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Germany: Green Party holds convention on coalition talks

On October 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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After initial talks, the top team of climate-friendly Greens has agreed to join formal coalition talks with the Social Democrats and the neoliberal FDP. But the plan must be put to a vote of party delegates.

Fixing Germany's housing crisis is neither quick nor easy

On October 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Population growth, bad decisions, slow construction, competing demands: These are just some of the causes of Germany's housing crisis. The problem is complex, and proposed solutions can have unintended consequences.

Lebanon army probes soldier over firing at protesters

On October 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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The army is investigating a soldier suspected of firing toward protesters during Thursday's deadly clashes over the Beirut blast probe. Meanwhile, families of the blast victims have backed the judge leading the probe.

Haiti: 15 US missionaries and family kidnapped

On October 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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The missionaries had been heading home from building an orphanage when they were pulled off a bus by a gang, according to media reports. Haiti has already witnessed more than 300 kidnappings this year.

Venezuela halts talks with opposition after Maduro ally extradited

On October 17, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Venezuela's government said it suspended dialogue with the US-backed opposition to protest the extradition of fugitive Alex Saab, a close ally of President Nicolas Maduro, from Cape Verde to the US.

Kongsberg attack: Norwegian police cast doubt on Islamist motive

On October 16, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Norwegian investigators now say they believe mental illness was the main factor in the deadly bow-and-arrow attack. The Danish man suspected of the crime is currently in a secure medical facility.

Sudan: Thousands call for dissolution of transitional government

On October 16, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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Crowds of protesters have taken to the streets of Khartoum to call for the military to take power. The current political tensions in Sudan could jeopardize the country's transition to democracy.

Historians wanted Macron to call Paris massacre state crime

On October 16, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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On October 17, 1961, tens of thousands of French and Algerian citizens took to the streets to protest a curfew imposed in Paris and its suburbs. Dozens were shot, beaten to death or drowned in the brutal police response.

Coronavirus digest: Russia's daily death toll reaches all-time high

On October 16, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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More than 1,000 people have died in Russia over the past 24 hours due to COVID-19, while there have been 33,208 new infections. Follow DW for the latest.

