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Naomi Osaka will skip Wimbledon but return to Tokyo Olympics

On June 18, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

The 23-yeaRead more

The 23-year-old tennis champion is skipping the Grand Slam event to spend time with her family and friends. Fans have praised her for advocating for mental health at work.

Justin Trudeau nominates first person of color for Canada's top court

On June 18, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

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In a country where nearly one in four people identify as a minority, Trudeau took to Twitter to announce the "historic nomination." In its 146-year existence, Canada's Supreme Court has only ever had white justices.

Kim Jong Un says North Korea is 'especially prepared for confrontation' with US

On June 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

The NorthRead more

The North Korean leader didn't rule out the possibility of entering into dialogue with Washington but said his country should be more prepared to have an adversarial relationship with the Joe Biden administration.

Myanmar: Court extends US journalist's detention

On June 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

Danny FensRead more

Danny Fenster, a 37-year-old Michigan native, was detained last month as he tried to fly home to the United States. The US State Department has urged Myanmar's military junta to release him immediately.

Couple who pointed guns at BLM protesters plead guilty

On June 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

Mark and PRead more

Mark and Patricia McCloskey will give up the guns they used to threaten Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis but will not go to jail after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges.

Israel airstrikes hit Gaza in response to Hamas' incendiary balloons

On June 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

Hamas miliRead more

Hamas militants launched incendiary balloons into Israel for a third straight day, prompting the Israeli response. A cease-fire after last month's 11-day conflict now appears in tatters.

EU backs Greece's pandemic recovery plan

On June 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

Ursula vonRead more

Ursula von der Leyen has said the European Commission backs Greece's spending plans as the bloc looks to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. Athens will receive loans and grants in return for economic reforms.

Ousted leader Gbagbo returns to Ivory Coast amid tensions

On June 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

Ivory CoasRead more

Ivory Coast ex-President Laurent Gbagbo spent a decade outside of the country fighting war crimes charges. His supporters celebrated the politician's return.

Germany: Shooting in small western town leaves 2 dead

On June 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: News

Police havRead more

Police have tracked down a 52-year-old suspect after a man and a woman were killed in the town of Espelkamp, northwest Germany. The motive for the shooting remains unclear.

A third wave of coronavirus infections hits Africa

On June 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: World

The rate oRead more

The rate of COVID-19 cases is rising in many parts of Africa, where governments face alarming shortages of funds and vaccines. German Development Minister Gerd Müller is getting a closer look.
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2021 European Championship Latin postponed to 17 July 2021 Dear valued members,Dear Competitors,In light of...
- admin
Dear Dancers, I hear on the grapevine that a ***MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT*** is on its way;...
- admin
Press Release: April 14, 2021 Topic: “Save the Dancers” GoFundMe Campaign UpdateDear Fellow WDC Competitor,We...
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Dear valued member bodies, dear valued presidents, today. I may contact you concerning a very...
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3 July 2021. Balkan Cup 2021. Greece, Porto Cheli.
The law, known as Obamacare, gives millions of low-income Americans access to medical insurance.
He told the ruling party that the coronavirus pandemic and a series of storms had led to bad harvests.
Russian President Vladimir Putin responds to US President Joe Biden's calls for "stable and predictable" relations.
The 21-day-old baby girl was found in a wooden box in the Ganges river and is now in hospital.
Italy's public broadcaster shows the footage of last month's cable car crash that killed 14 people.
Pope Francis advocates for organization of workers' unions
Pope Francis is championing the right of all workers to unionize, as economic activity is poised to increase when the pandemic threat eases.
Horrifying videos show moment Italian cable car plunged to ground, killing 14
Horrifying new footage shows the moment a cable car in the Italian Alps shot down the mountain in the catastrophic accident that killed 14 people.
- Edmund DeMarche
Apple Daily: Hong Kong police raid offices of pro-democracy paper, make arrests
Hundreds of police officers in Hong Kong swarmed the office of the pro-democracy Apple Daily on Thursday and arrested several executives at the paper in what has been called a “blatant attack" on its editorial team.
- Michael Ruiz
Chinese Communist Party-linked newspaper highlights political cartoon mocking Christianity, West after G-7
A Chinese Communist Party-linked newspaper is highlighting an anti-Christian, anti-West political cartoon deriding the U.S. as “feeble” and destined for death.
- Ben Evansky
Calls to boycott Iran’s election grow as protesters call on Biden to halt return to nuclear deal
As Iranians prepare to go to the polls this Friday reports from inside Iran paint a picture of growing resentment aimed at what many are calling an illegitimate election. This comes as Iranians are standing up to the regime, risking life and limb as a boycott of the presidential poll is reportedly gaining steam.
Live: Ivory Coast’s ex-leader Gbagbo returns home after ICC acquittal
Ivory Coast’s former president Laurent Gbagbo returned home to Abidjan on Thursday, nearly a decade after he was ousted from power and sent to The Hague to face war crimes charges of which he was later acquitted. Follow FRANCE 24’s live coverage of his homecoming.
- Bahar MAKOOI
It’s the economy, stupid, says Iran’s shrinking middle class ahead of vote
Battered by a double whammy of the Covid-19 pandemic and crushing sanctions after the US withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran's economy is the top concern as voters head to the polls in the June 18 presidential election.
French prosecutors seek 6-month jail term for Sarkozy in campaign funding trial
Prosecutors in the trial of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday called for a six-month jail term over campaign finance violations for his 2012 reelection bid.
Belgian court finds government negligent on climate in landmark decision
A Belgian court on Thursday found state authorities guilty of negligence in its policies to tackle the climate crisis, in a judgment that activists hailed as historic.
Northern Ireland appoints Brexit hardliner Paul Givan as first minister
Brexit hardliner Paul Givan was installed as Northern Ireland's new first minister on Thursday, as Britain's split from the European Union continues to cause friction in the bitterly divided province.
UK supermarket chain drops racist slur from lime leaves branding
British supermarket chain Waitrose will change the name of one of its products to remove a racial slur used in South Africa during apartheid, the company announced Wednesday.
Covid-19 outbreak hits US Embassy in Afghanistan
More than 100 people at the US Embassy in Kabul have Covid-19, one person has died, and several have been medically evacuated as a wave of the deadly pandemic hits Afghanistan and the US military withdrawal from the country continues.
Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia's charismatic first president, dies at 97
Former Zambian President and independence leader Kenneth Kaunda has died at the age of 97.
See 1,098-carat diamond discovered in Botswana
One of the world's largest diamonds has been unearthed in Botswana, the country's government has announced. The 1,098-carat stone, believed to be the third largest "gem-quality" diamond ever found, was discovered earlier this month at the Jwaneng mine, around 75 miles from the country's capital, Gaborone.
'So... how ya been?': Stephen Colbert welcomes an audience back to 'The Late Show'
Stephen Colbert has come a long way since doing a monologue in a bathtub.
<figure> <img alt="TE TripActions" class="img-responsive imported-news-entry-img" src="https://images2.markets.businessinsider.com/60b7e344bee0fc0019d5af46?format=jpeg" /> <figcaption> <p class="copyright">Getty Images<!-- sh_cad_1 --> </figcaption> </figure><ul class="summary-list"> <li>The era of remote work and hybrid offices arrived in 2020...
<p class="prntac" xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><b>Deadline for applications: <span class="xn-chron">August 13</b><p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">MONTREAL, <span class="xn-chron">June 17, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - Fondation Dynastie is proud to announce the creation of the Prix Medias Dynastie to celebrate...
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">OTTAWA, ON, <span class="xn-chron">June 17, 2021 /CNW/ -<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><b>Summary<br></b><b>Product:</b> Flame colourant packets (chemicals in small packets that cause the colour of the flames to change in wood-burning fires).<p xmlns="https://www.w3.
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">OTTAWA, ON, <span class="xn-chron">June 17, 2021 /CNW/ -<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><b>Summary<br></b><b>Product:</b> Flame colourant packets (chemicals in small packets that cause the colour of the flames to change in wood-burning fires).<p xmlns="https://www.w3.
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">SOLON, Ohio, <span class="xn-chron">June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- HDT Global (HDT), the leading manufacturer of highly-engineered, mission-capable infrastructure solutions across defense, aerospace and government markets, announced today that it has been awarded a contract to...
US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met yesterday in Geneva. While they agreed on the return of diplomats to their respective embassies, in other respects their discussion went no further than staking out their interests. In view of the tense relations between the two countries expectations were already rather low in the run-up to the meeting, and commentators also give a mixed assessment of its results.
- RT
Moscow mayor warns of possible ‘limited but HARSH’ lockdown, citing worsening Covid-19 situation
Preview With less than 10% of residents vaccinated and hospital beds filling up as new Covid-19 variants spread, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has warned that the Russian capital might be facing a short but very strict lockdown. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
‘Cancel her’: Virtue-signaling soccer queen Rapinoe accused of ‘hypocrisy’ after emergence of tweet saying teammate ‘looks Asian’
Preview Social justice warrior and US women's national team soccer star Megan Rapinoe has been dubbed a 'hypocrite' after an old tweet emerged from 2011 in which she appears to mock a fellow professional and Asians. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Content network delivery provider Akamai says global outage hitting banks, airlines ‘not caused by system update or cyberattack’
Preview An internet outage affecting hundreds of organizations, including airlines and banks, was not caused by a system update or a cyberattack, US-based content delivery network provider Akamai has said. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Philadelphia violated constitution when it dropped Catholic group that declined to work with same-sex foster parents, SCOTUS rules
Preview The US Supreme Court has ruled that the city of Philadelphia violated the US Constitution when it ended a contract with Catholic Social Services (CSS) because the group refused to work with same-sex couples as foster parents. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Florida governor pardons citizens facing fines for breaking Covid-19 restrictions
Preview Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) has pardoned citizens in his state still facing fines and other penalties from violating Covid-19 orders issued by local governments. Read Full Article at RT.com
The US Intelligence Community Is Tearing the Country Apart from the Inside
by Dmitry Orlov (Club Orlov)

