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Near the epicentre of the quake that struck Afghanistan this week, houses lie in ruins.
It took rescue crews multiple attempts to reach the woman who was clinging to her car.
The US Navy ship "Sammy B" sank off the Philippines in a ferocious WWII battle with the Japanese.
Russia's Arkady Dvorkovich will take on Ukraine's Andrii Baryshpolets for the top post in chess administration.
Inside coaching centres where desperate young people study to get a job in the armed forces.
Vietnam Communist Party head says officials in bribery scandal apologized
Netizens say the country’s leaders need to accept greater responsibility for widespread graft.
New prison to house criminals from Laos’ Chinese-run special economic zone
The larger prison, which will replace a three-room facility, is nearing completion.
Arrests in Rakhine raise fears of renewed conflict between military, Arakan Army
The two sides have maintained a delicate truce since November 2020
Jailed Cambodian American activist is allowed to meet with lawyer
Supporters had feared Theary Seng’s transfer to a remote prison would block her access to legal help.
China steps up anti-NATO rhetoric ahead of Madrid summit, citing 'Cold War' ethos
At the same time, Beijing is telling Europeans that Beijing doesn't support Russia's war in Ukraine.
India's female ASHA workers form backbone of country's healthcare system
In India, over a million female healthcare workers known as "ASHA" ("hope" in Hindi) work tirelessly to help the country's poorest. Last month, the WHO honoured their hard work with its Global Leaders Award. Over the last 16 years, these women have become the backbone of India's healthcare system, especially for the hundreds of millions of Indians who live in rural areas. But today, they are fighting for better pay and recognition from the government. Our correspondents report.
Afghanistan ends search for survivors of devastating earthquake
Authorities in Afghanistan have ended the search for survivors of an earthquake that struck on Wednesday, a senior official said on Friday, adding that supplies of medicine and other critical aid were inadequate.
Iran replaces Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence chief amid recent deaths of officers
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on Thursday replaced its intelligence chief Hossein Taeb, who had held the position for more than 12 years, the Guards said in a statement.
Myanmar's ousted leader Suu Kyi moved to solitary confinement in prison
Ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been moved from house arrest to solitary confinement in a prison compound in the military-built capital Naypyidaw, a junta spokesman said on Thursday.
Taliban appeal for help as rescuers scramble to reach Afghan quake survivors
Afghan authorities struggled on Thursday to reach a remote area hit by an earthquake that killed some 1,000 people but poor communications and a lack of proper roads hampered their efforts, officials said, as the country's supreme leader pleaded with the international community for help.
'What do we do when another disaster hits?' Afghans face crises on all fronts after quake kills 1,000
Aid groups scrambled on Thursday to reach victims of a powerful earthquake that rocked eastern Afghanistan, killing more than 1,000 people in an area blighted by poor infrastructure, as the country faces dire economic and hunger crises.
- Agence France-Presse in Rabat
Eighteen killed as hundreds try to cross into Spain’s Melilla enclave

Crowd of more than 500 enter border control area after cutting fence in attempt to cross from Morocco

Eighteen people have died after a mass attempt to cross from Morocco into Spain’s enclave of Melilla.

About 2,000 people approached Melilla at dawn on Friday and more than 500 managed to enter a border control area after cutting a fence with shears, the Spanish government’s local delegation said in a statement.

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- Geneva Abdul
Stars urge Commonwealth to oppose UK plan to send refugees to Rwanda

Celebrities including Sophie Okonedo and David Harewood say scheme shows ‘colonial view’ of Africa as ‘dumping ground’

British celebrities have urged Commonwealth leaders in Rwanda to oppose the UK’s plan to deport refugees to the country, saying it shows a “colonial view” of Africa as a “dumping ground”.

It comes as a summit of Commonwealth prime ministers and presidents is under way in Kigali, the first time the gathering has been held since 2018.

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- Rajeev Syal in Kigali
Rwanda making preparations to take children removed from UK

Hostel in Kigali building football pitches and providing outdoor toys for any children flown to the country

A hostel that has been leased by the Rwandan government to house asylum seekers from the UK is making preparations to accept children.

The Hope hostel in Kigali is building outdoor facilities that will include football pitches, basketball courts and outdoor toys for any children who are flown to the east African country.

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- Jamie Grierson and Rajeev Syal
Charles tells Commonwealth leaders dropping Queen is ‘for each to decide’

Prince of Wales says at summit any move by members to become a republic can be ‘without rancour’

The Prince of Wales has told Commonwealth leaders that keeping the Queen as head of state or becoming a republic is “a matter for each member country to decide”.

Charles made the comments during the opening ceremony of a summit of Commonwealth prime ministers and presidents in Rwanda. He said he believed such fundamental changes could be made “calmly and without rancour”.

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- Rajeev Syal in Kigali and Diane Taylor
Ukrainians who come to UK illegally could be sent to Rwanda, Johnson says

PM had previously said deportations were ‘simply not going to happen’ but now admits in theory they could

Ukrainian refugees face being sent to Rwanda if they travel to the UK without authorisation, Boris Johnson has said in an escalation of government plans to deport those who travel across the Channel seeking sanctuary.

During a visit to the Rwandan capital, Kigali, the prime minister also urged Nato and G7 countries not to settle for a “bad peace” in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, saying it would lead to escalation by Vladimir Putin’s war machine.

