western readers may find it familiar. The title means 'Ahh, the roads'. Translation below.

Dear friends,

Over the past few years one of my main efforts was to try to convince as many people as possible that Russia was preparing for war.  I also tried to caution about the completely misguided notion that because the Russian people feared war (they do!) they somehow were not ready for it (they are!). 

- Alex Campbell
A Train Line In Mexico City Collapsed, Killing At Least 20 People
“There are unfortunately children among the dead,” the city's mayor said.

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- Pia Peterson
These Horrifying Photos Show How Dire The Coronavirus Surge In India Is
As cases in India surge faster than anywhere in the world, Indians struggle to care for their family members who have COVID and mourn lost loved ones.

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- Pranav Dixit
COVID-19 Is Devastating India. Its Government Is Trying To Censor Social Media.
As thousands of people die each day, the Modi government is cracking down on people criticizing it online.

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- Ryan Mac
As Indians Face A COVID-19 Crisis, Facebook Temporarily Hid Posts With #ResignModi
On Wednesday, the world’s largest social network hid posts with the text #ResignModi for a few hours, before restoring them.

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- Dan Vergano
The US Will Send COVID-19 Vaccines Worldwide As India Struggles With Thousands Of Deaths
The AstraZeneca vaccines are authorized in India but still awaiting an FDA go-ahead in the US. Up to 60 million doses will be shared with India amid a catastrophic surge in cases there.

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- Jon Henley Europe correspondent
Tory quarrels determined UK’s post-Brexit future, says Barnier

Revealed: EU chief negotiator’s diaries, The Great Illusion, give blow-by-blow account of moves behind UK’s departure

Britain’s post-Brexit future was determined by “the quarrels, low blows, multiple betrayals and thwarted ambitions of a certain number of Tory MPs”, the EU’s chief negotiator has said in his long-awaited diaries.

The UK’s early problem, writes Michel Barnier in The Great Illusion, his 500-page account, was that they began by “talking to themselves. And they underestimate the legal complexity of this divorce, and many of its consequences.”

Continue reading...
- Joan E Greve in Washington (now) and Lauren Aratani in New York (earlier)
Trump criticizes Facebook ruling and says social media companies ‘must pay a political price’ – live
Full report: Trump’s ban should not be lifted, oversight board rulesFacebook ruling on Trump: five key takeawaysTrump returns to social media with glorified blogFederal judge blocks CDC’s moratorium on evictionsSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email

7.59pm BST

Joe Biden just delivered remarks at the White House to tout the Restaurant Revitalization Fund included in the American Rescue Plan, which he signed into law in March.

The president noted he visited Taqueria Las Gemelas in northeast DC earlier today. The restaurant benefitted from the Paycheck Protection Program, part of the first coronavirus relief package, and the revitalization fund.

Pres. Biden: "The American Rescue Plan is working. America is getting vaccinated, job creation is soaring, the economy is growing and our country is on the move again." https://t.co/sZouIekOwo pic.twitter.com/mr2qHsC7Yd

7.39pm BST

The White House press secretary was asked about the federal court’s decision on the eviction moratorium during her press briefing this afternoon.

Jen Psaki noted the justice department was reviewing the decision, which could have major implications for Americans who have suffered financially over the past year.

“We also recognize, of course, the importance of the eviction moratorium for Americans who have fallen behind on rent during the pandemic.”A federal judge struck down the CDC’s nationwide eviction moratorium. Here’s what @PressSec had to say https://t.co/XVwdy6t0RN pic.twitter.com/XfprMY538T

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- Nadeem Badshah (now); Yohannes Lowe' Kevin Rawlinson , Martin Belam and Martin Farrer (earlier)
Coronavirus live: Canada authorises Pfizer jab for 12-15 year olds; hopes for normality in Ireland by late summer

US FDA expected to follow Canada’s lead ‘very soon’; Leo Varadkar hopes for return to normality in Ireland by late summer; Kenya finds cases of India variant

India’s neighbours close borders as Covid wave spreads across regionNepal reports 19 positive Covid tests at Dhaulagiri base campIndian delegation forced to self-isolate in London for CovidItaly could reopen to foreign tourists from mid-May, says PMUK pledges millions to bolster testing for coronavirus variants

7.51pm BST

7.43pm BST

The number of new Covid-19 infections in France is rising much more slowly and hospitalisations declined on Wednesday, in the first week after the French government eased its third nationwide lockdown. The number of new positive cases rose by 26,000 for a total of 5.71 million, an increase of 2.52% compared to a week ago and the lowest week-on-week increase since late July 2020, health ministry data showed. Late March to mid-April, week-on-week increases were as high as 5% to 6%, Reuters reports. The number of patients with Covid-19 in French hospitals dropped by 741 to 27,686 in the sharpest one-day drop since the end of November, in the last days of France’s second nationwide lockdown.

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- Lisa O'Carroll and Daniel Boffey
French fishers threaten to blockade Jersey ports as row escalates

Move comes as France threatens to cut off electricity to island in row over post-Brexit licences for fishing boats

French fishers are threatening to blockade the ports in the Channel Islands in an escalation of a post-Brexit row in which the French maritime minister has backed calls to cut off Jersey’s electricity supply.

French officials have also said they will close their offices in Jersey and stop products from the island entering France.