Orlov is one of our favorite essayists on Russia and all sorts of other things. He moved to the US as a child, and lives in the Boston area.

Six Great Russian-Language Films on YouTube
by Lisa Marie White ()

Are you resisting the urge to set fire to historic structures in downtown Moscow? Are you still stinging from your foray into the world of self-mutilation as protest?

Wonderful A Capella of Famous Russian Folk Song (Not for Me, 'Ne Dlya Menya' - Video)
by Babkini Vnuki (Musical group) ()

Actually, it is a Russian genre called "romance". The words were written and published in a magazine in 1838 by a naval officer, A. Molchanov, and put to music the same year by the Russian composer N.P. Dewitte.

The group is a popular folk group from Bryansk called "Grandmothers Grandsons"  (Babkini Vnuki)


Why Putin’s Christian Faith Is Most Likely Authentic
by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson (The Barnes Review)

The author is a well-known academic historian of Russia and Ukraine, which he approaches from a Christian (Russian Orthodox) and nationalist perspective, arguing that nationalism and Christian Orthodoxy are inseparable. He also writes widely on current affairs. Rare for contemporary Western historians of Russia, he sources original materials in Russian, pulling back the veil on much misunderstanding, ranging from modern history back to Russia’s very beginnings in the Middle Ages.

- Christopher Miller
The Biden–Putin Summit Ended Without Major Breakthroughs — And The Russian Leader Relishing The Spotlight
“Putin got exactly what he wanted,” said one Russian journalist.

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- Nelson C.J
The Nigerian Government Banned Its Citizens From Using Twitter, And The Consequences Are Steep
The ban has been applauded by Donald Trump while young Nigerians are being forced to find ways around the rule at great personal risk.

View Entire Post ›

- Peter Aldhous
Trump's State Department Officials Fought Over Whether The Coronavirus Was A Chinese Bioweapon
The department’s former senior official on nonproliferation says he intervened to prevent the US government from “embarrassing and discrediting” itself with claims that lacked strong scientific evidence.

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- David Mack
Joe Biden Had His First Meeting With Queen Elizabeth As President
The Queen has met with every US president since Dwight Eisenhower, save Lyndon Johnson.

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- David Mack
BuzzFeed News Has Won Its First Pulitzer Prize
BuzzFeed News won for its innovative series exposing China’s mass detention of Muslims and was named a finalist for its colossal FinCEN Files investigation into the global banking industry.

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- Joan E Greve in Washington
Obama says ACA ‘is here to stay’ after supreme court dismisses Republican challenge – live
‘It is time to move forward,’ Biden says after supreme court decisionSupreme court votes 7-2, preserving healthcare for millionsHouse votes to repeal measure that gave Bush authority to invade IraqCongress approves Juneteenth as a federal holidayNew York grand jury stores up trouble for Trump Organization executives

7.42pm BST

Michael Wolff’s third book about Donald Trump, focusing on the final days of his presidency, will be published in July under a provocative title: Landslide.

