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China names Xi ally, 'wolf warrior' as new ambassador to US

On July 29, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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The new envoy has vowed to bring US-China ties "back on track" at a time when both sides are clashing on a wide range of issues, from trade and technology to human rights and foreign policy.

Alaska earthquake triggers tsunami warning in Pacific Ocean

On July 29, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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The US Geological Survey said the quake measured 8.2, triggering a tsunami warning for the US Pacific territories of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Taliban attacks pose 'existential crisis' to Afghanistan: US watchdog

On July 29, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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A surge inRead more

A surge in Taliban attacks could pose a real threat to the Afghan government and its "unprepared" security forces, according to a report by the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

Earth Overshoot Day moves forward by nearly a month

On July 29, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: Environment

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The COVID effect didn't last. Earth Overshoot Day, the day humanity exceeds its yearly allotment of the planet's biological assets, is nearly back to its record high. What can be done to ease the burden?

Coronavirus digest: Thailand sees record daily cases, deaths

On July 29, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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COVID-19 infections have continued to climb in Thailand's worst outbreak since the pandemic started. Tokyo Olympics organizers also reported the highest increase in cases linked to the Games. Follow DW for the latest.

Israel tells France it is taking Pegasus allegations 'seriously'

On July 29, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz discussed the spying allegations concerning Pegasus, a software developed by Israeli cyber-surveillance company NSO, during a meeting with his French counterpart in Paris.

Nicaragua opposition nominates odd pair as election tag team

On July 29, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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A former guerrilla chief and Miss Nicaragua 2017 are representing the opposition in the next presidential election amid a crackdown on President Daniel Ortega's contenders.

Tunisia: France urges 'rapid' PM appointment

On July 29, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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France has joined Western voices in demanding Tunisia end the political turmoil, amid concerns over press freedom and the Tunisian opposition slamming what they have called a "coup."

Jailed Muslim cleric and wife released from Nigerian prison

On July 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Shiite leaRead more

Shiite leader Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife have been in jail since 2015. On Wednesday, a Nigerian court acquitted the couple and ordered their release.

Patrolling Lithuania's border with Belarus

On July 28, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
Categories: World