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- Sam Jones in Madrid
Madrid’s president revels in ‘wake-up call’ victory as left routed

Conservative Isabel Díaz Ayuso vows to continue combative approach to dealings with Spanish government

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the conservative president of the Madrid region who inflicted a stinging defeat on her leftwing opponents in Tuesday’s snap election, has vowed to carry on acting as a “counterweight” to Spain’s Socialist-led coalition government.

Although her People’s party more than doubled its seat count and won more seats than the three leftwing parties combined, Ayuso fell just short of an absolute majority, meaning she will have to rely on the support of the far-right Vox party to form a new regional government.

Continue reading...
- By Chico Harlan
Italian jury convicts 2 Americans of murder, with a punishment of life in prison, in 2019 killing of police officer
Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth had been on vacation in Rome at the time of the slaying.
- By Paul Schemm, Lateshia Beachum and Paulina Villegas
Covid-19 live updates: Biden administration will support lifting vaccine patent protections
According to the World Health Organization, of the 832 million vaccine doses administered around the world by mid-April, just 0.2% were given in lower-income countries.
- By Amanda Coletta and Miriam Berger
Canada authorizes coronavirus vaccine for children ages 12 to 15
Canada is the first to authorize the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the age group; the United States is expected to follow next week.
- By Rick Noack
On the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's death, his legacy divides France
French President Emmanuel Macron’s participation in a commemoration Wednesday was a balancing act.
- By Antonia Noori Farzan
The U.S. birthrate is falling. Here’s how other countries have tried to persuade people to have more children.
The United States is facing a dilemma with which many wealthy nations have long grappled.
U.S. stocks rebounded on Wednesday as strong earnings results and economic optimism pushed the major averages higher as the trading day went on.
In recent years, the United Kingdom has struggled to live up to its name.
Google is softening its approach to the return to work in permitting remote work for some employees as tech workers see greater flexibility elsewhere.
Facebook's oversight board effectively punted the decision on the length of the suspension back to the social media company.
Bill and Melinda Gates have hired big-name lawyers to represent them in their divorce proceedings.
Greek bond sale declared a success with near-zero yield
Greece says it has raised 3 billion euros ($3.6 billion) in a 5-year bond auction at a record-low, near-zero yield
Woman from Mali gives birth to 9 babies in Morocco
Mali’s Ministry of Health says a Malian woman has given birth to nine babies after only expecting seven
Amid US pullout, Taliban issue threat to Afghan journalists
The Taliban have issued a threat to Afghan journalists they accuse of siding with the government's intelligence agency in Kabul
Mexico City subway collapse was a tragedy foretold
The Mexico City elevated subway line that collapsed, killing 25 people, was so poorly designed from the start in 2012 that passengers and experts came to fear many things
Germany aims for net-zero emissions by 2045, 5 years earlier
Officials in Germany have proposed accelerating the plans to cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by setting a new goal of reaching “net-zero” by 2045
A Fateful Election in Scotland: After Brexit Could Come Scexit
Scottish voters are electing a new parliament this week, and again the pro-independence party SNP is expected to win. The vote could lead the way to the disintegration of the United Kingdom.
A Country in Flames: Complacency and Government Failures Fueled India’s COVID Disaster
India’s health care system and hospitals are on the verge of collapse and crematoriums are overloaded. The country got through the first wave of the coronavirus relatively unscathed, but the second has been a catastrophe, the product of inconceivable mistakes by the government.
BioNTech CEO Confirms “Encouraging” Study: COVID Vaccine Could Be Approved for Older Children By Summer
If all goes well, the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 could be approved for ages 12 and older by June, and for kids above the age of six months by the fall. But the development would raise new moral and practical questions.
Libya: How Frontex Helps Haul Migrants Back To Libyan Torture Camps
Refugees are being detained, tortured and killed at camps in Libya. Investigative reporting by DER SPIEGEL and its partners has uncovered how close the European Union’s border agency Frontex works together with the Libyan coast guard.
India and Brazil: Countries That Let the Virus Run Rampant Are A Threat to the World
Highly contagious coronavirus mutants have emerged in India and Brazil that are spreading around the world. If their advance isn't stopped, the virus might evolve – and we could then be facing a new pandemic with vaccine-resistant mutants.
Atlanta Officer Who Fatally Shot Black Man Rayshard Brooks Gets Job Back
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The Atlanta officer who fatally shot Black man Rayshard Brooks last June got his job back but will remain on administrative leave, the city's police department said on Wednesday.
Over 90 People Injured During Protests in Colombia’s Bogota Over Past Day
MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – More than 90 people, including civilians and police officers, were injured during street demonstrations in the Colombian capital over the past day, Secretary of Bogota’s government Luis Ernesto Gomez said on Wednesday.
UK Slams 'Disproportionate' French Threat to Cut Off Power to Jersey in Fishing Rights Row
France has seen unrest at English Channel ports by fishermen angry at their loss of rights in British waters following the end of the post-Brexit transition period. Some set up burning barricades at Boulogne-sur-Mer in late April to stop lorries carrying imported fish from the UK.
New Round of Protests in Bogota Against Unpopular Tax Reform
Colombia has been swept by protests against a proposed tax reform, even though Colombian President Ivan Duque eventually revoked it.
French Police Officer Shot Dead During Drug Raid in Avignon
Initial reports suggested that a police officer had been seriously wounded after an unknown man opened fire in downtown Avignon in the Provence region of France.
- Louise Donovan and Refiloe Makhaba Nkune
Exclusive: Workers in Factory That Makes Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Activewear Allege Rampant Sexual and Physical Abuse
The company publicly promotes social justice causes, but a TIME-Fuller Project investigation reveals horrific working conditions in its factory
The Indian Government Is Facing Calls for a National Lockdown
Rahul Gandhi of the opposition Congress party said a lockdown was now "the only option"
- Nilanjana Bhowmick / New Delhi
‘Our Lives Don’t Matter.’ India’s Female Community Health Workers Say the Government Is Failing to Protect Them From COVID-19
Female community health workers are risking their lives at the frontlines of India's COVID-19 crisis
- Dr. Monica Gandhi
The Most Important Thing Rich Countries Can Do to Help India Fight COVID-19
The Biden Administration is debating whether COVID-19 vaccine patents should be temporarily waived, given the devastating humanitarian crisis unfolding in India from the virus. There are two key factors that should drive the Biden team to agree to do so: first, there is strong precedent on waiving patents in the context of public health emergencies;…
- Suyin Haynes
Why the First Black Woman to Be a History Professor in the U.K. Sees Her New Book African Europeans as a ‘Call to Arms’
“We are completely immersed in the legacies of the past,” says historian Olivette Otele
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin targets July launch for first space tourism flight
Blue Origin, billionaire Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, said on Wednesday it is targeting July 20 for its first suborbital sightseeing trip on its New Shepard spacecraft, a landmark moment in a competition to usher in a new era of private commercial space travel.Blue Origin also said it will offer one seat on the first flight to the winning bidder of a five-week online auction, the proceeds of which will be donated to the space firm’s foundation.Blue Origin’s Director of Astronaut Sales, Ariane…
Hong Kong retail giant, power company to install new solar array on top of storage facility
Hong Kong’s Dairy Farm International Holdings, which runs the Wellcome chain of supermarkets and 7-Eleven convenience stores, has said it will install a solar power system atop its fresh food storage facility in Tseung Kwan O by 2022.The project, to be undertaken in conjunction with electricity supplier CLP Holdings, would involve the installation of 2,000 solar panels on the facility’s more than 150,000 sq ft rooftop, the companies said on Wednesday.The panels will generate 1 million kilowatt…
Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is reportedly building a 416-foot luxury yacht
Jeff Bezos may soon be sailing the high seas in his very own mega-yacht.The Amazon CEO has commissioned a 416-foot (127-metre) custom yacht from the Dutch shipbuilder Oceanco, according to an excerpt from Brad Stone’s forthcoming book, Amazon Unbound, which was published in Bloomberg Businessweek on Wednesday.The three-mast ship is expected to be “one of the finest sailing yachts in existence,” but other details about the yacht are unknown, even among those in the exclusive luxury boat world,…
EU moves to curtail subsidised firms in veiled swipe at China
In a move seen as targeting China, the European Union has proposed new rules to prevent subsidised firms from hoovering up strategic European assets.The plan was announced on Wednesday alongside an updated industrial policy that was also partly aimed at countering China’s influence on the European economy.The draft proposals on subsidies, which require approval by the EU’s 27 member states, would make it more difficult for Chinese and other foreign firms to buy EU businesses or assets or bid…
European Union again drops plans for measures related to China’s Hong Kong actions
For the second successive month, the European Union has been forced to drop plans for measures and statements related to Beijing’s tightening of control in Hong Kong, after failing to gain the endorsement of 27 member states.A source familiar with the matter said the conclusions had been removed from the agenda of a preparatory meeting on Wednesday. They were expected to be adopted at one of two meetings of the EU’s 27 foreign ministers to be held on Thursday and next Monday.Last month, Hungary…
News24.com | Nearly 20 million more people hit by food crises in 2020
Nearly 20 million more people faced food crises last year amid armed conflict, the Covid-19 pandemic and weather extremes.