Trump lost to Joe Biden by more than 7m ballots in the popular vote and by 306-232 in the electoral college – a result he called a landslide when it was in his favour against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Thanks @MichaelWolff for recycling the title of my first best-seller (with fabulous Doyle McManus) Landslide: The Unmaking of the President, 1984-1988. The original revealed secrets inside Reagan's White House: https://t.co/ftffVQUruB via @amazon

Related: Michael Wolff to publish third exposé of Trump, covering last days in office

7.25pm BST

Joe Biden had a somewhat cheekier response on Twitter to the supreme court’s decision to dismiss the Obamacare challenge.

“A big win for the American people,” the president said in a tweet. He also encouraged Americans to sign up for a health insurance plan through the Affordable Care Act portal.

A big win for the American people. There’s no better day than today to sign up for quality, affordable health care at https://t.co/gRX1fGFEzj.With millions of people relying on the Affordable Care Act for coverage, it remains, as ever, a BFD. And it’s here to stay. https://t.co/5GPl9aR8uB

Continue reading...
- Adam Gabbatt
‘Something’s going on’: UFOs threaten national security, US politicians warn

Some members of Congress were given advanced details about Pentagon report, which is scheduled to be released before 25 June

A group of senior American politicians have warned that UFOs pose “national security concerns” after getting a confidential briefing on a highly anticipated report on unidentified aerial phenomena that is set to be released later this month.

Some members of Congress were given advanced details about the contents of the Pentagon report, which is scheduled to be released before 25 June, and several said they are deeply worried about the findings.

Continue reading...
- Rob Smyth
Netherlands v Austria: Euro 2020 – live!
Group C updates from the 8pm BST kick-off in AmsterdamEuro 2020 overview: group tables, results, fixturesGet in touch! Email Rob with your thoughts on the game

7.38pm BST

“Your clip prompted me to look up where the 1978 World Cup was held because there was such a distance between the pitch and the crowd I wasn’t sure if it was on the moon,” says Matt Burtz. “Anyway, it was in Argentina, and in my research I learned that it was the last World Cup to be limited to 16 teams. Ten of those came from Europe, and aside from the two we know about, I defy anyone to name the other eight without cheating, as it is a motley assortment.”

Come on, that’s easy: Scotland and seven others.

7.25pm BST

“I don’t believe in revenge and I don’t believe that Austria have a strong chance of grabbing all three points today,” tubthumps Peter Oh. “However, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for a couple of hours in the slim hope that Alaba and company will exorcise the 5:1 loss to the Dutch at the 1978 World Cup. Arnautovic’s absence will hurt (more so because it was so avoidable) but on their day the Austrians have enough quality to squeeze the Oranje for maximum juice.”

That’s the only previous game between these two at a major tournament. The defending isn’t the best, though it’s nice to be reminded of Rob Rensenbrink’s incisive elegance.

Continue reading...
- Leyland Cecco in Toronto
Trudeau is no feminist, says Green party leader as she battles party revolt

Canada’s first black party leader denounces ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’ efforts to oust her after Green MP defected to Trudeau’s Liberals

Justin Trudeau is “no ally and no feminist”, the head of Canada’s Green party has alleged, as she denounced a “sexist” and “racist” campaign to oust her as party leader ahead of a looming federal election.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, Annamie Paul said efforts to remove her were being led by a handful of Green party veterans “who are on their way out” and didn’t reflect the majority who elected her as leader in October.

Continue reading...
- Lisa O'Carroll Brexit correspondent
UK asks EU for more time to resolve Brexit sausage row

Request over Northern Ireland comes amid moves to guarantee voting rights for EU citizens in UK local elections

The UK has formally requested a further three months to resolve the bitter Brexit row with Brussels over the sale of sausages in Northern Ireland.

It comes as the UK announces moves to guarantee voting rights for EU citizens in local elections.

Continue reading...
- By Katerina Ang, Miriam Berger and Paulina Firozi
Covid-19 live updates: Reopening cities and states isn’t ‘synonymous with stopping the push to vaccinate,’ Fauci says
CDC director Rochelle Walensky also noted the seven-day average of daily deaths linked to covid-19 is below 300 for the first time since March 27, 2020.
- By Antonia Noori Farzan
World Bank declines to help El Salvador adopt bitcoin, citing environmental and transparency concerns
The global development organization cited "environmental and transparency shortcomings."
- By Harrison Smith
Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s founding father, dies at 97
He helped lead the country to independence and served for 27 years as its first president.
- By Robyn Dixon
To Russians, Putin got what he wanted from Biden: Some ‘great power’ respect
For Putin, there can be no U.S.-Russia reset. But there was hope of an end to the downward spiral.
- By Kareem Fahim
With deck stacked for hard-line candidate, Iranians debate whether to vote at all
Ultraconservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi is widely favored to prevail in presidential election on Friday.