France: Macron condemns 1961 Paris massacre of pro-Algerian protesters

On October 16, 2021Source: Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Top Stories
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French President Emmanuel Macron has called the police killings of pro-Algerian demonstrators in Paris 60 years ago "crimes." But a formal apology was not forthcoming.
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The protests come as tensions rise between civilian and military rulers.
The 1961 Paris massacre was denied or concealed by French governments for decades.
Robert Durst was on Thursday convicted of murder and is a suspect in two other deaths.
Venezuela halted talks with the opposition after Alex Saab was flown from Cape Verde to the US.
South East Asian countries decide not to invite the military coup leader to their meeting.
- Michael Lee
Norway to investigate tactics of unarmed police officers after five die in bow-and-arrow attack
Norway on Saturday announced it will hold an independent investigation into the actions of police and security agencies following a bow-and-arrow attack that killed five people
Girl drowns after her life jacket traps her in capsized boat
It was the rare occasion where a life jacket wasn’t going to save your life, according to an investigation.
- Jon Brown
Canadian pastor defiant as judge orders him to parrot 'medical experts' from pulpit: 'I will not obey'
The Polish-Canadian pastor who has been jailed for holding church services in Calgary, Alberta, said he will refuse to obey a court order requiring him to publicly echo the opinions of medical experts about COVID-19.
Kenya child killer escapes prison, gets beaten to death by mob
Police in Kenya say a man who had confessed to killing a dozen children and escaped from detention this week has been killed by a mob.
- JayLeen Murray
Indonesia river cleanup leads to 11 students drowning, 10 rescued
Eleven students drowned and 10 others were rescued during a school outing for a river cleanup in Indonesia’s West Java Province, officials said Saturday.
Macron condemns 'inexcusable' police crackdown on 1961 Paris protest of Algerians
President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday became the first French head of state to take part in commemorations of the massacre by Paris police of protesters at a rally 60 years ago against France's rule in its then-colony Algeria. He stopped short of issuing a formal apology but said that the deadly crackdown on that day was "inexcusable".
British government orders security review after deadly terror attack on MP
The fatal stabbing of British lawmaker David Amess was a terrorist incident with possible links to Islamist extremism, police said Saturday, as the government ordered a review of safety measures to protect MPs.
Beirut port blast activist resigns amid pressure over judge ouster
The spokesman for relatives of those killed in last year's Beirut port blast quit on Saturday, following fears he had been intimidated into urging the dismissal of the lead investigator in the case.
- Bahar MAKOOI
‘The violence shook me profoundly’: Teachers, students remember Samuel Paty’s murder
One year on from the gruesome killing of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty, murdered by an Islamist militant for having shown cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a class on freedom of expression, students and teachers spoke to FRANCE 24 about how that unspeakable event affected them.
French PM pays tribute to slain teacher Samuel Paty on anniversary of his death
French Prime Minister Jean Castex paid tribute to school teacher Samuel Paty on Saturday, one year after he was beheaded by an extremist after showing his class cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. 
British-Iranian aid worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe loses court appeal
British-Iranian aid worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has lost an appeal on her case in Iran, her lawyer said on Saturday.
Countries in Asia are placing orders for a new drug to treat coronavirus. Poorer nations could miss out again
During the global scramble to secure vaccines, many countries in Asia-Pacific were slow off the mark. This time, they're not making the same mistake.
Analysis: China isn't about to invade Taiwan. But the two sides are on a dangerous path
• Video: China sends warning to US • With all eyes on Taiwan, tensions are building on another Chinese frontier
David Amess, UK lawmaker, dies after being stabbed
CNN's Salma Abdelaziz reports on a conservative member of UK Parliament, David Amess, who has died after being stabbed multiple times.
Microsoft's Jacky Wright had to leave the UK to become its most influential Black person
Microsoft chief digital officer Jacky Wright has been named the United Kingdom's most influential Black person. But the US-based executive says she might not have reached the top of her profession had she stayed in Britain.
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Brussels has offered to ease the customs controls that have been in place at the Irish Sea border since Brexit, saying it would waive those on goods explicitly destined for Northern Ireland, among other things. Britain's Brexit Minister David Frost had called for renegotiation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and threatened to suspend it entirely. Commentators advise Brussels to adopt a clear stance.
- RT
Back to Earth: Soyuz capsule with Russian crew behind first space movie successfully lands in Kazakhstan
Preview The return capsule carrying Russian actress Yulia Peresild and filmmaker Klim Shipenko, the first people to conduct location shooting for a movie in space, has successfully landed, the space agency Roscosmos has reported. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
RT’s special coverage as Russian movie crew returns to Earth after first-ever space shoot  
Preview A Russian movie crew behind the first-ever film shoot aboard the International Space Station are returning home after their pioneering endeavor. Watch RT’s special coverage of the groundbreaking cinematographic achievement. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
Russia's pioneering space movie crew undocks from ISS aboard Soyuz MS-18
Preview The spaceship Soyuz MS-18 has undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) and is on its way back to Earth. Two of the crew members were in space to film footage for an upcoming feature-length movie. Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
School board group in Pennsylvania quits national association for suggesting angry parents are ‘domestic terrorists’
Preview Pennsylvania state’s association of school boards has voted to leave the national federation for such governing bodies, saying the “final straw” was a letter to President Joe Biden that likened parents to “domestic terrorists.” Read Full Article at RT.com
- RT
‘Coffee cup Gestapo’: Australian cops slammed for checking man’s beverage to verify his excuse for not wearing Covid-19 mask
Preview Video footage of Melbourne police checking whether a man’s coffee cup is empty to see if he’s faking his excuse for not wearing a mask is stirring the latest round of online outrage over Australia’s dystopian Covid-19 policies. Read Full Article at RT.com
A Treasure of Old Christian Paintings in a Russian Church in a Remote Forest
by Professor William Brumfield (RBTH)

One of the editors of RI actually visited this church this summer, and we can assure you, it is REMOTE!  Brumfield, in his understated way, doesn't describe the condition of the road leading to this village, but it is barely passable at times.  The number of remarkable architectural and other treasures hiding in the Russian hinterlands, especially in the north, is rather extraordinary.

The Liberation of Crimea: One of the Ten Major Blows that Destroyed Adolph Hitler
by Alexey Timofeichev (Russia & India Report)

Note: With the upcoming 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War just around the corner we are publishing more material related to that epic conflict that is so important to Russian collective memory.

This article originally appeared at Russia & India Report

Polish Russophobia is Mostly Artificial, Stoked by Russia's Enemies
by Sputnik ()

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has blasted the Polish government for inculcating anti-Russian attitudes among the population. Speaking to Sputnik, political observer Eduard Popov said that while Warsaw regularly uses Russophobia for political reasons, there's no evidence to suggest that Poles have a sort of natural hostility toward Russia.

Russians' Alcohol Consumption Drops 80% in 7 Years
by Orthodox Christianity ()

Alcohol consumption has been reduced by 80% over the past 5-7 years in Russia, Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova stated at a working breakfast during the Gaidar Forum today, reports RIA-Novosti.

Never Forget: CHRISTIANS Gave Us the Great Russian Empire and Culture - Popular Russian Priest (Top Russian Talk Show)
by Mark Boden ()

Dmitry Smirnov is one of the best known priests in Russia and has a very large following. He is ubiquitous on television, radio, and YouTube, where his videos frequently get 100s of 1000s of views on his channel. (Russian only).

- Christopher Miller
The DOJ Is Investigating Americans For War Crimes Allegedly Committed While Fighting With Far-Right Extremists In Ukraine
The probe involves seven men but is centered on former Army soldier Craig Lang, who is separately wanted in connection with a double killing in Florida and is fighting extradition from Kyiv.

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- Pia Peterson
These Photos Show The Timeless Appeal Of Travel And Tourism
“Now that travel has opened up, you can access more places and see more things. Our definition of travel photography has changed.”