News24.com | Frenchwoman shot, burned alive by husband: police
A 31-year-old French mother of three was burned alive by her husband, who shot her in the legs before dousing her in a flammable liquid and setting her alight.
News24.com | WATCH | US ex-cop convicted of Floyd murder seeks new trial
Derek Chauvin, the white ex-policeman convicted of murdering African-American man George Floyd, has asked for a new trial on claims of jury and prosecution misconduct.
News24.com | WHO to set up pandemic data hub in Berlin
The World Health Organisation has announced it would set up a global data hub in Berlin to analyse information on emerging pandemic threats, filling the gaps exposed by Covid-19.
Businessinsider.co.za | Some of the French volunteers who spent 40 days in a cave for science want to go back - team leader
Life in the case was "so easy" compared to the above, according to Christian Clot, the French team leader.
- Rachael D’Amore
No one in Canada has 2nd AstraZeneca dose. Are blood clot risks the same?
To better understand the risks of blood clots with a second dose of AstraZeneca's vaccine, experts in Canada are looking to the U.K. 
- Emerald Bensadoun
Canada sends medical supplies to India as COVID-19 overwhelms country’s health care
Medical supplies to India will be airlifted over by the Canadian Armed Forces. 
- Chris Jancelewicz
Meghan Markle publishing children’s book inspired by son Archie, Prince Harry
The children's book, titled 'The Bench,' will have an author byline that reads 'Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.'
WHO experts express ‘low confidence’ in Sinopharm’s COVID-19 vaccine data
Experts have "very low confidence" in data provided by Chinese state-owned drugmaker Sinopharm on its COVID-19 vaccine regarding risk of serious side-effects in some patients.
- Josh K. Elliott
Peloton recalls treadmills after child’s death, other injuries
The recalls affect more than 100,000 treadmills in the U.S. and some in Canada.
UN chief pushes voluntary sharing of COVID-19 vaccine licenses
UN chief Antonio Guterres believes vaccine makers should allow other companies to produce versions of their COVID-19 shots, a UN spokesman said on Wednesday, as the World Trade Organisation discussed waiving patent rights to boost supply to developing countries.
G7 foreign ministers say will work to expand COVID-19 vaccine production
The Group of Seven foreign ministers pledged on Wednesday to work with industry to expand the production of affordable COVID-19 vaccines, but stopped short of calling for a waiver of intellectual property rights of the pharma firms.
US parents excited over prospect of COVID-19 vaccine shots for children
After more than a year of fretting over her 13-year son with a rare liver disease, Heather Ousley broke into tears when she learned that he and millions of other youngsters could soon be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.
GM profit surges to US$2.98 billion on sales of higher-margin trucks
General Motors’ first-quarter net income surged to US$2.98 billion as strong US consumer demand and higher prices offset production cuts brought on by a global shortage of computer chips.
Ford is betting that solid-state batteries will cut EV costs
Ford has raised its stake in a manufacturer of solid-state batteries - a move that its chief product and operations officer, Hau Thai-Tang, says will strengthen the company's effort to increase the range and reduce the costs of its next generation of electric vehicles.
- Noi.md
Secretarul de stat Blinken a discutat la G7 cu omologii japonez şi sud-coreean pe tema dosarului nord-coreean
Secretarul de stat al SUA, Antony Blinken, a discutat miercuri, în marja reuniunii G7 de la Londra, cu omologii şi aliaţii săi japonez şi sud-coreean pe tema dosarului nord-coreean, în contextul în care Washingtonul a chemat Phenianul să se angajeze pe calea diplomatică, informează AFP. Înaintea acestei întîlniri trilaterale, la finalul căreia participanţii nu au făcut niciun comentariu, Antony
- Noi.md
Pățania unei femei care a cumpărat 3 case la 1 euro bucata în Italia
Atrasă de mirajul caselor vîndute la preț de nimic în peisaje rurale idilice, o americancă a decis că este o investiție bună să cumpere nu una, ci trei case în Sicilia. A fost încurajată nu doar de preț, ci și de „felul în care oamenii te fac să te simți și„ cît de primitor a fost orașul”. În ultimii ani, orașele italiene abandonate au aplicat strategia caselor la 1 euro sau la prețuri oricum d
- Noi.md
53% din locuitorii democrațiilor lumii consideră că guvernele au făcut prea mult pentru a limita libertățile
Cincizeci şi opt la sută dintre locuitorii democraţiilor lumii se declară mulţumiţi de modul în care guvernele statelor lor au reacţionat la pandemia COVID-19, chiar dacă mai mult de jumătate cred că libertăţile le-au fost restrînse în mod exagerat, relevă rezultatele unei anchete la nivel global publicate miercuri, transmite Reuters. Indicele percepţiei asupra democraţiei (DPI) este cel mai am
- Noi.md
Cozi la bilete, în prima zi după redeschiderea teatrelor și sălilor de concerte
La doar o zi după ce autoritățile au anunțat redeschiderea teatrelor, cinematografelor şi sălilor de concerte din Capitală, oamenii deja sînt în goana după bilete. Oamenii spun că au așteptat cu nerăbdare această decizie: "Am aşteptat mai mult de un an. Este foarte îmbucurător că ne întoarcem la viaţa normală". {{518938}}La Palatul Național, artiștii au început deja repetițiile pentru a buc
- Noi.md
Pot sau nu cetățenii alege serul cu care să se vaccineze? Precizarea autorităților