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Palestinian teen shot by Israeli troops in West Bank dies
A Palestinian teenager has died after being shot by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank during a protest against a settlement outpost
Cypriot minister angrily quits over call with president
Cyprus’ justice minister has angrily resigned, citing her boss’ alleged remarks that she “harms” the government’s image because of her earlier, controversial battles with online critics
Editors of Hong Kong newspaper arrested under security law
Hong Kong police have used a sweeping national security law to arrest five editors and executives of a pro-democracy newspaper on charges of colluding with foreign powers
Militants kill soldier near airport in southwestern Pakistan
Pakistan's military says suspected militants have opened fire on troops at a security post near an airport in the country's southwest, killing a soldier before fleeing the scene
2 killed in shooting in western German town
Police say two people have been killed in a shooting in western Germany
A Family’s Journey from Cologne to the Islamic State
Their sons moved from Cologne to the war in Syria. They kept slaves and rose up the ranks of Islamic State leadership. Their parents would send them care packages with popcorn and Kalashnikov magazines.
Former Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte: "I Keep Telling Myself that Justice Will Prevail"
Carla Del Ponte prosecuted some of the worst war criminals of the 20th century at The Hague. These days, though, the international justice system seems to have lost its teeth. What went wrong?
A Visit to the Belarus Opposition: The Courageous Women of Minsk
Belarus may have receded from the headlines, but the opposition's fight continues. Five women discuss their struggle in a forest near Minsk – a site chosen to evade Lukashenko's thugs.
Messenger Founder Pavel Durov: The Telegram Billionaire and His Dark Empire
Telegram is one of the world's most popular chat apps – and possibly the most dangerous. There is little regulation of the platform, which is popular with criminals and terrorists. Who is the mastermind behind it?
Biometric Data: How I Lost Control Over My Own Face
A company called Clearview AI secretly scrapes the internet for photos, thus producing a gigantic database for government agencies and police. Is it possible to remove yourself from the collection?
Poll Shows Clear Frontrunner in Iran’s Presidential Race Day Before Vote
Iranians will go to the polls on Friday, with incumbent president Hassan Rouhani ineligible to run again after serving two terms in office. A dozen candidates have registered to run in the current race, with seven approved by Iran’s Guardian Council – the 12-member constitutionally mandated body of experts in Islamic law.
White House: Biden, Erdogan Fail to Find Solution on S-400s, Agree to Jointly Secure Kabul Airport
Earlier in the day, Erdogan said he made it clear to Biden that Ankara's position on its S-400 missile systems remains unchanged.
Preview of Pentagon's 'UFO Report' Sparks Talk of 'Threat to National Security' Among US Politicians
One of the lawmakers reportedly warned that the public may actually end up disappointed when the Pentagon’s report on UFOs is finally made public.
Biden 'Openly Challenged Putin' on Range of Issues at Geneva Summit, White House Says
The Russian and US presidents held the first face-to-face talks of Joe Biden's presidency in Switzerland on Wednesday, discussing a broad array of issues and coming to an agreement on several problems, including nuclear weapons and the return of ambassadors.
Lavrov Tells Raab Important That London Rejects Provocative Rhetoric Against Russia
MOSCOW (Sputnik) -Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab during a phone conversation on Thursday that it's important that London rejects provocative rhetoric against Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
- Niclas Rolander and Love Liman/Bloomberg
Swedish Prime Minister Faces No-Confidence Vote as Parties Unite Against Him
The challenge is turning into the most serious threat yet to Sweden’s government
- Justin Worland
How COVID-19 Vaccination Became a Climate Metaphor
A version of this story first appeared in the Climate is Everything newsletter. If you’d like sign up to receive this free once-a-week email, click here. For years, climate policy experts have watched as the issue has been pushed off the stage at global summits to make way for the geopolitical conflict dujour. That trend…
- Billy Perrigo
They Shared a Video of a Muslim Man Being Attacked in India. Now They’re Being Investigated by Police
Reporters Without Borders called the move 'judicial harassment'
- Brian Bennett / Geneva
‘This Is Not a Kumbaya Moment.’ After Biden-Putin Summit, Tensions Remain
Joe Biden arrived at the highest-stakes meeting of his young presidency with gifts. The American President gave Vladimir Putin a crystal figure of an American bison and—should Putin want to copy Biden’s signature look—a pair of aviator sunglasses. But the niceties largely stopped there. The two leaders didn’t share a meal. There were no walks…
- Brian Bennett / Geneva
Biden’s Summit Gave Putin the World Stage He Craves 
The stagecraft of the Geneva summit played to Putin’s long-standing desire for Russia to be taken seriously as a major rival to the U.S.
Montenegro in ‘final phase’ of talks with Europe to refinance US$809 million debt to China
A European state financial institution is ready to refinance US$809 million of Montenegro’s debt to China, allowing the tiny Adriatic republic to make savings and cut interest rates, the country’s finance minister said on Thursday.China sees the Western Balkans, which includes Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia, as well as Montenegro, as part of its Belt and Road Initiative to expand Chinese influence.Beijing has invested billions in the region, mainly through soft loans in…
Prosecutors in France seek six-month jail term for former president Nicolas Sarkozy over campaign violations
Prosecutors in the trial of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday called for a six-month jail term over campaign finance violations for his 2012 re-election bid.At the end of proceedings in Paris, they issued withering criticism of the former head of state and demanded a one-year jail term, with six months of it suspended, and a fine of €3,750 euros (US$4,500).“Nicolas Sarkozy clearly regrets nothing because he came to just one hearing,” prosecutor Vanessa Perree told the court…
Inquiry concludes security failures before 2017 Manchester Arena attack helped suicide bomber kill 22
A public inquiry into a mass attack at a 2017 Ariana Grande concert in northwest England concluded on Thursday that “serious shortcomings” by venue operators, security staff and police helped a suicide bomber who killed 22 people carry out his “evil intentions.”Retired judge John Saunders, who is leading the ongoing inquiry, said Salman Abedi should have been identified as a threat by those in charge of security at Manchester Arena “and a disruptive intervention undertaken.”“Had that occurred,…
FinTech: Friend or Foe to Financial Stability?
[Sponsored Article] The rapid development of financial technology, also known as FinTech, in recent years has transformed how people use financial services. On the one hand, the increasing use of automation in banking services has brought with it greater convenience for consumers. On the flip side, the advent of new technological developments such as cryptocurrency, high frequency and algorithmic trading, the rise of the digital wallet or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, are all examples of FinTech…
Can Being Promoted to Leadership Change Who You Are?