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- Adolfo Flores
Immigrants Who Escaped The Texas Camp Crackdown Are Facing Another Set Of Dire Circumstances In Mexico
“I’d like to stay here in Mexico, but I’m scared because I don’t have permission to be here,” one immigrant told BuzzFeed News. “I don't know what to do."

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- Karla Zabludovsky
How A Mission To Turn A Haitian Town Into A Surfing Destination Failed To Live Up To Its Promise
Surfing was a profitable enterprise in Jacmel, as locals rented out boards and hosted lessons. But the project’s recent struggles reflect the difficulty of obtaining resources in a country battered by a series of catastrophes.

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- Toby Helm, Michael Savage and James Tapper
Commons Speaker: We must end the hatred aimed at our MPs

Lindsay Hoyle calls for a ‘conversation … kinder and based on respect’ as politicians reveal scale of violent threats

My friend David Amess connected with everyone. We must not hide away | Lindsay Hoyle

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, has demanded “an end to hatred” against MPs and a kinder form of political discourse following the fatal stabbing of Sir David Amess, as evidence mounts of the shocking scale of intimidation and threats suffered daily by elected politicians and their staff.

In a highly unusual intervention for a Commons Speaker, Hoyle makes the appeal as he writes in the Observer. He describes the late Tory MP and father of five as a friend who would regularly drop into his office for a chat, and as “a man who found a connection with everyone, no matter their background”.

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- Agence France-Presse
Thousands rally in Sudan’s capital to demand military rule

Protesters say they want the government of prime minister Abdalla Hamdok dismissed and replaced by the military

Thousands of pro-military protesters have rallied in central Khartoum, vowing not to leave until the government is dissolved in a threat to Sudan’s transition to civilian rule.

The protest on Saturday comes as Sudanese politics reels from divisions among the factions steering the rocky transition from two decades of dictatorship under president Omar al-Bashir, who was ousted by the army in April 2019 following weeks of mass protests.

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- Emma Graham-Harrison
Coal-state Democrat set to scupper Biden clean energy plans

White House forced to rewrite domestic bill as it makes late bid to secure backing for international deal

President Joe Biden is likely to abandon a clean energy programme that was the centrepiece of his efforts to tackle greenhouse gas emissions at home, US media reported, because of opposition from a swing-vote Democratic senator from a state with a historically large coal industry.

Funding to replace coal- and gas-fired plants with wind, solar and nuclear generation was part of a massive budget bill that Biden is struggling to get through Congress.

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- Staff and agencies
‘Brutal aggression’: Venezuela halts talks with opposition after envoy extradited to US

Alex Saab, an ally of president Nicolás Maduro, was extradited to face money laundering charges after a 16-month legal battle

Venezuela’s government is halting negotiations with its opponents in retaliation for the extradition to the US of a close ally of president Nicolás Maduro, who prosecutors believe could be the most significant witness ever about corruption in the South American country.

Jorge Rodríguez, who has been heading the government’s delegation, said his team wouldn’t travel to Mexico City for the next scheduled round of negotiations.

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- Reuters
Argentinian judge indicts Franco-era Spanish minister on homicide charges

Rodolfo Martín Villa, interior minister between 1976 and 1979, ‘played a key role in the repressive structures of the dictatorship’

An Argentinian judge investigating cases that happened during the Franco dictatorship in Spain has indicted a former Spanish minister on four counts of homicide.

Judge Maria Servini de Cuba, sitting in Buenos Aires, issued the ruling against Rodolfo Martín Villa, 87, interior minister between 1976 and 1979.

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- By Anthony Faiola
American missionaries and family members kidnapped in Haiti
An audio described as a “prayer alert” from Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries and obtained by The Washington Post stated that “men, women and children” associated with the group were being held by an armed gang.
- By Rachel Pannett
Venezuela suspends talks with opposition after Maduro ally extradited to the United States
Venezuela said it is halting talks in retaliation for the extradition of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, a close ally of President Nicolás Maduro wanted on money laundering charges.
- By Karla Adam and William Booth
After lawmaker’s slaying, British media outlets name suspect as possible terrorism links are probed
Potential Islamist extremist links are being explored for a 25-year-old man arrested after the fatal stabbing of David Amess.
- By Sarah Dadouch and Liz Sly
Just when it seemed Lebanon couldn’t get worse, it did
Blackouts. A collapsing economy. And now a sectarian standoff that threatens to undercut any hope of a way out.
- By Miriam Berger
China issues death sentence for man who set ex-wife on fire during live stream
The popular video blogger had been struggling to escape her abusive husband despite repeated pleas to the police and courts for help.