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A growing number of African and Middle Eastern migrants have been illegally entering Lithuania from Belarus. The country says it is finding it hard to cope. Alexandra von Nahmen reports from the Lithuanian border.
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Sun Dawu has in the past been vocal in criticising authorities and has spoken out about human rights.
American Caeleb Dressel sets an Olympic record on his way to winning the men's 100m freestyle gold as he aims to become one of the most successful swimmers at a Games.
US gymnast Simone Biles reacts to the widespread support she has received after withdrawing from Thursday's all-around final.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's comments came after Taliban envoys went on a visit to China.
Ethnic Serb leaders accused of playing down the Srebrenica massacre will now boycott parliament.
- Edmund DeMarche
Earthquake recorded off Alaska; tsunami watch issued for Hawaii
A 8.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded late Wednesday off of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, prompting the Tsunami Warning Center to announce that it is “assessing the situation.”
Russian police raid home of investigative journalist
Police in Russia raided the home of the chief editor of an investigative news site that was recently designated as a "foreign agent," the latest move by authorities to raise the pressure on independent media before the country's September parliamentary election.
Hero granny catches baby who dangled, fell 15 feet from window
The Russian woman was walking home from a supermarket when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a toddler clinging to a second-floor window.
- Greg Norman
Mexico vigilante group abducts 21, burns homes in raid on town, officials say
Hundreds of armed men belonging to a newly-formed vigilante group called “El Machete” have abducted 21 people while burning vehicles and at least a dozen homes in a southern Mexico town, officials say.
Indian teenager beaten to death, hanged for wearing jeans
A teenage girl in India was allegedly beaten to death and publicly hanged by male family members for wearing jeans.
- Stéphanie TROUILLARD
US swimming superstar Caeleb Dressel ready for more Herculean feats in Tokyo
Captain of the US swim team, Caeleb Dressel is a fitting heir to the legendary Michael Phelps. At just shy of 25 years old and already crowned world champion 13 times, he’s hoping to rack up six gold medals in Tokyo.
US Senate moves forward with $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill
A roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure investment bill advanced in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, passing a key milestone that moves the emerging legislation toward formal debate and possible passage.
Kabul faces 'existential crisis' in face of Taliban surge, US watchdog says
The Afghan government faces an “existential crisis” after the Taliban doubled their attacks following the February 2020 US deal with the insurgents, a watchdog report said Thursday.
Tunisian president offers 'penal settlement' for commitment to returning country's stolen billions
Tunisian President Kais Saied said on Wednesday that "wrong economic choices" had caused major financial problems in his first comments on the economy since using emergency powers to seize control of government late on Sunday.
US swimming superstar Dressel takes second Tokyo gold in men’s 100m freestyle
US superstar Caeleb Dressel flew faster than Kyle Chalmers to add the Olympic 100m freestyle crown to his two world titles Thursday, as China’s women sparked a huge upset with a new world record to win the 4x200m relay.
Satellite photos show massive Chinese missile silo field under construction, researchers say
China is building a second field of missile silos in its western deserts, according to a new study, which researchers say signals a potential expansion of its nuclear arsenal and calls into question Beijing's commitment to its "minimum deterrence" strategy.
US and Russia hold strategic stability talks as Moscow raps Biden for comments
US and Russian officials had "professional and substantive talks" on strategic stability in Switzerland, the State Department said in a statement Wednesday.
Ecuador revokes citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
An Ecuadorian court on Monday ruled in favor of revoking the citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a judgment published by the Judicial Branch of Ecuador.
First person charged under Hong Kong national security law
The first person to be tried under Hong Kong's sweeping national security law faces life in prison after being found guilty of inciting secession and terrorism in a landmark court ruling. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports from the High Court in Hong Kong.
Google revenue jumps 62%, fueled by demand for online advertising
This time last year, Google was starting to feel the early pandemic slump as large parts of the global economy shut down. On Tuesday, the company showed just how far it's come since.
(RTTNews) - Indian shares opened higher Thursday on the back for firm global cues after the Federal Reserve reaffirmed its commitment to using the full range of tools to continue to support the world's largest economy. Tata Motors soared 3.2 percent on the price hike buzz. Hindalco, JSW Steel, Titan and HCL Technologies climbed 1-2 percent,...
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><i>Okcoin now focused on growing European presence with new hiring and banking partnerships</i><p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">SAN FRANCISCO, <span class="xn-chron">July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- <u><a...
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">BANGKOK, <span class="xn-chron">July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Compact International(1994) Co.,Ltd., a leading brake's manufacturer in <span class="xn-location">Thailand, aims to make progress on R&D for electric cars' brakes to respond to the increasing change in electric cars'...
(RTTNews) - Viatris Inc. (VTRS) and Biocon Biologics said that they received an approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the first Interchangeable Biosimilar Semglee (insulin glargine-yfgn injection) for the treatment of diabetes. The interchangeable Semglee product, which will allow substitution of Semglee for the reference...
<p xmlns="https://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span class="xn-location">VANCOUVER, BC, <span class="xn-chron">July 28, 2021 /CNW/ - On <span class="xn-chron">July 26, 2021 Larry G. Swets, Timber Country Investment Corporation (<b>Timber Country</b>) and Rivett Capital Syndicate Inc. (<b>Rivett Capital</b> and, together with <span...
In Tunisia, the Islamist Ennahdha party has called for early elections after President Kais Saied deposed Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi on Sunday and susended the work of the parliament. Saied's move came after protests in several cities last week against the government's management of the coronavirus crisis. Commentators fear the flagship country of the Arab Spring could drift towards autocracy once more and say Europe is also partly to blame.
- RT
India may join China in bid to lower oil prices
Preview The world’s third-largest crude oil importer, India, could join China in tapping into its strategic petroleum reserve in a bid to sell lower-priced crude to its refiners amid rallying international oil prices. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Tunisian president tells businessmen they won’t be prosecuted if they return billions of dollars ‘looted’ from people
Preview Tunisian President Kais Saied, who seized control of the government last weekend, said that billions of dollars had been stolen from the country and offered businessmen an option to return the money if they wanted to avoid prison. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
‘Independent’ Mexico has every right to send aid to Cuba in defiance of ‘inhumane’ US sanctions, president says
Preview President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has scoffed at the notion that Mexico should honor a US-imposed embargo on Cuba, as his country sends aid to the island in defiance of Washington’s suffocating economic restrictions. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Positive Covid test for US pole vault star Sam Kendricks sends ENTIRE Australian athletics team into isolation at Olympics
Preview American pole vaulter Sam Kendricks will be forced to miss the Olympics after testing positive for Covid, with the knock-on effect sending the entire 63-member Australian track and field team into temporary isolation in Tokyo. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
FDA extends shelf life of J&J vaccine to 6 months, after states remain flooded with millions of nearly expired doses
Preview The US Food and Drug Administration has agreed to extend the expiry date of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine to six months, pushing it out for the second time as states “drowning” in jabs struggle to get rid of them. Read Full Article at RT.com
6 Vacation Rentals for a Russian Trip to Remember
by Alexandra Tyan (The Moscow Times)

This article originally appeared at The Moscow Times

Want to make your Russian holiday even more memorable? Avoid the hotels and try one of these unusual rooms for rent.

Little Britain in St. Petersburg 

If you are traveling from the UK and not quite ready to immerse yourself fully and immediately into Russian culture, "Penny Lane" will soften the culture shock.

Democracy Is Fraud! - We Need Monarchy! - Hugely Popular Russian Priest on Top TV Show (Dmitry Smirnov)
by Mark Boden ()

Dmitry Smirnov is one of the best known priests in Russia and has a very large following. He is ubiquitous on television, radio, and YouTube, where his videos frequently get 100s of 1000s of views on his channel. (Russian only).

A Homosexual Affair and the Tsar's Anger - Was Tchaikovsky's Early Death a Suicide?
by Dr. Paul Kindlon ()

Theories abound concerning the precise cause of Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s death. Perhaps the best article on this subject was produced for the BBC by Dr Marina Frolova- Walker.

FUNNY: Viral Russian Parody of Smash Hit 'Hideaway' Depicts Typical Village Life (Music Video)
by RI Staff ()

And on a lighter note ...

One of upsides of life in Russia is the rich sense of humor here.  

Here's a parody of "Hideaway" by Canadian pop diva Kiezsa, (original video below) which gave the previously unknown starlet an astounding 90 million views on Youtube within 3 months of its release in February 2014.