[Sponsored Article] “It’s not who I am underneath, it’s what I do that defines me,” so says the titular hero from the 2005 blockbuster, Batman Begins, starring Christian Bale as the billionaire caped crusader. Instead of the hero Batman, a group of academics were inspired by what is probably one of the more profound lines in modern cinema and sought to find out whether people, as the quote suggests, do shape fundamentally who they are. Specifically, it led Li Wendong, Associate Professor at…
News24.com | Two killed in shooting in western Germany
Two people have been killed in a shooting in a west German town, with police saying the circumstances surrounding the incident remained unclear.
News24.com | US Supreme Court rejects Trump-backed challenge to Obamacare
The US Supreme Court has rejected a Republican bid that had been backed by former President Donald Trump's administration to invalidate Obamacare.
News24.com | Navalny mocks Putin over accusation he consciously left in a coma
Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny mocked President Vladimir Putin for accusing him of knowingly breaking the law when he was evacuated from Russia last year in a coma.
News24.com | Covid-19 wrap: Japanese urged to watch Olympics on TV, Tanzania to join COVAX, UK mulls vaccine passport
The novel coronavirus has killed at least 3 835 238 people since the outbreak emerged in China in December 2019, according to a tally from official sources compiled by AFP.
Businessinsider.co.za | Japan is lifting Covid-19 restrictions for Tokyo one month before it hosts the Olympics
Japan will lift the state of emergency on June 20, Reuters reported. The Olympics are due to begin in Japan on July 23.
- Jackson Proskow
How conspiracy theorists are using a CDC database to spread misinformation and fear
A U.S. CDC tracking system has inadvertently given the anti-vax community a powerful tool for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.
Asylum seekers face abuse, discrimination in Canada’s immigration detention system: report
Detainees who are from communities of colour, particularly Black detainees, appear to be held for longer periods, often in provincial jails, the report says.
Biden to sign bill making Juneteenth a U.S. federal holiday
The House voted 415-14 on Wednesday to make Juneteenth, or June 19th, the 12th U.S. federal holiday,
Hong Kong police arrest executives, seize documents from Jimmy Lai’s Apple Daily
It was the first time under China's national security law that journalistic materials have been seized and that media articles have allegedly broken the law.
Myanmar junta burns down village as violence against resistance groups escalates
The attack is the latest example of how violence has become endemic in much of Myanmar as the junta tries to subdue an incipient nationwide insurrection.
Lisbon residents confined to region at weekends as COVID-19 spikes
Residents of the Lisbon region will not be allowed to leave the area at weekends as authorities scramble to control a spike in COVID-19 infections, the government said on Thursday (Jun 17).
Ecuador to start new 'normalization process' for Venezuelan migrants
Ecuador will implement a new "normalization process" for the 430,000 Venezuelan migrants living in the South American country, President Guillermo Lasso said on Thursday, without providing further details of the plan.
United Nations set to call for halt of arms to Myanmar: Diplomats
The United Nations General Assembly is set on Friday (Jun 17)  to call for a stop to the flow of arms to Myanmar and urge the military to respect November election results and release political detainees, including leader Aung San Suu Kyi, diplomats said.
Biden elevates energetic critic of Big Tech as top regulator
President Joe Biden on Tuesday (Jun 16) installed an energetic critic of Big Tech as a top federal regulator at a time when the industry is under intense pressure from Congress, regulators and state attorneys general.
Big diamond found in Botswana, could be world's 3rd largest
A huge diamond weighing more than 1,000 carats, which could be the third-largest mined in history, has been discovered in the southern African country of Botswana.
- Noi.md
Comisia Europeană a aprobat planul naţional de redresare şi rezilienţă al Greciei
Comisia Europeană a aprobat joi planul de relansare al Greciei, ce va fi finanţat prin împrumutul comun european destinat să atenueze impactul economic al pandemiei de COVID-19, a anunţat joi, la Atena, preşedinta executivului UE, Ursula von der Leyen Aprobarea pe care noi am dat-o astăzi este o etapă importantă pentru deblocarea a 30,5 miliarde de euro în cursul următorilor ani' către Grecia,
- Noi.md
După o pauză de 15 ani, una din cele mai îndrăgite artiste anunță că va scoate un nou album
Legendara cîntăreaţă americană Diana Ross, născută la Detroit în 1944, va reveni în industria muzicală pe 10 septembrie cu "Thank You", primul ei album de studio cu piese originale după o pauză de două decenii, din care a lansat deja un prim single, cîntecul care a dat titlul noului material discografic, relatează EFE. "Această colecţie de cîntece este cadoul meu pentru voi, cu apreciere şi dra
- Noi.md
Bob Dylan a anunțat cît va avea loc primul său concert online
Primul concert susţinut de Bob Dylan în timpul pandemiei de COVID-19 va avea loc pe 18 iulie sub forma unui show difuzat în streaming, intitulat "Shadow Kingdom", care va reprezenta o premieră pentru starul american, informează rollingstone.com. Concertul va fi difuzat de platforma online Veeps, iar biletele au fost puse în vînzare la preţul de 25 de dolari. Show-ul va putea fi vizionat timp
- Noi.md
Sute de lucrători sanitari s-au infectat cu COVID-19 deşi vaccinaţi
Peste 350 de medici şi lucrători sanitari din Indonezia au contractat COVID-19 deşi au fost vaccinaţi cu Sinovac, iar zeci dintre aceştia au fost spitalizaţi, au spus oficialii, în contextul unor temeri crescute referitoare la eficacitatea unora dintre vaccinuri împotriva variantelor mai virulente de coronavirus, informează Reuters. Cei mai mulţi au fost asimptomatici şi au stat în izolare la d
- Noi.md
Ce a găsit un bărbat pe o plajă
O sticlă de plastic, conţinînd un mesaj lansat în mare în anul 2018 din statul american Rhode Island, a călătorit cel puţin 2.400 de mile marine (4.445 de kilometri) şi a fost găsit pe 8 iunie de un tînăr pescar din insulele Azore, a anunţat miercuri cotidianul The Boston Globe, citat de EFE. Christian Santos, un tînăr de 17 ani care pescuia în largul mării, a observat că o sticlă de plastic ca
Justiţia franceză cere închisoare pentru Sarkozy, judecat pentru cheltuieli excesive în campania prezidenţială din 2012
Procurorii au cerut joi o pedeapsă de un an de închisoare, dintre care şase luni cu executare, împotriva fostului preşedinte francez Nicolas Sarkozy, judecat la Paris pentru cheltuieli excesive în campania pentru alegerile prezidenţiale pierdute din 2012, informează France Presse, citat
Un tânăr din Spania, condamnat la 15 ani de închisoare după ce și-a ucis și mâncat mama
Un bărbat din Spania a fost condamnat la 15 ani de închisoare după ce și-a ucis mama și a mâncat bucăți din corpul ei, informează BBC, citat de digi24.ro.
Circa 60 de poliţişti, răniţi în ciocniri cu protestatari lângă o clădire ocupată ilegal în Berlin
Circa 60 de ofiţeri de poliţie au fost răniţi în ciocniri în apropierea unei clădiri ocupate ilegal în Berlin, a anunţat miercuri poliţia, relatează AFP, citat de agerpres.ro.
Atac cu explozibili și împușcături pe o autostradă din Italia. Hoții au vrut să jefuiască o mașină blindată de transport valori
Un atac cu explozibili și împușcături a avut loc luni, pe Autostrada A1 care leagă Modena de Bologna, în Italia. Hoții au vrut să jefuiască o mașină blindată de transport valori, scrie La Stampa, citează digi24.ro.
Australia și Marea Britanie au semnat un acord de liber schimb post-Brexit