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US religious group says 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti
A group of 17 U.S. missionaries including children has been kidnapped by a gang in Haiti, according to a voice message sent to various religious missions by an organization with direct knowledge of the incident
Families of Beirut blast victims back judge amid pressure
The families of the victims of last year's massive Beirut port blast have reaffirmed their support for the judge leading the investigation into the explosion
US religious group says 17 missionaries including children kidnapped by gang in Haiti as they returned from orphanage
US religious group says 17 missionaries including children kidnapped by gang in Haiti as they returned from orphanage
Venezuela halts talks after Maduro ally's extradition to US
Fugitive close to Venezuelan socialist government faces money laundering charges
Muslims, Hindus protest amid communal violence in Bangladesh
Violence against Hindus began after a viral image Muslims called insulting,
Golden Visas for Refugees: “We Are Trading the Borders Away"
Rich investors are able to buy their way into Europe. Why not refugees? A group of artists in Germany known as the Peng Collective is planning to flip the script for one family from Afghanistan.
Indo-Pacific Arms Race: The U.S. and China Face Off in the Far East
Chinese warplanes over the Taiwan Strait, nuclear-powered submarines for Australia, hypersonic rockets in North Korea: Military posturing has turned the Far East into a dangerous place.
New Drug in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Zombies of Kinshasa
The capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo is being overrun by a dangerous new drug called bombé, made from deposits the catalytic converters of automobiles. In a country facing many problems, it helps people forget.
Guns from the 3D Printer: The Shadowy, Homemade Weapons Community Just Keeps on Growing
The right-wing extremist attacker from Halle had numerous homemade weapons with him on his shooting spree. But their quality was poor. Others, though, are perfecting the reliability of 3D-printed weapons - and have moved on to rocket launchers.
Fall of an Austrian Chancellor: The Stench of Corruption Leads to Kurz's Sudden Resignation
Initially celebrated as a wunderkind, Sebastian Kurz resigned as Austrian chancellor over the weekend amid a far-reaching corruption probe. Documents from that investigation hint at a mafia-like system involving political leaders and the media built up over many years.

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- Jill Lawless / AP
U.K. Lawmaker Stabbed While Meeting Constituents Has Died
Violence against British politicians is rare, but in June 2016 Labour Party lawmaker Jo Cox was fatally stabbed and shot in her northern England constituency.
- Dan Stewart
Queen Elizabeth and Greta Thunberg Are Sending the Same Message on Climate Change. Will World Leaders Listen?
The Queen's complaint comes only two weeks after Greta Thunberg made strikingly similar remarks
- Associated Press
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth Is Not Amused by Climate Inaction
She appeared to criticize the global lack of action on climate change in comments caught on microphone
Officials Are Seeking the Cause of a Taiwan Building Fire That Killed 46
Residents say the building housed many poor, older and disabled people, who seem to have been trapped in their homes
Fears of Sectarian Violence Return to Lebanon After Gunfight Leaves Six Dead
Gunfire echoed for hours as schools were evacuated and residents hid in shelters