Why the Martyred Tsar Nicholas II Is One of the Most Important Figures Ever
by Fr. Zechariah Lynch (Russian Faith)

The Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II is, I would contend, one of the most significant saints of the past century and of our “modern” times.

Clearly, every saint is of incalculable worth; yet there have been certain saints throughout the course of human history that occupy such a standing that their actions on the providential path which God ordained for them have vast implications for the world. Other examples would be St. Constantine and St. Vladimir.

- Alex Campbell
Simone Biles Withdrew From The Individual All-Around Gymnastics Final
Her decision comes a day after she pulled out of the team final, citing mental health concerns.

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- Pia Peterson
A Photographer Reflected On Her 45-Year Career And What Has Changed
“These days, from an early age, women are given a push, and expectations to demand more.”

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- Pia Peterson
8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World
Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

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- Pia Peterson
Athletes Celebrated The Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony In An Empty Stadium
Due to the pandemic, the opening ceremony took place Friday before a practically empty stadium. But the host country Japan still put on a dazzling show.

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- Ade Onibada
The Director Of The Olympics Opening Ceremony Has Been Fired For A Holocaust “Joke” He Made In 1998
“I understand that my foolish choice of words at the time was a mistake, and I regret it.”

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- Emma Kemp (now) and Tom Lutz (earlier)
Tokyo 2020 Olympics day six: swimming, men’s golf and women’s rugby sevens begin and more – live!
Games schedule | Results | Medal table | Full coverageGallery: Tokyo 2020 Day Five in picturesSign up for the Guardian’s daily Olympic briefingEmail Emma with your thoughts, tweet or comment below

5.27am BST

Between a LOT of swimming and quite a few other sports I took a peek at the BMX, which really looked a lot of fun (if you are more proficient on a bike than I). Australians Saya Sakakibara and Lauren Reynolds are through to the semi-finals.

It was a turbulent opening day, with Lauren Reynolds also qualifying for Friday’s semis but Anthony Dean crashing early and then finishing last overall in his quarter-final heat to drop out of contention.

5.05am BST

Kendricks won the world title in 2017 and 2019 and Olympic bronze in Rio 2016. His battle with world record holder Mondo Duplantis of Sweden was expected to have been one of the highlights of the athletics program, which begins on Friday.

His father and coach posted the news to Instagram before it was confirmed by officials, though appears to have taken the post down.

Breaking news: Sam Kendricks’ dad/coach is reporting that Sam has tested positive for COVID and will not be able to compete in the #Olympics pic.twitter.com/YSDJMFUEA6

Continue reading...
- Rebecca Ratcliffe in Bangkok
Myanmar could become Covid ‘super-spreader’ state, says UN expert

Special rapporteur urges security council to call for ceasefire amid fears Covid will spread across wider region

Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage

Myanmar is at risk of becoming a super-spreader Covid state that fuels outbreaks across the region, the UN special rapporteur for the country has warned as he urged the security council to call for a ceasefire.

The south-east Asian country is facing its most severe outbreak yet, on top of a deep political and economic crisis brought about by the military coup in February. Its vaccination programme has ground to a standstill, testing has collapsed, and government hospitals are barely functioning.

Continue reading...
- Martin Chulov, and Simon Speakman Cordall in Tunis
Tunisia in turmoil as president purges officials and seizes judicial power

Days after PM’s overthrow fears grow that Kais Saied will undo democratic gains achieved by Arab spring

Tunisia’s president has launched a purge of senior officials, including prosecutors and judges, and taken on judicial powers, days after overthrowing the prime minister and imposing emergency law.

Kais Saied’s crackdown has dragged the country deeper into uncertainty days after its elected parliament was suspended for a month in a shock move that brought a decade of faltering democracy to a sudden halt.

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- Guardian sport
Simone Biles: support has made me realise I am more than my gymnastics
Olympic champion withdrew from two events at OlympicsAmerican has spoken of importance of mental health

Simone Biles has expressed her thanks for the support she has received since withdrawing from two gymnastics events at the Tokyo Olympics.

“[T]he outpouring love & support I’ve received has made me realize I’m more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which I never truly believed before,” she wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

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- Damian Carrington Environment editor
New Zealand rated best place to survive global societal collapse

Study citing ‘perilous state’ of industrial civilisation ranks temperate islands top for resilience

New Zealand, Iceland, the UK, Tasmania and Ireland are the places best suited to survive a global collapse of society, according to a study.

The researchers said human civilisation was “in a perilous state” due to the highly interconnected and energy-intensive society that had developed and the environmental damage this had caused.

Continue reading...
- By Bryan Pietsch
Covid-19 latest updates: Rich countries with low vaccination rates look again at Oxford-AstraZeneca shot
Australia and Japan, which had generally preferred using messenger RNA vaccines, could soon be set to make larger use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot.
- By Paulina Villegas
Bhutan fully vaccinates 90 percent of eligible adults within a week
Bhutan’s feat stands out in a region where nations like India and Bangladesh grapple with surges of delta variant cases and low vaccination rates.
- By Samantha Schmidt
Thousands of migrants overwhelm Colombian coastal town
Worsening conditions in Haiti and Cuba, the global economic downturn, and the recent reopening of South American borders are fueling a surge.
- By Ishaan Tharoor
Tunisia’s crisis tests Biden’s democracy agenda
Since he took office, President Biden has repeatedly signaled that his administration would stand up for democracy and human rights. Almost immediately, though, there were reasons to be skeptical.
- By Anthony Faiola and Lucien Chauvin
In Peru, a rural schoolteacher rises from obscurity to the presidency
“This is the first time that our country will be ruled by a peasant,” Pedro Castillo told lawmakers July 28. He outlined a vision for a Peru where universities would be free, but unemployed youth not in school would be conscripted by a military redeployed for engineering and public works projects.