Premierii Marii Britanii și Australiei s-au pus de acord în ce privește un acord comercial între cele două țări, relatează Reuters, citează digi24.ro. Anunțul vine în contextul în care Marea Britanie se străduiește să stabilească noi relații comerciale după Brexit.
Disneyland Paris şi-a redeschis porţile, după aproape opt luni de închidere
"Declar Disneyland Paris din nou deschis": După aproape opt luni de închidere, preşedintele Disneyland Paris a inaugurat joi redeschiderea celebrului parc de distracţii, situat la aproximativ 30 de kilometri est de capitala Franţei, cu respectarea unor măsuri sanitare
Justiţia franceză cere închisoare pentru Sarkozy, judecat pentru cheltuieli excesive în campania prezidenţială din 2012
Procurorii au cerut joi o pedeapsă de un an de închisoare, dintre care şase luni cu executare, împotriva fostului preşedinte francez Nicolas Sarkozy, judecat la Paris pentru cheltuieli excesive în campania pentru alegerile prezidenţiale pierdute din 2012, informează France Presse, citat
Salvare miraculoasă! Un bebeluş de doar 3 săptămâni, găsit în viață, într-o cutie plutind pe râul Gange (VIDEO)
Salvare miraculoasă în statul Uttar Pradesh din nordul Indiei. O fetiță de doar trei săptămâni a fost găsită în viață, plutind pe râul Gange într-o cutie de lemn, relatează miercuri BBC News, citat de libertatea.ro.
Rafael Nadal a anunțat că nu va participa la Wimbledon şi nici la Jocurile Olimpice
Tenismanul spaniol Rafael Nadal, nr. 3 mondial, a anunţat joi că nu va participa nici la turneul pe iarbă de la Wimbledon şi nici la Jocurile Olimpice de la Tokyo, pentru a preveni orice tip de excese în corpul său, transmite EFE, citat de agerpres.ro.
Armata din Myanmar a dat foc unui sat după ce s-a luptat cu locuitorii care se opuneau regimului militar
Forțele de securitate din Myanmar au incendiat un sat din centrul țării, după ce s-au luptat acolo cu oponenți ai regimului militar, informează CNN şi digi24.ro, care citează declarațiile a zeci de localnici. Cel puțin doi oameni au murit.
- Publika
"Declar Disneyland Paris din nou deschis": După aproape opt luni de închidere, preşedintele Disneyland Paris a inaugurat joi redeschiderea celebrului parc de distracţii, situat la aproximativ 30 de kilometri est de capitala Franţei, cu respectarea unor măsuri sanitare
- Jurnal.md
Duma de Stat acuză Republica Moldova de „subminarea operațiunii de menținere a păcii” în regiunea transnistreană Moscova acuză Chișinău de subminarea operațiunii de menținere a păcii în regiunea transnistreană. Potrivit unei declarații adoptate de Duma de Stat, criza politica apărută în timpul alegerilor prezidențiale din Republica Moldova, însoțită de ”o implicare a României, a Statelor Unite ale Americii și a altor țări occidentale”, se agravează acum înaintea alegerilor parlamentare anticipat...
- Jurnal TV
Italia, calificată în optimi
Anchetatorii de la Chișinău au identificat toate persoanele, implicate în răpirea ex-judecătorului ucrainean, Nicolae Ceaus. Potrivit informațiilor, o bună parte dintre aceștia sunt angajații structurilor de spionaj de la Kiev. Despre aceasta scrie portalul ucrainean strana.ua, făcând trimitere la surse din cadrul organelor de drept din Republica Moldova. • Sursa citată mai scrie că Procuratura Generală de la Chișinău pregătește actele necesare pentru a-i anunța în căutare internațională. Aminti...
- Cotidianul
O elevă de 15 ani este judecată în Marea Britanie pentru terorism, după ce ar fi fost găsite în posesia sa un videoclip despre fabricarea unei bombe şi instrucţiuni despre cum se construieşte o armă folosind o imprimantă 3D. Tânăra, care nu poate fi identificată din cauza vârstei sale, a apărut joi în faţa Tribunalului […] Articolul Marea Britanie: O elevă de 15 ani, judecată pentru terorism apare prima dată în Cotidianul.
Бензин в Молдове почти в 2 раза дороже, чем в России и намного выше цены в Украине (график)
Бензин в Молдове почти в 2 раза дороже, чем в России и намного выше цены в Украине (график)После недавнего (10-го по счёту в нынешнем году) повышения цен на топливо, стоимость литра бензина в Республике Молдова стала, безусловно,…
Европол в Австрии арестовал семь человек за трафик строителей из Молдовы и других стран
Европол в Австрии арестовал семь человек за трафик строителей из Молдовы и других странВ период с 31 мая по 6 июня в результате широкомасштабных акций EMPACT по всей Европе под названием «Дни совместных…
Санду предлагает разрешить представителям диаспоры беспошлинно ввозить автомобили
Санду предлагает разрешить представителям диаспоры беспошлинно ввозить автомобилиГлава государства предлагает парламенту разрешить гражданам Молдовы, решившим вернуться на постоянное место жительства в страну, ввозить без акцизов и пошлин…
На российской таможне в молдавских яблоках нашли муху-горбатку. Груз будет уничтожен
На российской таможне в молдавских яблоках нашли муху-горбатку. Груз будет уничтожен Карантинный объект — многоядная муха-горбатка — выявлен 17 июня в ходе досмотра партии свежих яблок в количестве 20 тонн происхождением из Республики Молдова при проведении мероприятий в отношении…
Малышева назвала крайне полезный для мужского здоровья продукт
Малышева назвала крайне полезный для мужского здоровья продукт Телеведущая и врач Елена Малышева рассказала о пользе горчицы для мужского здоровья. Она назвала необычные свойства приправы в эфире программы…
- Dmitrii Fortuna
Baltics Call for Unified European ‘Frontline’ Against Russian Disinformation
In light of the three Baltic States’ and other Central and Eastern European countries’ continued struggle against Russian disinformation, Latvian President Egils Levits emphasized that international law needs to be improved to promote cyber security and limit sovereign countries’ vulnerabilities to information warfare. Speaking at this year’s Munich Security Conference, Levits described the struggle of […]
- Ilinca Dan
Russian propaganda spreads conspiracy that coronavirus could be designed to kill elderly Italians
In a time that calls for international cooperation to fight a common threat, Kremlin mouthpiece Sputnik chooses to spread disinformation about COVID-19. A Sputnik article published on 15 March promoted an entire catalog of unfounded theories about the origin of the coronavirus: from the idea that COVID-19 could originate in Latvia to the suggestion that […]
- Ilinca Dan
Sanctions on the spotlight: Disinformation targets Latvia
Disinformation framing Latvia as Russophobic is part of a long-term campaign, this time resurfacing due to the implementation of US sanctions. Starting from December, pro-Kremlin outlets have been targeting Latvia and accusing it of Russophobia and of acting as a US puppet and a failed state, new analysis by the Centre for East European Studies (CEEPS) has […]
- Ilinca Dan
Facebook takes down 122 Russian military intel accounts that targeted Ukraine
Facebook announced a new takedown of 122 user accounts, pages, groups, and Instagram profiles originating in Russia that violated its policy against foreign or government interference. According to Facebook’s internal investigation, the network had links to Russian military intelligence and primarily targeted Ukraine, along with neighboring countries in the region. The operation was characterized by greater tactical […]
- Ilinca Dan
Disinformation sharpened tensions between Serbia and Montenegro as media misrepresented religion freedom law
The divisive situation around the newly adopted Law on Freedom of Religion in Montenegro has been used by disinformation outlets in the Balkan region to foment division, which resembles the practice earlier detected in Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia. The adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion enacted by the Montenegrin Parliament on 27 December 2019 attracted significant […]
השדות בעוטף נשרפים, והתושבים מאבדים את הסבלנות: "אנחנו משלמים את מחיר ההכלה"