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Will Beijing sharpen its laws to punish ‘Taiwan separatists’?
Cross-strait tensions could spur efforts in Beijing to use legislation to target independence-seeking politicians in Taiwan, according to mainland observers.While there is no timetable for the legislation, Beijing said last year that it was drawing up a blacklist of “ diehard Taiwanese separatists” and their financial supporters.The list was seen as a warning to Taipei not to get too close to Washington, and came after former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said Taiwan “has not been a part of…
For Indonesian-Chinese in Yogyakarta, a Dutch colonial law is the reason for why they can’t own land
For doctoral candidate Kezia Dewi, studying the history of Indonesia’s Chinese settlements is more than just of personal interest, being one of the country’s roughly 3 million ethnic Chinese. Such academic research is also rare, because many see the topic of Chinese Indonesian land ownership as sensitive and divisive.“The existing body of research on Chinese Indonesian settlements is largely focused on the history of Chinatowns dispersed throughout Indonesia and their conservation. This is why…
Professor was cleared of hiding ties to China: US university wants him back
The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has offered to reinstate a professor who was acquitted of federal charges that had accused him of hiding his relationship with a Chinese university while receiving Nasa research grants, a letter obtained by the Knoxville News Sentinel says.The newspaper reports that in the October 14 letter, provost and senior vice chancellor John Zomchick offered a tenured engineering professor job to Anming Hu, along with some back pay, and payment for an immigration…
France’s Emmanuel Macron says deadly 1961 crackdown on Algerian protesters was ‘inexcusable’
French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday condemned as “inexcusable” a deadly crackdown by Paris police on a 1961 protest by Algerians, the scale of which was covered up for decades, disappointing activists who hoped for an even stronger recognition of responsibility.Macron told relatives of victims on the 60th anniversary of the bloodshed that “crimes” were committed on the night of October 17, 1961 under the command of the notorious Paris police chief Maurice Papon.He acknowledged that…
Hong Kong police rescue family of 12 when speedboat capsizes off Tai Po
A family of 12, including a 9-year-old boy, were rescued in the waters off Hong Kong’s Tai Po district on Saturday night after the speed boat they were taking to dinner capsized.Police said they received a rescue call at about 10pm that the eight-metre vessel had overturned, throwing the family overboard about 100 metres from Sam Mun Tsai village, known for its numerous fishing boats and outdoor eateries.The family, their pet dog in tow, were on their way to a fish farm for dinner when the boat…
News24.com | UN says Taliban to announce plans for girls' education 'soon'
The Taliban will announce a framework that allows girls to attend school in Afghanistan "soon," a senior United Nations official said, after four weeks in which Afghan boys have been allowed a secondary education but girls have not.
News24.com | Taliban pledge to step up security as Shi'ite victims buried in Afghanistan
Taliban authorities pledged to step up security at Shi'ite mosques as hundreds of people gathered on Saturday to bury the victims of the second Islamic State suicide attack on worshippers in a week.
Businessinsider.co.za | TikToker Lamu’s followers watched as her ex-husband set her on fire live. He now faces the death penalty.
Lamu was a 30-year-old Tibetan vlogger with 770,000 followers on TikTok. She regularly posted videos about her life in the mountains, until she was murdered by her ex-husband.
Businessinsider.co.za | A Republican group is putting up gigantic billboards to remind Trump that he lost
Republicans for Voting Rights, a group led by several GOP officials, put up the billboard in Times Square calling for an end to "sham audits."
Businessinsider.co.za | The real reason European countries are upset about the US's withdrawal from Afghanistan
The 2015 migrant crisis pushed the EU to its limits, and it now appears to be preparing to prevent a repeat after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Man charged with murder of Nunavut actress Emerald MacDonald
RCMP say Scott Hala was arrested Friday, and is also charged with attempted murder of another woman.
Bill Clinton is ‘doing fine’ and will be out of hospital soon, Biden says
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, 75, was admitted to hospital on Tuesday with an infection unrelated to COVID-19, his spokesman said.
‘Horrific’: Woman raped on Philadelphia train while bystanders did nothing, police say
SEPTA police waiting at the next stop found the woman and arrested a man. The woman was taken to a hospital.
Nazi gear sold by vendor at Florida motorcycle rally
The vendor was selling the hats embroidered with swastikas and a skull-and-bones logo used by the Nazi SS at a stand during Biketoberfest.
Houston bar ambush kills deputy, injures 2, Texas police say
One deputy was shot in the back and another was shot in the foot, said Mark Herman, Harris County Constable Precinct 4. The third deputy was pronounced dead at the hospital.
Underinvestment highlights the complexities of shifting to clean energy
Intermittent renewables and current mayhem in energy markets highlight the importance of firms that link up producers of power with faraway consumers
Not a moment too soon
After a long delay, the loss-making flag-carrier flies free of state ownership
The jury system offers clues to managers everywhere
Rusia, pregătită să majoreze livrările de gaze spre Europa, chiar dacă consumul intern e ridicat
Consumul de gaze în Rusia este la un nivel record dar Moscova încă este pregătită să majoreze livrările spre Europa dacă ar primi astfel de solicitări, a declarat vicepremierul Alexander Novak, transmite Reuters. Citește mai departe...
Varza de Frumoasa, Harghita, la vremea recoltei. Anul acesta, producția a fost peste așteptările localnicilor
După un an de muncă, a venit şi vremea recoltei pentru producătorii agricoli din Harghita. În comuna Frumoasa, varza e vedeta toamnei. Potrivit unui obicei al locului, zecile de hectare cultivate sunt recoltate doar într-o zi de sâmbătă, când se organiza şi un festival. Citește mai departe...
Suspiciuni de cartel pe piața carburanților. Florin Cîţu cere Consiliului Concurenţei să verifice dacă benzinarii s-au înţeles între ei să crească preţurile
Preţurile benzinei şi motorinei au ajuns la un nivel maxim istoric, iar discursurile politicienilor la faza în care aruncă responsabilitatea. Florin Cîţu cere Consiliului Concurenţei o anchetă prin care să verifice dacă există vreun cartel pe piaţa carburanţilor. Citește mai departe...
Amânarea plății facturilor, plafonarea prețurilor și reducerea temporară la 5% a TVA pentru energie în cazul IMM-urilor. Măsuri luate în calcul de guvernul demis, dependente de votul în Parlament
Iarna vine, facturile la gaze și energie cresc de la o lună la alta, dar soluțiile pentru a ține sub control scumpirile sunt încă în analiza guvernului interimar. Citește mai departe...
Soluţiile viitorului verde, mașinile hybrid și electrice, la Salonul Auto Bucureşti. România va trebui să asigure până în 2025 stații publice de încărcare pe drumurile principale, disponibile la cel mult 60 de kilometri între ele
Uniunea Europeană vrea să oprească producţia maşinilor cu ardere internă. O adevărată provocare chiar şi pentru cele mai dezvoltate ţări. În România, ministrul Mediului, Tanczos Barna, a căutat soluţiile viitorului verde la Salonul Auto Bucureşti. Citește mai departe...
Cyber-security firm CYE expands senior management
The newest hires are renowned for their cybersecurity and national security expertise
Facebook's R&D team in Israel helps bring the Internet to developing countries
Facebook's teams in Israel developed a platform that helps local entrepreneurs, network providers and cellular network operators in developing countries to provide cost-effective Wi-Fi solutions.
Tel Aviv ranks 45th best global city for business innovation
San Francisco was chosen as the best city for business innovation, with Beijing and New York finishing as runner-up and third, respectively.
Israeli business leaders share their sukkot 'Ushpizin'
The Jerusalem Post asks Israeli business leaders which "Ushpizin" from the business world they would invite to their sukkah for inspiration.
Itamar Medical acquired for $538 million
Itamar Medical is focused on the development and commercialization of non-invasive medical devices and solutions to aid in the diagnosis of respiratory sleep disorders.
אפקט הקורונה: נמשך הזינוק במכירות מוצרי חשמל לבית