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Lawyer for Hong Kong protester asks court for shorter term
A lawyer for the first person convicted under Hong Kong’s national security law has asked for no more than 10 years in prison
N Korea leader pays respect to Chinese war dead at memorial
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has paid tribute to China’s war dead at a Pyongyang memorial and vowed to maintain firm ties with Beijing, as he seeks to bolster relations with his country’s main ally amid deepening hardships linked to the pandemic
Chinese farmer who praised lawyers sentenced to 18 years
A prominent Chinese pig farmer who was detained after praising lawyers during a crackdown on legal activists by President Xi Jinping’s government has been sentenced to 18 years in prison on charges of organizing an attack on officials and other offenses
Macron: France owes 'debt' to Polynesians over nuclear tests
President Emmanuel Macron has reasserted France’s presence in the Pacific on a visit to French Polynesia aimed in part at countering growing Chinese dominance in the region
China's ties to Taliban warm ahead of US leaving Afghanistan
China's foreign minister has met with a delegation of high-level Taliban officials as their ties warm ahead of the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan
Germany’s New Climate Reality: A Country Races to Prepare for the Unavoidable
Floods, storms, forest fires – events that used to be extreme have become the new normal. Now German officials are building dikes, underground storage tanks and green roofs to avert disaster. Will it be enough?
“There Is No Other Way Out of the Pandemic”: British Public Health Expert on the Need to Get Vaccinated
In many countries, the number of new COVID-19 infections is skyrocketing. Did governments move too quickly to loosen the lockdowns? And what is the role of the Delta variant? In interview, British researcher Devi Sridhar warns of the dangers of the new wave and argues that vaccination is our only way out.
Catastrophic Flooding Spotlights Germany’s Poor Disaster Preparedness
The recent floods in western Germany show how poorly prepared the federal and state governments are for major natural events. The country’s efforts at disaster management have been highly convoluted, but pressure is growing following last week’s flooding catastrophe.
Growing Anxiety as the Taliban Approaches in Eastern Afghanistan
Silently and strategically, the Taliban are gaining ground in eastern Afghanistan – and without even firing shots. As they advance, they are forming grotesque alliances against forces even more radical than themselves.
Germany: Herd Immunity is Impossible. Now What?
Faced with declining vaccination rates and persistent skepticism, Germany is now preparing for another autumn of living with COVID-19. Politicians are looking at several measures, including air purifiers for schools, compulsory testing for travelers and a pro-vaccine ad blitz.
Wife of Slain Haitian President Moise Leaves Country for US for Medical Treament, Reports Say
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Martine Moise, the widow of Haiti's assassinated president, left the country with children and headed for the United States, the Haiti 24 news agency reported on Thursday.
Argentina Receives 500 Litres of Active Substance for Sputnik V's 2nd Component
BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) - Argentina received 500 litres (132 gallons) of active substance for the production of the second component of the Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine, the Argentine Richmond Laboratory said on Twitter.
Wildfire in Turkey's Manavgat Brought Under Control - Photo, Video
ANKARA (Sputnik) - The massive forest fire that broke out near the town of Manavgat in Turkey's southwestern Antalya province was brought under control, 18 settlements were evacuated, Turkish Minister of Forestry and Agriculture Bekir Pakdemirli said on Thursday.
US Embassy in Baghdad Reportedly Targeted By Two Katyusha Rockets
The reported strike follows Baghdad and Washington issuing a joint statement saying that all American troops would be pulled out of Iraq by 31 December 2021.
Swedish Masturbation Report Reveals Porn, Sex Toys on the Rise as Sexual Contacts Decrease
As social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions have put a damper on opportunities to meet someone new, people have started exploring alternatives, including dating apps, porn and sex toys, a comprehensive report has found.
The Two Koreas Talk Again and Agree to Improve Ties
But any resumption of stalled negotiations to rid the North of its nuclear weapons is still a long way off
- Amy Gunia
UNESCO Says Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Isn’t In Danger Yet. Many Environmentalists and Divers Disagree
UNESCO's decision to delay the listing of the reef as endangered has pleased Canberra but upset environmentalists
The U.S. and China Hold High-Level Talks, Highlighting Their Differences
But the tone appeared somewhat less contentious than at their last meeting
- Aria Chen/Tokyo
The Tokyo Olympics’ Newest Stars Are Two 13-Year-Old Skateboarders
And they're already inspiring a new generation of skaters.
Tensions in Tunisia After President Suspends Parliament
Tunisia’s economy has been struggling for years, and the country recently reimposed lockdowns and other virus restrictions because it’s facing one of Africa’s worst virus outbreaks