Politicians from 11 European countries condemned the Rwanda-UK scheme. But it emerged that Johnson did not raise human rights abuses when he met the country’s president, Paul Kagame, on Thursday, despite previous indications that he would.

Ahead of a meeting with Prince Charles on Friday, Johnson was bullish in saying he would defend the policy after the heir to the throne reportedly called it “appalling” – but Downing Street and Clarence House sources suggested the subject would not be raised.

The Rwandan government confirmed it has already received £120m from the UK government to house asylum seekers who have yet to arrive, and has spent a proportion of the money.

The prime minister pledged £372m in aid to provide help for countries grappling with soaring food prices.

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Protests expected as G-7 leaders set to arrive in Germany
Tens of thousands of protesters are expected to gather in Munich as the Group of Seven leading economic powers are set to hold their annual gathering in the Germany's Bavarian Alps
Xi to attend Hong Kong anniversary but no word on visit
The Chinese government says President Xi Jinping will participate in next week’s celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China
Russia pushes to block 2nd city in eastern Ukraine
Russian forces are trying to block a city in eastern Ukraine after their relentless assault on the next-door city forced Ukrainian troops to begin withdrawal after weeks of intense fighting
Here we go again: Strike snarls UK trains for a third day
Train stations are all but deserted across Britain on the third day of a national strike that snarled the weekend plans of millions
Bangladesh marks opening of country's longest bridge
Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has celebrated the opening of the country’s longest bridge, which took eight years to build amid setbacks involving political conflict and corruption allegations
- Sanya Mansoor
The June 26-28 summit offers a key test to demonstrate Western unity amid the war in Ukraine
- Jasmine Aguilera
The U.S. Coast Guard Is Rescuing Haitian Migrants at Sea in Record Numbers
Early last week, a group of 67 Haitians aboard a small, rickety boat waved down the United States Coast Guard about 16 miles southeast of Great Inagua, Bahamas. The boat’s sail was torn, U.S. Coast Guard officials noted, and grainy Coast Guard footage showed its decks were lined with men, women, and children in distress.…
- Rob Chilton
“Dubai is the Wild West,” says Tony Habre, smiling. “In Dubai you either make it or you fail; there is no gray zone. You have to be perfect at everything.” The CEO of Addmind hospitality group is currently making it, operating some of the city’s most well-known restaurants and entertainment venues. But he has teetered…
- Emily Barone
"It’s never been this hot so early in the year"
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen pronounced it a “good day for Europe"
Norway ‘hate’ shooting kills 2 in gay bar rampage hours before Pride march
10 people were also seriously injured in the early-hours tragedy shortly before the city’s LGBT community was due to hold its annual Pride event; police have ‘reason to think this may be a hate crime’.
Coronavirus: Hong Kong hospitals can cope with Covid surge, official says, as city logs 1,680 new local cases, 114 imported infections
Number of new cases remains in the four-digit range for the eleventh day straight.
Zhang Sizhi, hailed as ‘conscience of Chinese lawyers’, dies in Beijing at 94
Zhang led defence team in historic 1980 trials of ‘counter-revolutionary’ Gang of Four and those close to disgraced Mao protégé Lin Biao.
Hongkongers all: drawn to the city for different reasons, they call it home
Living the expatriate life or struggling to make ends meet, immigrants find reasons to belong.
USS Samuel B Roberts: world’s deepest shipwreck found in the Philippine Sea
The vessel, which went down during a second world war battle with Japan, was located 6,895m below sea level off the Philippines.
Commentary: In praise of voice notes, the most despised form of communication
Voice notes lack the expansive brevity of an emoji, yet give us tone, tangents and the rasp of a voice first thing in the morning. The beauty of audio messages is that they are actually not like texts at all, says the Financial Times' Madison Darbyshire.
As they announce a break, they leave behind contradictions
By defining radicalism broadly, it can demonise its opponents
The discovery of the world’s biggest freshwater fish spells hope for the struggling river
Sanctions notwithstanding, the country remains a magnet for migrants
The devastated country is ill-equipped to mount a rescue effort
- P.K. Balachandran
By offering support during Colombo’s economic collapse, India has widened its footprint in Sri Lanka after a decade of losing ground to China.
- James Char
The latest trial guidelines are less ominous than comparisons to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would make it seem.
- Zhenze Huang
China’s pandemic response has been heavily mediated by the always-complex relationship between central and local governments.
- Eunwoo Lee
President Yoon wants nuclear energy to catapult South Korea to carbon neutrality and international prestige. But a rough road lies ahead.
- Sophie Eisentraut
Among G-7 societies, the war in Ukraine has not only altered risk perceptions of Russia but has also triggered a reassessment of the threat posed by China.
- Asia Sentinel
Pakistan Economy: Trapped Between China and US
IMF, US, offer carrots to lure Islamabad in a new direction
- Asia Sentinel
China’s New Envoy to Indonesia Faces Multiple Issues
Indonesia’s biggest trade partner is also the country’s biggest problem
- Asia Sentinel
Korean President Moon’s Last Reform
A self-pardoning move?
- Asia Sentinel
Growing Discontent Among Malaysia’s Dominant Ethnic Group
Possibly UMNO’s gravest challenge
- Asia Sentinel
Cambodia Political Repression Deepens
Mass convictions, farcical commune elections highlight continuing democratic backslide