אחרי הפוגה קצרה, בשלושת הימים האחרונים פרצו יותר מ-40 דליקות כתוצאה משיגור בלוני תבערה מעזה. בעוד הממשלה החדשה מנסה למנוע הסלמה נוספת, מקור הפרנסה של החקלאים באזור הגדר הולך ומתכלה, והם דורשים פתרון מידי: "הנזק הכלכלי גדול, זה לא יכול להימשך"

22 שנות מאסר לגבר מהצפון שרצח את אשתו בדקירת סכין בלבה

יאסין יאסין (50), תושב ג'דיידה-מכר דקר את אשתו אמינה, בת 40 במותה, בזן שחמשת ילדיהם שהו בבית. שופטי המחוזי בחיפה לא קיבלו את טענתו כי היא נדקרה בטעות מסכין שהייתה בידו בעת התאמן על זריקת סכינים. יאסין מתכוון לערער לעליון

בלי צלצולים ועם קירות שקופים: התיכון החדשני בדרום ת"א נפתח למבקרים

דמיינו בית ספר שיש בו חדר מוזיקה, חדר קולנוע, שק אגרוף לפריקת לחצים, גינה על הגג ועיצוב שלא יבייש אף משרד היי-טק. תלמידי בית הספר התיכון להייטק ואומנויות ע"ש שמעון פרס בדרום תל אביב מגיעים כל בוקר למבנה כזה בדיוק - עכשיו גם אתם יכולים

איראן במוקד: הרמטכ"ל ימריא לביקור ראשון בארה"ב בתחילת השבוע

בביקורו הראשון הרשמי בוושינגטון, כוכבי צפוי לדון עם בכירים במשרד ההגנה ובצבא האמריקני באתגרים המשותפים, בראשם הגרעין האיראני והתבססות המדינה במזרח התיכון. במקביל, הרמטכ"ל ייפגש עם מובילי דעה אמריקנים כחלק ממאמץ ההסברה הבינלאומי

וואלה! תיקתקנו: צפו במבזק היומי של ירדן ויזל שיתקתק לכם את החדשות

וואלה! גאה להציג את וואלה! תיקתקנו, בהגשת ירדן ויזל - ההפך מכל מה שחשבתם על מבזק חדשות. הדור הבא של עולם המבזקים, שיביא את כותרות היום של אתר וואלה! מהחדשות, התרבות, הלייף סטייל ועד הסלבס בצורה קצרה, קלילה ובפורמט חדשני שלוקח השראה מעולמות הטיקטוק

‘US, China can find common ground in working to reduce carbon footprint’
JPost One-on-One weekly 'Zoomcast': Episode 21 with Omri Nahmias and Mitchell A. Silk, former government official under the Trump administration.
Netanyahu, Gantz clash over Palestinian, Arab family reunification
The coalition needs the support of right-wing opposition MKs to pass the family reunification ordinance because it is opposed by Ra'am.
IDF Chief of Staff Kohavi to fly to Washington to discuss Iran, Gaza
It will be the first visit by Kohavi and he is expected to try to persuade the Americans not to reenter the Iranian deal
A-G vows to defend IDF soldiers from ICC war crimes probe
Mandelblit throws down gauntlet day after new ICC chief prosecutor sworn in.
Lebanon Army Chief: Economic situation will lead to collapse of military
"The army is the only and last institution that is still coherent and guarantees the security and stability in Lebanon and the region."
Facturile la curent și gaze naturale ar putea fi simplificate, la cererea Ministerului Energiei
Facturile la energie electrică şi gaze naturale ar putea fi simplificate. Ministrul Energiei le cere furnizorilor să informeze mai clar consumatorii cu privire la unele costuri. În replică, reprezentanţii furnizorilor spun că modificările se pot face, însă doar în timp. Citește mai departe...
EURO 2020 la București. Dezamăgire și bucurie după Macedonia de Nord - Ucraina, apoi petrecere în Centrul Vechi
Continuă atmosfera de sărbătoare în Bucureşti, care a găzduit şi joi un meci la EURO 2020. Cu o oră înaintea meciului Macedonia de Nord - Ucraina, Centrul Vechi a răsunat de cântecele suporterilor. Citește mai departe...
România, pe locul 3 la nivel european în privința violenței psihologice în școli. Min. Educației vrea mai mulți psihopedagogi pentru elevi și un grup anti bullying în fiecare instituție
Mai mulți psihopedagogi pentru elevi și un grup anti bullying în fiecare școală. Aşa vrea Ministerul Educației să prevină și să rezolve cazurile de violenţă psihologică din școli. În acest moment, fiecare consilier școlar are în grijă aproximativ 1. Citește mai departe...
Un bărbat din Sibiu a devenit violent după ce i s-a cerut să poarte masca de protecție în magazin
Un bărbat din Sibiu care a refuzat să poarte mască de protecție în magazin a fost încătușat după ce a scos un cuțit și a amenințat agentul de pază. Citește mai departe...
Varianta Delta | Peste 11.000 de cazuri de infectare cu SARS-CoV-2 în 24 de ore în Regatul Unit
11.007 noi cazuri de contaminare cu coronavirus în 24 de ore s-au înregistrat în Regatul Unit, depăşind 10.000 pentru prima dată de la sfârşitul lunii februarie pe fondul unei creşteri a cazurilor de infectare cu varianta Delta detectată iniţial în India, relatează AFP. Citește mai departe...

În pregătire, premiera națională a musicalului „Next to Normal – (A)normal” la Teatrul Național de Operetă și Musical „Ion Dacian” din București! Premiera este programată vineri, la ora 18:00.