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Tokyo Olympics: top Japanese doctor urges clear risk message as Games report 24 new Covid-19 cases
Japan faces its most serious situation since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the country’s top medical adviser warned on Thursday, urging the government to send a “clearer, stronger message” about growing risks, including to the medical system.Olympic host city Tokyo recorded 3,177 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday, hitting a daily record high for a second straight day as a spike in infections puts pressure on hospitals. Nationwide new infections topped 9,500 for the first time, media reported…
Coronavirus: walk-in vaccinations for Hong Kong’s over 70s launch to queues, as elderly brave hot weather warning in morning rush for appointment-free jabs
Hong Kong’s launch of walk-in coronavirus vaccinations for residents aged 70 or above attracted queues early on Thursday despite a hot weather warning.Many of the dozens seen waiting in line at two vaccination centres said they were taking advantage of the new appointment-free system because they did not know how to book online, previously the only way to secure a slot under the government’s jabs drive.About 40 older people were queuing at the inoculation centre in Prince Edward’s Boundary…
Communing with coronavirus: Indonesia’s indigenous shamans battle Covid-19 pandemic with animist rituals
As the Delta variant sweeps through Indonesia, causing a record 2,069 deaths on Tuesday, regions outside the worst-hit areas of Jakarta, surrounding Java island and tourist hotspot Bali are now reporting worrying coronavirus spikes.The province of East Kalimantan alone had reported more than 111,000 infections and over 3,000 deaths as of Wednesday, with surges reported elsewhere in Indonesian Borneo – the island the country shares with Malaysia and Brunei – as well as other regions such as…
For the first time, light has been spotted from behind a black hole
Astronomers recently saw something they’d never seen before while peering at a black hole some 800 million light-years away: X-ray light emissions coming from directly behind the black hole at the centre of a distant galaxy.The findings were reported in a new study published Wednesday in the British journal Nature.“Any light that goes into that black hole doesn’t come out, so we shouldn’t be able to see anything that’s behind the black hole,” study lead author Dan Wilkins of Stanford University…
Geologist may have discovered oldest animal fossils ever: 890 million years old
A geologist in Canada may have discovered fossils of ancient sponges dating back 890 million years, making the potential discovery between 330 and 350 million years older than the oldest undisputed sponge fossils.The fossilised structures found in rock samples potentially show sponges that existed in underwater reefs millions of years ago. The findings may represent the oldest animal fossils ever discovered, Laurentian University professor Elizabeth Turner described in an article published…
News24.com | Afghanistan to become 'pariah state' if Taliban seizes power, says US
Afghanistan would become a "pariah state" if the Taliban takes control by force, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says.
News24.com | Thousands of scientists warn climate tipping points 'imminent'
Researchers say "overexploitation of the Earth" has seen many of its "vital signs" deteriorate to record levels.
News24.com | Fed says US economy showing progress but not 'fully recovered'
The US economy is showing signs of progress in its recovery, but not enough to end the easy money policies implemented last year, the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday.
Businessinsider.co.za | Retired US general says Trump White House 'was complicit in planning' of January 6 insurrection
Lieutenant General Russel Honoré, a retired US Army officer, was tasked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with reviewing the US Capitol's security after January 6.
News24.com | 890-million-year-old sponge structures found in Canada may be Earth's oldest animal life
Fossilised structures discovered in northwestern Canada may be from sponges that lived in oceans as long as 890 million years ago.
‘Living in a hell’: Afghan interpreters call for clarity, support amid Taliban threat
Despite announcement to fast-track their resettlement, interpreters and Canadian veterans say the Immigration Department is failing Afghans who worked with Canada.
NXIVM sex cult member who gave ‘credible testimony’ against leader avoids prison time
The judge also ordered Lauren Salzman to perform 300 hours of community service.
Facebook records double profit in Q2 thanks to online ad sales
However, Facebook said that it doesn't expect revenue to continue to grow at such a breakneck pace in the second half of the year.
Google rolls out COVID-19 vaccine mandate, delays workers’ return to office
The decision also affects tens of thousands of contractors who Google intends to continue to pay while access to its campuses remains limited due to COVID-19.
Fully vaccinated Canadians excluded from new U.K. quarantine exception rules
The U.K. announced Wednesday that fully vaccinated travellers in the U.S. or Europe will not have to quarantine on arrival to the country.
Illinois seeks Ben & Jerry's divestment over Israel stance
Illinois seeks Ben & Jerry's divestment over Israel stance
Biden to ask federal workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or face testing: Source
U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday is expected to announce that about two million civilian federal workers will need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or face testing, social distancing, mask requirements and limits on travel, according to a source familiar with the matter.
Monsanto told to pay teachers US$185 million over chemical exposure
Monsanto told to pay teachers USUS$185M over chemical exposure
New Zealand gives provisional nod to AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine
WELLINGTON: New Zealand's health regulator Medsafe has granted provisional approval for the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for individuals 18 years of age and older, acting minister for COVID-19 response, Dr Ayesha Verrall, said on Thursday (Jul 29). New Zealand secured 7.6 million doses of the ...
China's new ambassador arrives in US with words of optimism
WASHINGTON: China's new ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, on Wednesday (Jul 28) wished the US victory against COVID-19 and said great potential awaited bilateral relations, striking an optimistic tone as he arrived at his new post amid deeply strained ties. Qin's arrival comes days after ...
Online-education firms will not be the last victims
Advertising has made the social network into a trillion-dollar company. Can new ventures take it further?
To succeed, it must focus on unglamorous industrial uses of the gas
To operate in the communist country, Microsoft’s professional social network has to appease censors. So do its users
Criză de personal în industria ospitalităţii. Angajații din hoteluri și restaurante au cele mai mici salarii din economie
Creșterea numărului de infectări stârnește din nou îngrijorarea patronilor de restaurante și hoteluri. Managerii se tem că valul patru al pandemiei ar putea aduce noi restricții, ceea ce ar duce la pierderea unui număr și mai mare de angajați. Citește mai departe...
Hunedoara: Termocentrala de la Mintia a fost închisă definitiv
Termocentrala de la Mintia și-a încetat definitiv activitatea, după mai bine de jumătate de secol. Producția a fost oprită în luna martie din cauza lipsei de cărbune. Citește mai departe...
Noi prețuri la transportul în comun din Capitală. În august, călătorii vor putea opta pentru bilete de 1,3 lei pentru un singur vehicul, 3 lei pentru 90 de minute cu transportul de suprafață și 5 lei pentru transport de suprafață și subteran
Întregul sistem de transport din Regiunea Bucureşti - Ilfov va fi integrat, începând cu data de 1 august 2021, astfel încât nu vor mai exista diferenţe de tarif între liniile urbane, regionale şi cele expres, iar pasagerii vor putea călători atât la suprafaţă, cât şi cu metroul, Citește mai departe...
Deficitul bugetar a urcat la 2,96% din PIB după 6 luni; soldul negativ, în scădere faţă de iunie 2020
Deficitul bugetului general consolidat a crescut la 2,96% din Produsul Intern Brut după prima jumătate a acestui an, de la 2,29% din PIB la finalul lunii mai, însă faţă de perioada corespunzătoare din anul precedent soldul negativ este în scădere, potrivit datelor publicate marţi de Citește mai departe...
Produsele de îngrijire și cosmeticele, preferatele femeilor din România în pandemie
Produsele de îngrijire și cosmeticele au fost în perioada pandemiei preferatele femeilor din România, mai ales că vizitele la salon au fost aproape inexistente, femeile au cumpărat acasă tot ce au avut nevoie. Citește mai departe...
Ben Gurion University program to teach Amazon e-commerce
The program is being run by Yazamut360 and Negev 19 and will accept 48 students for their session starting in October.
Medical cannabis social networking app launches in Israel
The app is part of Belong.Life's network of medical apps aimed at improving quality of life.
Tech Buzz: Kaltura rises 20% after Nasdaq IPO, Tailor Brands raises $50m.
The stock will trade under the symbol KLTR.
Start-Up nation: How haredi Jews are integrating into Israel's tech sector
New initiatives are integrating haredi society into Israel's tech sector and tapping into their strength to upgrade the 'start-up nation.'
Mobileye to help Toyota drivers to keep an eye on the road
Toyota Motor Corp has chosen Jerusalem-based Mobileye to develop Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for use in multiple vehicle platforms.
אדם יוצא מהתיבה