מי שחשב שהקורונה מאחורינו, יגלה שההרגלים שרכשנו במהלך הסגרים (בישראל מרבית מגבלות התנועה הוסרו כבר בחודש מרץ 2021), נמצאים עדיין עמנו, למשל בתחום ההשקעה בבית. אולי זו השהייה הארוכה בבתים במהלך חודשים ארוכים ב-2020 ותחילת 2021, ואולי זו העובדה שלמרות השחרור ההדרגתי מההגבלות, חו"ל לא הפך לאופציה זמינה - לא רק עבור רוב הישראלים, אלא עבור כלל אוכלוסיית העולם. מכל מקום, תהיה הסיבה אשר תהא, נתונים של חברת המחקר GfK חושפים כי נרשמה עלייה של 21% במכירות של מוצרי חשמל קטנים ועלייה של 31% במכירות של מכשירי חשמל גדולים (לבנים) בהשוואה לשנת 2020. GfK צופה שעד תום השנה, סך המכירות ממכשירי חשמל לבית יגיע להיקף של 362 מיליארד דולר. מדובר בעלייה של 8% בהשוואה ל-2020, המשקפת שיא חדש בהיקפי המכירות העולמיים. הסיבה לעלייה הגדולה במכירות מכשירי חשמל לבית היא השהייה הממושכת בבתים בשל הסגרים והחשש מהדבקות בנגיף. השהייה הרבה בבית יצרה ביקוש גבוה למכשירי חשמל טובים יותר שיספקו את הצרכנים שהגבירו בתקופה זו את השימוש בתנורי אפייה ובמכונות ומייבשי כביסה, שטפו יותר כלים באמצעות מדיח הכלים והעדיפו מקררים גדולים יותר שיאחסנו את כל המזון שאגרו בבית. בשל ההתכנסות לתוך הבית, העדיפו הצרכנים מכשירים איכותיים וטכנולוגיים בעלי קיבולת גדולה ומוצרים השומרים על היגיינה. הנתונים מצביעים על עלייה של 36% ברכישת מקררים Side By Side וזינוק של 33% ברכישת מקררים עם יותר מארבעה דלתות. בנוסף, מכונות כביסה עם פונקציית קיטור נמכרו כמעט פי שניים מהשנה הקודמת.

תכנית אוגנדה: טוגדר פארמה במשלוח קנאביס לגרמניה

הקנאביס האוגנדי בדרכו למטופלי הקנאביס הרפואי הגרמנים? חברת הקנאביס הישראלי 'טוגדר פארמה' הודיעה כי תבצע משלוח מסחרי ראשון של תפרחות קנאביס רפואי מחוות הגידול שלה באוגנדה שבאפריקה, לגרמניה. גודל המשלוח עומד על כ-440 קילו ויועבר לידי חברת Cantourage הגרמנית, שתייצר ותפיץ את מוצרי 'טוגדר פארמה' בגרמניה. במסגרת העסקה בין השתיים, טוגדר תזכה לתשלום רק על מוצרים שיימכרו, וההערכה היא כי תכניס עד 2.5 מיליון אירו בהנחה והמשלוח כולו יימכר. מדובר בפריצת דרך עבור חברת הקנאביס הישראלית, שבעבר הועלו סימני שאלה לגבי אפשרות מכירת תוצרת הגידולים החקלאיים שלה מאוגנדה לאירופה.

צבא העם בע"מ: שכר החיילים והכיס של כולנו

עוד לא יבשה הדיו על הנייר שעליו הודפסה התוספות לתקציב הביטחון, כולל השערורייה שמכונה "תוספת הרמטכ"ל" וכבר הוכרזה כוננות בצה"ל, לא - לא מהסוג שינחית בתיבת הדואר שלנו צו-8, אבל בהחלט מהסוג שינציח את הצו-8 הכלכלי שכולנו מקבלים מעת לעת ממערכת הביטחון. מדובר, להזכירכם, באותה מערכת ביטחון אדירה שלא מסוגלת לדאוג להסעות החיילים לבסיס ובחזרה, אבל עתה רוצה שלפחות יהיה להם כסף לבזבוזים בטרם ייאלצו להתגנב לתא המטען באוטובוסים בכדי להגיע לבסיס. אחרי שדאג לקציניו הבכירים ולנגדים בקריה (למשל), התפנה צה"ל למאבק פופוליסטי במיוחד, על העלאת השכר לחיילי הסדיר בשיעור של 50%. מאיפה הכסף? אה, זהו - צה"ל, בנדיבותו, מוכן לשאת ב-30% מעלות התוספת. שזה במילים אחרות להגיד לנו, האזרחים, ש-70% - עוד לפחות חצי מיליארד שקל - הנותרים ימומנו על ידינו: משירותי הבריאות, הרווחה והחינוך.