Moldovenii pot alege serul cu care să se vaccineze împotriva COVID-19. Medicii spun că la centrele de imunizare se creează liste cu persoanele care preferă un anumit producător, în funcţie de disponibilitate. Asta deşi reprezentanţii Agenţiei Naţionale pentru Sănătate Publică spun că posibilitatea de a alege nu trebuie încurajată. {{519292}}Medicii de familie de la Policlinica numărul 8 din
Un bărbat, condamnat în Anglia pentru că și-a torturat partenera într-o pivniță și a obligat-o să înghită inelul de logodnă
Un român a fost condamnat la 7 ani și 10 luni de închisoare în Anglia pentru că, din gelozie, și-a torturat partenera de viață pe care a ținut-o captivă în subsolul casei lor din Leeds și a obligat-o să-și înghită inelul de logodnă.
Prima insulă din Italia declarată liberă de COVID. Populația sa a fost vaccinată în proporție de circa 90%
O insulă din Italia a devenit prima zonă a țării liberă de Covid, după ce imunizarea în masă a fost finalizată acolo, după o scurtă campanie de patru zile, conform agenției italiene de presă ANSA, citează digi24.ro.
Grecia a redeschis terasele cafenelelor şi restaurantelor după o pauză de 6 luni
După o pauză de şase luni în care au rămas închise, cafenelele şi restaurantele din toată Grecia şi-au redeschis terasele, într-o zi marcată de temperaturi specifice sezonului estival, informează AFP, citează Agerpres.
Comisia Europeană propune eliminarea restricțiilor pentru turiștii non-UE vaccinați
Comisia Europeană recomandă ca cetățenilor străini vaccinați complet împotriva coronavirusului și celor care provin din țări unde situația epidemiologică este una bună, să li se permită să călătorească pe teritoriul Uniunii Europene fără restricții suplimentare, transmite
Colosseumul de la Roma va fi renovat. Ministerul italian al Culturii a prezentat un proiect de reconstrucţie a arenei
Colosseumul de la Roma va fi renovat. Ministerul italian al Culturii a prezentat un proiect de reconstrucţie a arenei, care va prinde viaţă datorită unei firmei de inginerie din oraşul Milano.
Proteste masive în Columbia împotriva măsurilor luate de Guvernul lui Iván Duque. Bilanţul: Cel puţin 19 morţi şi sute de răniţi în şapte zile
Peste 19 protestari au decedat şi alte câteva sute au fost grav rănite, în urma protestelor ce au avut loc în ultimele zile în Columbia.De partea cealaltă, cel puţin 330 de poliţişti au fost răniţi în violenţe, a afirmat ministrul columbian de interne Daniel Palacios.
Pentagonul a anunțat eșecul unui test de rachetă balistică intercontinentală
Statele Unite au anunțat eșecul unui test de rachetă balistică intercontinentală Minuteman III la decolare, adăugând că racheta nu era înarmată și că se desfășoară o anchetă pentru a descoperi cauza defecțiunii, potrivit AFP, citează hotnews.ro.
Reacția lui Donald Trump, după decizia Facebook de a menține suspendarea contului: „Este o ruşine absolută”
 Donald Trump reacționează după ce Consiliul de Supervizare Facebook a decis să fie menținută suspendarea contului folosit de fostul președinte și spune că deciziile rețelelor sociale „reprezintă o rușine absolută”.
O sticlă cu vin care a călătorit în spațiu, scoasă la licitație. Ar putea stabili un record
Un milion de dolari sau peste 800 de mii de euro, atât speră să obțină casa de licitații Christie's pentru o sticlă de vin care a călătorit în spațiu. Sticla de Chateau Petrus, scoasă marți la licitație, ar putea deveni astfel cel mai scump vin din istorie.
Un bărbat din Corjova, reţinut la punctul de control din Lunga de așa-numiții grăniceri din stânga Nistrului
Un bărbat din comuna Corjova, raionul Dubăsari, a fost reţinut miercuri dimineaţă la punctul de control din satul Lunga de așa-numiții grăniceri din stânga Nistrului. Valeriu Miţul ne-a povestit cu lux de amănunte despre cele întâmplate.
- DosarMedia
Partidul Democrat din Moldova va merge singur în alegerile parlamentare anticipate din 11 iulie. Despre aceasta a anunțat preşedintele de Articolul Diacov: ”Au fost câteva discuţii, nu vreau să intru în detalii”- Cum merge PDM în alegeri parlamentare singur sau în bloc cu alt partid apare prima dată în Dosar Media.
- Ziarul de Garda
Ex-deputatul român Cristian Rizea, acuzat că a dobândit cetățenia R. Moldova cu abateri, susține că fostul lider al Partidului Democraților din Moldova (PDM), Vladimir Plahotniuc, anchetat în dosarul „furtului miliardului” din sistemul financiar-bancar moldovenesc i-a propus un post de deputat pentru alegerile din februarie a anului 2019. Declarația a fost făcută miercuri seara, 5 mai,...
- InfoPrut
Localitatea Jegălia din județul Călărași, care este înfrățită cu satul Nișcani, raionul Călărași din R. Moldova, va dona bani pentru lucrări de îngrijire a 7 hectare de pădure, a anunțat Primăria localității Nișcani, notează Deschide.md.  „Recent, Consiliul Local Jegălia a decis că la fel de importantă pentru viață rămâne a fi și investirea în aspectele care ar asigura păstrarea unor valori pentru generațiile care vor urma. Astfel, prin Hotărârea Consiliului Local Jegălia, s-a decis donarea unei sume de 15.000 roni pentru îngrijirea, în primul an de vegetație, a 7 ha de pădure, plantație înființată în anul 2020 pe teritoriul satului Nișcani”, se arată într-o postare pe pagina de Facebook a APL Nișcani. Primăria Nișcani precizează că în luna mai se vor împlini 5 ani de la semnarea Acordului de înfrățire dintre satul Nișcani, raionul Călărași și comuna Jegălia, județul Călărași, iar în acești 5 ani cele două localități au cunoscut o adevărată apropiere atât la nivel oficial, cât și neoficial. S-au legat prietenii, s-au făcut vizite reciproce, s-a întreținut legătura. La nivel oficial, primăriile celor două localități au organizat în comun o serie de activități culturale ce au avut menirea de promovare a valorilor cultural-artistice românești. În acest sens, administrația publică locală Nișcani a adresat mulțumiri primarului localității Jegălia, Aurel Vasile, membrilor Consiliului Local Jegălia și tuturor locuitorilor comunei Jegălia, pentru susținere și ajutorul oferit. Pădurea tânără de pe teritorul satului Nișcani este formată din arțari, tei și alte specii. Suprafața de șapte hectare de teren a fost împădurită grație implicării primăriei din localitate într-un proiect. Grantul în valoare de 280 mii de lei a fost alocat de Proiectul de Rezilienţă Rurală (PRR), finanțat de Fondul Internaţional pentru Dezvoltarea Agriculturii (IFAD), prin intermediul Programul de adaptare pentru micii Producători (PAMF) și implementat de către Unitatea Consolidată pentru Implementarea Proiectelor IFAD. Articolul O comună din România, donație pentru îngrijirea unei păduri tinere din R. Moldova apare prima dată în InfoPrut.
- Sinteza
Ceartă în platoul TV8 la emisiunea realizată de moderatoarea Mariana Rață. După ce Renato Usatîi a învinuit prezentatoarea de propagandă în adresa Maiei Sandu, spiritele s-au aprins și mai mult. Renato Usatîi nu a ezitat să o anunțe pe Mariana Rață că dacă el (n.r. Renato Usatîi) ajunge la putere, peste 30 de invitați care […] Articolul VIDEO// Ceartă în direct la TV8! Usatîi către Mariana Rață: Dacă nu ați fi finanțată de ONGuri, ați lucra undeva prin Italia apare prima dată în sinteza.org.
- Paranteze
Vești BUNE pentru moldoveni: Poți alege serul anti-COVID cu care să te vaccinezi
Барбалат: Судя по распределению бюджета, Молдова - полицейское государство
Барбалат: Судя по распределению бюджета, Молдова - полицейское государствоМолдова по всем канонам – полицейское государство, считает экономист Думитру Барбалат. И добавляет в подтверждение своих слов: Для 18,5% бюджетного…
Для поддержки бизнеса в период кризиса банковское кредитование не панацея
Для поддержки бизнеса в период кризиса банковское кредитование не панацеяДля поддержки бизнеса в период кризиса банковское кредитование не панацея: необходимы комплексный подход и государственная поддержка. Такое мнение президент и…
С какого возраста детям можно пить кофе
С какого возраста детям можно пить кофе Дети видят, как родители или просто люди на улицах со стаканчиками в руках с удовольствием пьют этот напиток, поэтому начинают…
Всего одна чашка йогурта в день улучшает здоровье легких
Всего одна чашка йогурта в день улучшает здоровье легкихНовое исследование показывает, что употребление йогурта также способствует здоровью легких, помимо поддержания пищеварительной системы в отличной форме. Исследование, проведенное в…
Президент Болгарии распускает парламент спустя месяц после досрочных выборов
Президент Болгарии распускает парламент спустя месяц после досрочных выборов Румен Радев добавил, что назначит повторные выборы на 11 июля. “На следующей неделе я распущу Народное собрание и назначу служебное…
- Dmitrii Fortuna
Baltics Call for Unified European ‘Frontline’ Against Russian Disinformation
In light of the three Baltic States’ and other Central and Eastern European countries’ continued struggle against Russian disinformation, Latvian President Egils Levits emphasized that international law needs to be improved to promote cyber security and limit sovereign countries’ vulnerabilities to information warfare. Speaking at this year’s Munich Security Conference, Levits described the struggle of […]
- Ilinca Dan
Russian propaganda spreads conspiracy that coronavirus could be designed to kill elderly Italians
In a time that calls for international cooperation to fight a common threat, Kremlin mouthpiece Sputnik chooses to spread disinformation about COVID-19. A Sputnik article published on 15 March promoted an entire catalog of unfounded theories about the origin of the coronavirus: from the idea that COVID-19 could originate in Latvia to the suggestion that […]
- Ilinca Dan
Sanctions on the spotlight: Disinformation targets Latvia
Disinformation framing Latvia as Russophobic is part of a long-term campaign, this time resurfacing due to the implementation of US sanctions. Starting from December, pro-Kremlin outlets have been targeting Latvia and accusing it of Russophobia and of acting as a US puppet and a failed state, new analysis by the Centre for East European Studies (CEEPS) has […]
- Ilinca Dan
Facebook takes down 122 Russian military intel accounts that targeted Ukraine
Facebook announced a new takedown of 122 user accounts, pages, groups, and Instagram profiles originating in Russia that violated its policy against foreign or government interference. According to Facebook’s internal investigation, the network had links to Russian military intelligence and primarily targeted Ukraine, along with neighboring countries in the region. The operation was characterized by greater tactical […]
- Ilinca Dan
Disinformation sharpened tensions between Serbia and Montenegro as media misrepresented religion freedom law
The divisive situation around the newly adopted Law on Freedom of Religion in Montenegro has been used by disinformation outlets in the Balkan region to foment division, which resembles the practice earlier detected in Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia. The adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion enacted by the Montenegrin Parliament on 27 December 2019 attracted significant […]
שקד מגבה את בנט: עשה ככל שביכולתו ומעבר לכך כדי להקים ממשלת ימין