רשת האופטיקה 'אופטיקנה', משיקה את מותג המשקפיים החדש שלה, שיימכר בבלעדיות ברשת תחת השם: Cattleya (קאטליה), ועולה במקביל בקמפיין רחב היקף בטלוויזיה, בשילוט חוצות ובדיגיטל. את הקמפיין, מבית ראובני פרידן, צילמו בשבועות האחרונים בהפקה מורכבת על גדות ים המלח, בהשתתפות עשרות דוגמנים ודוגמניות. הקמפיין מדמה את הגעת תיבת נוח לחוף מבטחים, לאחר המבול הגדול. מהתיבה יוצא ראשון הפרזנטור עומר אדם כאשר אחריו יוצאים זוגות זוגות של אנשים, המייצגים את העולם המגוון והצבעוני של המותג, ובכלל זה זוגות של גברים, נשים, דוגמנים ודוגמניות בגוונים שונים ומיוחדים. בין הזוגות שיצאו מהתיבה גם אחיו של עומר אדם, הזמר גל אדם, והדוגמנית נועם בוהדנה.

חורב מעצים

שיתוף פעולה חדש של מותג הדרמו-קוסמטיקה "דוקטור עור", המשווק על ידי ניאופרם מוצרי צריכה, עם הפזמונאי והיוצר נעם חורב. את שיתוף הפעולה יזמה מנכ"לית ניאופרם מוצרי צריכה נילי פורר-רבינוביץ. כחלק מהשת"פ לקוחות המותג הוזמנו למופע דיגיטלי עם חורב במסגרתו הקריא את שירו החדש 'מסדירה נשימה' שנכתב בהתאמה לערכי המותג.

טלפון סלולרי חדש? מזמינים במרכז, אוספים באילת

כולנו מכירים את שירות "פטור ושמור" של חנות הדיוטיפרי בנתב"ג, עתה מסתבר שרשת דינמיקה השיקה שירות שכזה גם בכל הקשור לתחום הטלפונים הסלולריים באילת. אמנם באילת לא מדובר על פטור ממכס, אלא על פטור ממע"מ, אבל בשנים האחרונות יש לא מעט ישראלים שמעדיפים לדחות את החלפת המכשיר לחדש, עד לחופשה באילת. יש לציין שעבור רוב מכשירי הטלפון החדשים והמשוכללית, שעלותם היא מעל ל-3,000 שקלים, מדובר בחיסכון של כ-500 שקל ומעלה, לא סכום זניח. על פי רשת דינמיקה, כ-87% מרכישות הסמארטפונים המתבצעות באילת, הן ע"י לקוחות שיודעים בדיוק איזה דגם, צבע ונפח הם רוצים לקנות.

איך ישפיע תקציב המדינה המתגבש על שוק ההון?