Fraudă uriașă în domeniul deșeurilor! Șapte firme specializate în colectarea și reciclarea deșeurilor au fost depistate cu nereguli grave de către inspectorii Direcției generale antifraudă fiscală din cadrul A.N.A.F..

Mai mulți angajați ai unei benzinării din județul Alba sunt acuzați că ar fi furat combustibil de la locul de muncă! Pentru a-și duce misiunea la bun sfârșit, complici le-ar fi fost mai mulți șoferi de camioane.

O metodă de furt a mașinilor de lux dotate cu sistemul ”keyless entry”, în atenția polițiștilor, care transmit o avertizare posesorilor de astfel de autovehicule! Conform polițiștilor, hoții folosesc...

Construcțiile ar putea fi autorizate mai simplu! Ministrul Dezvoltării, Lucrărilor Publice și al Administrației, Cseke Attila, a anunțat că a avut loc prima reuniune a comisiei care lucrează pentru elaborarea...

În România au fost confirmate, până pe 13 iunie, 35 de cazuri de COVID-19 cu varianta Delta (indiană) a coronavirusului, care este cea mai infecțioasă descoperită până în prezent, conform datelor publicate joi de Institutul Național de Sănătate Publică (INSP). În acest moment nu se poate vorbi despre transmitere comunitară, în România, a variantei Delta, spune Centrul Naţional de Supraveghere şi Control al Bolilor Transmisibile.
"Pe la 2:30 noaptea m-am trezit din cauza bătăilor puternice în ușa camerei mele de hotel din Indonezia, unde mă aflam în 2017 pentru a organiza o tabără de baschet pentru școlari. "Trebuie să plecăm din țară imediat", mi-a spus atunci cu sufletul la gură impresarul meu. Se pare că agenți ai serviciilor secrete turcești se aflau deja pe drum pentru a mă captura și a mă trimite înapoi în Turcia.", povestește Enes Kanter pentru Washington Post.
Prefectura judeţului Mehedinţi a anunţat, joi, într-un comunicat de presă, că restricţiile de intrare în Serbia au fost ridicate pentru cetăţenii români care prezintă adeverinţa de vaccinare împotriva COVID-19, relatează News.ro.
Intrat pe teren în repriza secundă, Kevin de Bruyne a reușit să schimbe total jocul Belgiei. Reprezentativa pregătită de Roberto Martinez a întors scorul în fața Danemarcei (2-1, la Copenhaga) și s-a calificat în optimile Campionatului European de fotbal.
Ministrul Sănătăţii, Ioana Mihăilă, a declarat joi că în cursul acestei săptămâni au fost distribuite la nivelul ţării un număr de 87.000 de teste antigen rapide pentru testarea în farmacii și că aproximativ 1.000 de farmacii şi-au exprimat dorinţa de a face teste antigen rapide, dar nu a putut spune câte au obținut avizul.
Nivelul infracționalității din capitală, în scădere. În primele trei luni ale anului curent au fost înregistrate peste 1,8 mii de cazuri
În primele trei luni ale anului curent rata infracționalității din capitală s-a micșorat. Astfel, conform informației Ministerului Afacerilor Interne, în ianuarie-martie 2021, numărul infracțiunilor înregistrate a constituit cifra de 1850 cazuri, ceea ce este cu 6,3% mai puțin în comparație cu aceeași perioada a anului trecut.
Moldoveni, exploatați prin muncă în Austria. Europol a reținut peste 200 de persoane bănuite de trafic de ființe umane
Europol a reținut 229 de persoane bănuite de trafic de ființe umane. Operațiunea a avut loc în 23 de țări, fiind identificate cel puțin 23 de victime și mai multe de 600 de oameni care se presupune că ar fi fost supuși acțiunilor ilegale, scrie Zugo.
Mai mulți clienți Victoriabank au întâmpinat dificultăți în utilizarea cardurilor bancare și aplicațiilor mobile
Pe parcursul zilei de 17 iunie, mai multe persoane au întâmpinat dificultăți în achitarea cu cardurile bancare, utilizarea aplicațiilor mobile, dar și a POS-terminalelor de la Victoriabank. La scurt timp, responsabilii din cadrul băncii au venit cu un mesaj în care și-au cerut scuze pentru eorile din sistem.
Unde s-ar afla ex-magistratul ucrainean Ceaus? Declarația președintelui Comisie de anchetă pe cazul răpirii
Ex-judecătorului ucrainean Mykola Ceaus s-ar afla te teritoriul unei baze militare din Ucraina. Declarația privind locul aflării a fost făcută de către președintele Comisie de anchetă pe cazul răpirii fostului judecător, Vasile Năstase,în cadrul emisiunii Politica de la TV8.
Fotbal pe plajă: Republica Moldova a cedat în fața Cehiei la penalty
Naționala Moldovei de fotbal pe plajă a debutat în preliminariile Campionatului Mondial 2021. În primul meci din runda preliminară, jucătorii pregătiți de Ruslan Pernai au cedat doar la penalty-uri în fața reprezentativei Cehiei. Pentru tricolori urmează meciul din grupă contra Norvegiei, care va avea loc mâine, 18 iunie, cu începere de la ora 16:00.
UTIL // Ce să pui în frigider ca să nu mai miroase urât. Remedii naturale pentru mirosul din frigider
Mirosul din frigider este neplăcut? De vină pot fi alimentele învechite sau cu miros puternic. De asemenea, mirosul din frigider poate fi c...
Imagini speciale cu actorii din „Liceenii.” Cum arată astăzi protagoniștii
Ștefan Bănică, Oana Sârbu și Tudor Petruț, actorii din filmul românesc „Liceenii", s-au reunit și au împărtășit imagini speciale cu fanii lor....
Rusia CALCĂ în picioare DEMONSTRATIV suveranitatea și INTEGRITATEA R. Moldova. Moscova le promite locuitorilor din Transnistria cetățenie RUSEASCĂ în regim simplificat și conexiune aeriană cu Tiraspolul
Duma de Stat de la Moscova pregătește un proiect de lege de simplificare a procedurii de acordare a cetățeniei ruse locuitorilor din raioane...
Locuitorii din șapte localități ale R. Moldova, chemați la urne să-și aleagă primarii
Alegerile parlamentare din 11 iulie curent nu vor fi unicele din acest an pentru șapte localități din R. Moldova. Comisia Electorală Ce...
Premierul Ciocoi - în Turcia, președintele Maia Sandu - în Italia
Prim-ministrul în exercițiu, ministrul interimar al Afacerilor Externe și Integrării Europene, Aureliu Ciocoi, efectuează, în perioada 17-20...