חברת הכנסת מימינה, שסומנה בשבועות האחרונים כמי שאולי עשויה לטרפד את הקמת ממשלה עם לפיד, סער וחלק ממפלגות השמאל, הביעה תמיכה ביו"ר מפלגתה. בחשבון הפייסבוק שלה כתבה שקד כי "לא אתן יד להשמצות פרועות: בנט אמר מההתחלה שינסה להקים ממשלת ימין וכך עשה"

במרחק נגיעה מראשות הממשלה: הדרך של לפיד מהמסך לכיוון בלפור

הדלתות של יו"ר יש עתיד נפתחו לו בקלות, אם בגלל הכישרון ואם בגלל הייחוס המשפחתי. הוא סלל את דרכו כעיתונאי ואיש תרבות אל תוך המיינסטרים. לכניסתו לפוליטיקה, שנים אחרי, הייתה מטרה ברורה: מעון ראש הממשלה. כעת, אחרי שקיבל את המנדט, הגיע הזמן לנסות לצעוד לבלפור

ג'ארד קושנר מקים ארגון לקידום הנורמליזציה בין ישראל למדינות ערב

יועצו הבכיר של הנשיא לשעבר טראמפ מקים את הארגון בשם "מכון הסכמי אברהם לשלום" שמטרתו להגביר את הסחר והתיירות בין ישראל לבין האמירויות, בחריין, סודאן ומרוקו. לשר החוץ אשכנזי הוצע להיות שותף במכון לאחר סיום תפקידו אך האחרון לא השיב תשובה סופית

מנהיגת כת בקולורדו נמצאה חנוטה ועטופה באורות חג המולד לאחר שצרכה "תרופה לקורונה"

מנהיגת הכת Love Has Won ("אהבה ניצחה"), איימי קרלסון, נמצאה מתה כשגופתה נחנטה ועינייה נעקרו. חסידיה מאמינים כי היא המשיכה למימד אחר ותבוא להצילם בקרוב. בנה מאמין שצריכה מוגברת של מי כסף כ"תרופה לקורונה" זירזה את מותה

עמיר פרץ הודיע על פרישה מהמרוץ לנשיאות: "רוצה להקדיש זמן למשפחתי"

שר הכלכלה ויו"ר העבודה לשעבר הודיע בחשבון הפייסבוק שלו כי לאחר ששקל את הדברים בכובד ראש, הוא החליט לא להתמודד על התפקיד. פרץ כתב: "מודה לחברי הכנסת ואנשי הציבור שהביעו תמיכה". המועמדים העיקריים לתפקיד: בוז'י הרצוג ומרים פרץ

Lapid, Bennett hope to form government within a week
Rivlin entrusted Lapid with forming a government on Wednesday
Yamina MK to quit party in protest of Bennett-Lapid unity talks
MK Amichai Chikli, who was fifth on the list, wrote Bennett that he could not back a government with left-wing parties.
UTJ insists it won’t join national unity government
UTJ chairman MK Moshe Gafni tells Bennett ‘no thanks’ in response to Yamina leader’s offer to join ‘broad emergency government’
Kariv condemns Orthodox monopoly over religious life in maiden speech
First Reform rabbi to serve as MK says rights of ‘millions of Israelis’ violated by monopoly of Chief Rabbinate, says he will speak for Diaspora Jews in Knesset.
Former health chief to ‘Post’: Meron misplanning led to deaths
Prof. Siegal Sadetzki: Mutations could bring COVID-19 back to Israel
Ministrul Sănătății, la TVR: Au fost erori de raportare în CoronaForms, în aproximativ 1.000 de cazuri de decese ale unor pacienţi cu COVID-19
Ministrul Sănătăţii, Ioana Mihăilă, a declarat miercuri seară, în direct la TVR1, că au fost descoperite erori de raportare în aplicaţia CoronaForms în cazul a aproximativ 1. Citește mai departe...
Cel mai mare iconostas ortodox din lume - la Catedrala Mântuirii Neamului
Catedrala Mântuirii Neamului deţine cel mai mare iconostas ortodox din lume, cu o lungime de 23,8 m şi o înălţime de 17,1 m, confirmă Academia Recordurilor Mondiale (Academy of World Records), potrivit Agenţiei de Ştiri Basilica a Patriarhiei Române, preluată de Agerpres. Citește mai departe...
Consumul excesiv de sare ar putea afecta celulele sistemului imunitar, potrivit unui nou studiu
Consumul excesiv de sare poate reduce cantitatea de energie pe care o pot produce celulele sistemului imunitar, împiedicându-le să funcţioneze normal, potrivit unui nou studiu. Citește mai departe...
Fostul model şi cântăreţ englez Nick Kamen, cunoscut pentru piesa ''I Promised Myself'', a murit la 59 de ani
Fostul model şi cântăreţ britanic Nick Kamen, cunoscut pentru piesa "I Promised Myself", a murit marţi noapte la vârsta de 59 de ani, după o boală îndelungată, relatează EFE, citată de Agerpres. Un prieten al familiei lui Kamen a cofirmat decesul pentru BBC. Citește mai departe...
Locuitorii de pe Coasta de Vest a SUA vor putea primi avertizare timpurie la cutremur pe telefonul mobil
Sistemul de avertizare timpurie la cutremur din Statele Unite emite, de marţi, alerte şi către utilizatorii de telefoane mobile din regiunile continentale de pe Coasta de Vest, relatează DPA. Citește mai departe...

Transportul public din zona București-Ilfov va intra, începând cu luna aceasta, într-un proces de reorganizare. Anunțul a fost făcut de către Asociația de Dezvoltare Intercomunitară pentru Transport Public București – Ilfov. Proiectul își propune să optimizeze actuala rețea de transport de la nivelul întregii regiuni.

Elevii revin în bănci! Ministrul Educației, Sorin Cîmpeanu, a anunțat că de mâine, toți copiii din grădinițe și din învățământul primar, inclusiv clasa pregătitoare, vor reveni fizic la școală. 

Primarul Sectorului 6 Ciprian Ciucu a anunțat că va face o plângere administrativă la Poliție, pe motiv că „a fost luat la mișto” de către un polițist! Într-un mesaj postat pe Facebook, edilul a relatat...