בהסכם הקואליציוני בין יש עתיד לימינה, נקבע שתוך 140 ימים מהקמת הממשלה יובא לאישור תקציב המדינה הדו שנתי לשנים 2021-2022. זאת, לאחר שמשנת 2020 המדינה מתנהלת על פי תקציב המשכי.

האוצר מרחיק את הדירות מהשכבות החלשות?

כוונת האוצר להקשות את התנאים בקבלת משכנתאות לזכאים תפגע בעיקר בשכבות החלשות. לפי טיוטת ההתאמות הפיסקליות שפורסמה אמש להערות הציבור, רף הזכאות לקבלת הלוואה ממשלתית לדיור יעלה מ-599 נקודות כיום ל-2,000. באוצר הסבירו את ההצעה על ידי ההנחה ששוק המשכנתאות משוכלל דיו מזה שנים ואין יותר בסבסוד הריבית: "שיעורי הריבית הממוצעת על משכנתאות נמוכים ביותר ובכך ניתן להשיג משכנתא בתנאים זולים דרך המערכת הבנקאית, ואין עוד צורך בסבסוד הריבית על ידי המדינה באמצעות המנגנונים השונים המיועדים לכך". באופן כללי טענת האוצר היא נכונה - שוק המשכנתאות המשוכלל אכן מציע היום תנאים שבעבר היו שמורים בעיקר לזכאים. הבעיה היא שהשוק הפרטי מציע את ההלוואות ברבית נמוכה, בעיקר למי שיכולים להציג יכולת החזר טובה. כלומר - עבור מי שאינם מחזיקים בתלושי משכרות גבוהים, הולך ומתרחק חלום הדירה.