בוקר טוב מדרום אמריקה: נסטלה משיקים סיני מיניס צ'ורוס

סיני מיניס, מותג מדגני הבוקר של נסטלה, מרחיב את המגוון ומשיק לראשונה את סיני מיניס צ'ורוס, דגני בוקר פריכים בטעם קינמון בצורת צ'ורוס. המוצר החדש מתווסף למשפחת דגני הבוקר בישראל המשלבים בין טעם שאוהבים לבין וערכים תזונתיים. סיני מיניס צ'ורוס הושק כבר בפורטוגל, ספרד ואוסטרליה והפך למוצר מוביל ואהוב. מסקר שערכנו בישראל עולה כי כ-90% מהישראלים אוהבים צ'ורוס. סיני מיניס צ'ורוס, דגני בוקר פריכים בטעם קינמון, עשויים מחיטה מלאה, עשירים בברזל, ומהווים מקור לוויטמינים. סיני מיניס צ'ורוס מגיעים בצורה ייחודית של צ'ורוס קטן, פריך וקראנצ'י, מתאימים לאכילה עם או בלי חלב, כארוחת בוקר או כנשנוש בין הארוחות. נחום זיימן, מנהל חטיבת דגני הבוקר והקפה באסם-נסטלה: "בדגני הבוקר של נסטלה אנו מחפשים אחר חידושים ועוקבים אחר הטרנדים החמים בעולם מתוך ידיעה כי קהל הצרכנים הישראלי מחפש את הריגושים והדברים החדשים ביותר. סיני מיניס צ'ורוס זכה במבחני טעימה לציוני גבוהים מאוד ואנו מקווים שיתקבל באהבה על ידי הצרכנים". להשיג ברשתות השיווק המובילות ברחבי הארץ.

ברביבאי  בחדר הנקי

שרת הכלכלה והתעשייה אורנה ברביבאי הגיעה לקמפוס חברת הטכנולוגיה 'אפלייד מטיריאלס' בקריית המדע שברחובות, לביקור מיוחד בחדר הייצור הנקי החדש של החברה. אפלייד, המעסיקה כ- 1800 עובדים ועובדות בישראל, הודיעה זה מכבר על הרחבת הנוכחות שלה בישראל והגדלת שטחי הייצור מ- 4,000 מ"ר כיום לכ- 7,200 מ"ר עם השלמת הליך ההתרחבות. עופר גרינברגר, נשיא ומנכ"ל 'אפלייד מטיריאלס ישראל' ליווה את ביקורה של השרה. ברביבאי אמרה כי הסיור בחברה חיזק את תחושת הגאווה שיש לה כלפי התעשייה והמשק בישראל. הטכנולוגיות המתקדמות לצד הון אנושי מקצועי ואיכותי, הם שמאפשרים לכלכלת ישראל לצמוח ולעמוד בחזית טכנולגיית הננו-ייצור העולמית. אפלייד נמצאת כיום בהליך גיוס מואץ של כ- 250 עובדים ועובדות למגוון רחב של תפקידים, זאת לאחר שצירפה לשורותיה כ- 300 עובדים חדשים בשנתיים האחרונות.