Copii intoxicați cu paracetamol! O fetiță de cinci ani și fratele ei, în vârstă de doi ani, din București, aflați în vacanță la bunici în județul Botoșani, au consumat accidental o doză de paracetamol de trei...

Ministrul Justiției a trimis trei adrese judecătorilor pentru calculul salariilor magistraților! Stelian Ion le-a transmis instanțelor de judecată că deja au cheltuit 25% din creditele bugetare până în luna martie.

Fiica unui fost consilier PSD din cadrul Consiliului Local (CL) Ploieşti a fost condamnată definitiv la şase ani de închisoare cu executare într-un dosar de evaziune fiscală cu un prejudiciu de peste 15 milioane de lei, faptele fiind comise în perioada 2006-2007, relatează Agerpres.
Formaţia Panathinaikos, antrenată de Ladislau Boloni, a remizat, miercuri, pe teren propriu, scor 2-2, cu echipa Asteras Tripolis, într-un meci din play-off-ul campionatului Greciei.
​Premier League a anunţat, miercuri, că meciul Manchester United – Liverpool, care ar fi trebuit să se dispute săptămâna trecută dar a fost amânat din cauza suporterilor echipei gazdă, a fost programat la 13 mai.
Programul de convergență 2021-2024 nu vine cu multe noutăți, dar relevă că statul este stresat cu privire la pensii, mai exact la faptul că ar urma să crească din septembrie 2023, dar reamintește că se lucrează modificarea legii analizând propuneri. De asemenea, mai spune că nu se așteaptă la cine știe ce creșteri de venituri.
Blue Origin, compania aerospațială a miliardarului Jeff Bezos, a declarat miercuri că va trimite pentru prima dată oameni în spațiu pe 20 iulie pentru câteva minute, la bordul navei spațiale New Shepard, un moment de reper într-o competiție de a introduce călătoriile spațiale private, relatează Reuters.
Fostul deputat PDM, Veaceslav Nedelea, părăsește partidul: „Nu datorez explicații nimănui”
Fostul deputat democrat, actualul consilier municipal, Veaceslav Nedelea, părăsește Partidul Democrat. Anunțul a fost făcut pe facebook. Acesta spune că pleacă din PDM pentru că nu este de acord cu politica conducerii formațiunii.
S-au susținut reciproc. Dodon: Sunteți bravo! Lukașenko: Știam că Moldovei îi va fi de folos această experiență (VIDEO)
Igor Dodon și Alexandr Lukașenko au făcut schimb de amabilități în cadrul întâlnirii informale care a avut loc în afara capitalei Belarusului. Socialistul Igor Dodon l-a lăudat pe liderul de la Minsk pentru modul în care gestionează situația din țară, spunând că acesta este un „exemplu”și pentru Moldova.
Fostul șef de la Spitalul Clinic Republican, Anatol Ciubotaru, se va regăsi pe listele blocului electoral „Renato Usatîi”
Anatol Ciubotaru, cel care a fost dat afară de la șefia Spitalului Clinic Republican în martie 2020, se va regăsi pe listele blocului electoral lansat de Renato Usatîi. Declarația a fost făcută de însuși primarul de Bălți, la o emisiune de la TV8.
„Cod roșu” de spectacole la Teatrul Alexei Mateevici
Teatrul Alexei Mateevici își deschide ușile pentru iubitorii de artă și dă start spectacolelor pentru toate categoriile de vârstă. Astfel, în luna mai vor fi jucate piesele „Stop the Tempo!”, „Treapta a noua”, „Iluzii”, „Martiri”, precum și spectacolul pentru copii „Jack și vrejul de fasole”.
316 cazuri noi de infectare cu virusul COVID-19.  23 de pacienți au decedat
Alte 316 cazuri noi de infectare cu COVID-19 au fost confirmate astăzi în Republica Moldova. Din numărul total de cazuri, opt cazuri sunt de import, două din România, două din Ucraina și câte unul din Egipt, Franța, Italia și Turcia. Totodată, 23 de pacienți au pierdut lupta cu virusul.
CURIOS // De ce se nasc mai mulți gemeni astăzi decât în orice alt moment din istorie?
În medie, 12 din fiecare 1.000 de nașteri din lume sunt gemeni, iar această statistică este cea mai crescută din ultimele decenii. Îns...
Ce salariu va încasa Jose Mourinho la Roma: S-a aflat!
Jose Mourinho a fost șomer doar pentru 15 zile după despărțirea de Tottenham - el a acceptat să preia pe AS Roma într-o mutare care a surpri...
CORONAVIRUS // + 316 cazuri noi de COVID-19 și încă 23 de morți în ultima zi
Ministerul Sănătății, Muncii și Protecției Sociale anunță 316 cazuri noi de infectare cu COVID-19, confirmate astăzi în Republica Moldova d...
Maia Sandu a PROMULGAT Legea cu privire la plafonarea prețurilor la produsele petroliere, chiar dacă o consideră „SLABĂ”: Explicația șefului statului
Deși o consideră „slabă” și cu multe „prevederi confuze”, președinta Maia Sandu a promulgat astăzi Legea cu privire la plafonarea prețurilor l...
Ce spun experții de la Chișinău despre vaccinurile Sinopharm, CoronaVac și Sputnik V, recepționate recent: Care dintre ele înregistrează cele mai puține reacții adverse?
Toate tipurile de vaccin COVID-19 recepționate de R. Moldova sunt sigure și eficiente, dă asigurări președinta Comitetului Național de Experț...