Din toamnă gazul s-ar putea scumpi: Cu cât ar putea creșete prețul
Din această toamnă Republica Moldova va plăti un preț mai mare pentru gazele naturale importate din Federația Rusă, a anunțat șeful Moldovagaz Vadim Ceban. De vină este creșterea cu circa 55% a prețului produselor petroliere înregistrată de la începutul acestui an și tendință regională de majorare prețului și la metan, scrie Mold-Street.com.
Pandemia generată de COVID-19 și-a lăsat amprenta asupra industriei de transport maritim. Lipsa angajaților ar putea afecta lanțurile de aprovizionare
În următorii cinci ani ar putea apărea o lipsă acută de marinari care să opereze navele comerciale, ceea ce ar crește riscul apariției unor întreruperi în lanțurile globale de aprovizionare, arată un raport al Camerei Internaționale pentru Transport Maritim, scrie Digi24.
Consultări pe marginea Legii privind piața produselor petroliere. Deputatul Budianschi: „O să încercăm să reparăm greșeala urgent”
Partidul Acțiune și Solidaritate (PAS) a desfășurat la Parlament consultări publice cu privire la amendamentele la Legea privind piața produselor petroliere. La întrunire au participat exerperți în domeniu, angajați ai structurilor de stat și reprezentanții rețelelor de comercializare a produselor petroliere.
Numărul locuințelor date în exploatare în 2020 a scăzut cu 24,8%
În anul 2020, au fost date în exploatare 7.549 locuințe în Republica Moldova, cu 2.406 locuinţe mai puţin faţă de anul 2019. Suprafaţa totală a locuinţelor date în exploatare a constituit 602,5 mii m², sau cu 21,0% mai puţin față de anul anterior.
Investiție de circa 1,5 milioane de euro, la Ștefan-Vodă: O companie din Elveția vrea să creeze o fabrică de prelucrare a legumelor și fructelor
O compania din Elveția investește 1,5 milioane de euro în construcția unei fabrici de prelucrare a legumelor și fructelor în raionul Ștefan Vodă. Este vorba de Schoeni, care va activa ca rezindent al Zonei Economice Libere Bălți (subzona Ștefan Vodă). Întregul volum al producției fabricate este planifcat să fie exportat în Elveția și țările Uniunii Europene.
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Fracțiunea parlamentară a Blocului Comuniștilor și Socialiștilor a anunțat despre trecerea în opoziție
Fracțiunea parlamentară a Blocului Comuniștilor și Socialiștilor formată din 32 de deputați a anunțat trecerea în opoziție. Anunțul a fost făcut, astăzi, în Parlament, de secretarul fracțiunii, deputatul socialist Vasile Bolea. ”Fracțiunea parlamentară a Blocului Comuniștilor și Socialiștilor se declară ca fiind în opoziție”, a spus deputatul. Amintim, președinte al fracțiunii BCS a fost ale
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Astăzi în R. Moldova este marcată Ziua Constituției
Astăzi se împlinesc 27 ani de la adoptarea Constituției Republicii Moldova. Legea fundamentală a fost adoptată la data de 29 iulie 1994, fiind publicată în Monitorul Oficial al Republicii Moldova nr. 1 din 12.08.1994 şi a intrat în vigoare la data de 27 august 1994. Constituția Republicii Moldova constă din 8 titluri, fiecare fiind împărțit în capitole și secțiuni. În prembulul Constituţiei se
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Oficial! Fracțiunile parlamentare, constituite
În Parlamentul de legislatura a XI-a au fost constituite trei fracțiuni parlamentare. Anunțul în acest sens a fost făcut, astăzi, la prima ședință a Legislativului. Fracțiunea Partidului Acțiune și Solidaritate are 63 de deputați și va fi condusă de Mihail Popșoi. Vladimir Bolea, Doina Gherman și Lilian Carp vor fi vicepreședinți ai fracțiunii PAS. Fracțiunea Blocului Electoral al Comuniști
- Noi.md
Cîțiva tineri au jucat badminton în fața Parlamentului
Azi are loc continuarea ședinței de constituire a Parlamentului de legislatura a XI-a. A început la 10:00, însă înainte cu o oră cîțiva activiști civici s-au adunat în fața sediului parlamentului și au început să joace badminton. Este vorba despre un protest cu subiectul „Stadionul rămîne Republican”. Aceștia au cîteva solicitări către parlamentari care vizează transparentizarea problemei legat
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În Chișinău au fost aduse 5 autobuze noi
Despre noile autobuze a anunțat pe pagina sa de socializare primarul general al capitalei, Ion Ceban. Potrivit lui, autobuzele procurate corespund celor mai înalte standarde de calitate, fiind dotate cu sistem de aer condiționat, podea joasă cu platformă retractabilă pentru a asigura accesul persoanelor cu necesităţi speciale. Termenul de garanție este de 6,5 ani, perioadă în care producător
Ce funcție are Ilan Șor în fracțiunea formațiunii sale
Ilan Șor a fost ales președintele fracțiunii parlamenatre a partidului Şor. Iar în calitate de vicepreședinte  va fi Petru Jardan.Secretarul fracțiunii parlamenatre a partidului Şor a fost numită Marina Tauber.
Vladimir Voronin și Igor Dodon nu au nicio funcție în noua fracțiune din care fac parte
Fracțiunea parlamentară a Blocului Comuniștilor și Socialiștilor va fi condusă de Zinaida Greceanîi. Vicepreşedinţi au fost aleşi Constantin Starîş şi Corneliu Furculiţă. Secretar al acestei fracţiuni va fi Vasile Bolea.
Fracţiunea parlamentară PAS şi-a ales conducerea. Cine sunt preşedintele şi vicepreşedinţii
Fracţiunea parlamentară PAS şi-a ales conducerea. Astfel, liderul fracţiunii parlamentare PAS este Mihail Popşoi. Vicepreşedinţi au fost aleşi Vladimi Bolea, Lilian Carp, Doina Gherman şi Veronica Roşca.Secretar la fracţiunii parlamentare a PAS a fost ales Artur Mija.
Ziua Constituției Republicii Moldova: 27 de ani de la adoptarea Legii Supreme
Republica Moldova marchează astăzi cea de-a 27-a aniversare a adoptării Constituţiei. Legea Supremă a fost adoptată la 29 iulie 1994 şi a intrat în vigoare la 27 august același an.
MOMENTE de GROAZĂ în centrul Capitalei. Un bărbat agresiv şi cu fața însângerată a băgat spaima în trecători, înjura și lovea cu pumnii (VIDEO)
Momente de panică în centrul Capitalei. Un tânăr agresiv şi cu fața însângerată a băgat spaima în trecători. Acesta înjura și lovea cu pumnii în geamurile magazinelor și în automobilele parcate în preajmă.
Criza de pe piața produselor PETROLIERE ar fi provocat statului R. Moldova, doar în luna iulie, PIERDERI de circa 277 de milioane de lei
Doar în luna iulie, ca urmare a crizei de pe piaţa produselor petroliere, statul a ratat impozite în valoare de circa 277 de milioane de lei. ...
Zeci de mii de lei, incluse ABUZIV în contractele de creditare ale organizațiilor nebancare: O femeie din R. Moldova a câștigat procesul de judecată, ajutată de APCSP. Clauzele declarate NULE de către instanță
O femeie din R. Moldova a reușit să obțină victorie în instanțele de judecată într-un proces intentat împotriva uneo organizații de creditare ...
Directorul „Moldovagaz” anunță că Rusia va SCUMPI în toamnă gazul livrat R. Moldova
Federația Rusă va majora tarifele la gazele naturale livrate R. Moldova. Această majorare va fi operată de către „Gazprom” chiar în toam...
FMI a îmbunătăţit perspectivele pentru economiile dezvoltate și a înrăutăţit previziunile pentru o serie de state în curs de dezvoltare, afectate de sporirea numărului infecţiilor cu COVID-19
Fondul Monetar Internaţional (FMI) a menţinut marţi estimarea privind o creştere a economiei mondiale în 2021 de 6%, la fel ca în prognozele di...
Kremlinul: Aparatul lui Biden are cunoștințe eronate despre Rusia
Purtătorul de cuvânt al Kremlinului, Dmitri Peskov, consideră că aparatul președintelui SUA și consilierii lui au cunoștințe și viziuni eronate despre Rusia contemporană.
Statele Unite se îndepărtează tot mai mult de Orientul Mijlociu. Autoritățile au retras contingentul din Afganistan, iar misiunea militară din Irak se apropie de sfârșit.
Avertizare: Un număr mare de asteroizi amenință Pământul
ONU avertizează asupra unui număr mare de asteroizi „potențial periculoși” care amenință Pământul.
Gazoductul Nord Stream 2, finalizat în proporție de 99%
Gazoductul Nord Stream 2 este finalizat în proporție de 99 la sută, anunță compania operatoare a proiectului.
Purtătoarea de cuvânt a MAE rus punctează din nou, prin exemple concrete, cât de ipocrită este indignarea Occidentului față de așa zisa duritate a legilor din Rusia.