Ex-vicepreședinte al Parlamentului: Modelul liberal al economiei la etapa actuală ucide producătorii autohtoni
Fostul vicepreședinte al Parlamentului, ex-deputatul Platformei DA, Alexandru Slusari, este de părere că modelul liberal al economiei și comerțului la etapa actuală ucide producătorii autohtoni, din motiv că rețelele de supermarketuri, controlate din afara țării, promovează interesele importatorilor și prin politica dură de discaunturi exorbitante discriminează furnizorii locali, mai ales pe cei din sectorul agroindustrial.
Bitcoin-ul se apropie de un nou apogeu. Cât costă acum moneda digitală
Pe măsură ce traderii au devenit tot mai încrezători că autoritățile de reglementare din SUA vor aproba lansarea unui fond tranzacționat la bursă, Bitcoin a ajuns la 60.000 de dolari pentru prima dată în ultimele șase luni, apropiindu-se de maximul său record, scrie Bloomberg News. Potrivit sursei citate, Bitcoin a crescut cu 4,5%, atingând cel mai ridicat nivel din 17 aprilie.
Produsele agro-industriale moldovenești, promovate în Coreea de Sud. Ce planuri au autoritățile
Produsele agro-industriale moldovenești ar putea fi promovate în Coreea de Sud. Cel puțin asta își propun autoritățile de la Chișinău. Ministrul Agriculturii și Industriei Alimentare, Viorel Gherciu, a avut o întrevedere cu Excelența Sa -Hyung-Tae KIM, Ambasador Extraordinar și Plenipotențiar al Republicii Coreea în Republica Moldova, cu sediul la Kiev. În cadrul discuțiilor, șeful de la Agricultură a exprimat interesul pentru intensificarea colaborării cu Republica Coreea de Sud în dezvoltarea relațiilor bilaterale din sectorul agroalimentar.
Prețul maxim la carburanți continuă să crească. ANRE explică majorările
Prețul la carburanți continuă să crească. Cel puțin aceasta arată prețul plafon pentru benzină și motorină stabilite de Agenția Națională pentru Reglementare în Energetică (ANRE) pentru zilele de weekend. Iată cum explică instituția scumpirile.
Modificări la bugetul de stat: Veniturile cresc cu  3,7 miliarde de lei, iar deficitul bugetar s-a micșorat cu 16,8%
Deputațiiau aprobat modificări la Legea bugetului de stat pe anul 2021. Astfel, veniturile bugetului de stat au fost majorate cu circa 3,7 miliarde de lei (8,9%), cheltuielile – cu 1,2 miliarde de lei (2,2%), respectiv, deficitul bugetar s-a micșorat cu 2,5 miliarde de lei (16,8%).
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Descoperire despre persoanele care suferă de oboseală cronică
Persoanele care suferă de sindromul oboselii cronice prezintă anomalii cerebrale, potrivit unui studiu publicat în revista medicală americană Radiology, relatează AFP. Acest sindrom, numit de asemenea encefalomielită mialgică, se caracterizează printr-o stare de oboseală persistentă ce nu poate fi explicată şi care continuă luni de zile, chiar ani, în pofida repausului. Considerată maladie n
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Alimente care curăță plămînii
Alimente pentru vindecarea plămînilor. Pe lîngă renunțarea la fumat, evitarea poluării și infecțiilor, puteți menține sănătatea plămînilor și consumînd alimente care curăță, detoxifiază și scad inflamația. Iată cîteva exemple: Somon Somonul conține o cantitate mare de acizi grași Omega-3. În timp ce aceste grăsimi sănătoase au fost recunoscute pe scară largă pentru efectele lor de reducer
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Un colorant va fi interzis în UE. În ce alimente era folosit
Un colorant folosit la guma de mestecat, produse de patiserie, suplimente alimentare, supe și bulion va fi interzis în UE începînd din 2021. Este vorba despre dioxidul de titan, transmite Mediafax. Statele membre au aprobat vineri propunerea Comisiei Europene de a interzice utilizarea dioxidului de titan (E171) ca aditiv alimentar începînd din 2022. Dioxidul de titan are rol de colorant în m
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Cît de sănătos poate fi muștarul
Frunzele de muștar conțin fosfor, calciu, magneziu și vitaminele din complexul B. Iar uleiul de muștar este bogat în vitaminele A, B3, B4, B6, D, E, K, P, substanțe glicozide, fitosteroili, substanțe volatile, clorofilă, acizi grași polinesaturați, acid linoleic, acizi grași esențiali omega-3, fier, zinc, magneziu, calciu, proteine. Specialiștii spun că ceaiul din frunzele de muștar ajută foart
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De ce este bine să mănînci avocado în fiecare zi
Consumul zilnic de avocado îmbunătățește metabolismul și normalizează funcția intestinului. Despre acest lucru a scris publicația japoneză Nihon Keizai. Autorul articolului se referă la un studiu realizat de oamenii de știință americani, la care au participat 163 de pacienți de diferite sexe cu vîrste cuprinse între 25 și 45 de ani. Se remarcă faptul că indicele masei corporale al subiecților a
Alți 34 de oameni au fost răpuși sâmbătă de noul coronavirus
Alți 34 de oameni au fost răpuși de noul coronavirus. Bilanțul deceselor în țara noastră se ridică la 7 206. Potrivit datelor Ministerului Sănătății, ultimele victime au vârste între 44 și 96 de ani.
Columbia sterilizează hipopotamii lui Pablo Escobar. Specia este invazivă și a îndepărtat fauna nativă
Un grup de hipopotami - o moștenire nedorită în urma morții celebrului lord columbian al drogurilor Pablo Escobar - sunt sterilizați.
Rusia spune că o nouă criză a gazelor este posibilă în viitor și face apel la UE să negocieze
Rusia consideră că o nouă criză a gazelor este posibilă în Europa, în viitor, relatează sâmbătă dpa. Țara a făcut apel la liderii UE să negocieze.
(VIDEO) Salvatorii au avut o operațiune mai puțin obișnuită. Ei au fost solicitați să salveze un... porumbel
Salvatorii au intervenit într-o operațiune mai puțin obișnuită. Ei au fost solicitați să salveze un... porumbel. Din imaginile transmise pentru publika.md, se vede că pasărea a rămas blocată între crengile unui copac, din parcul Valea Trandafirilor.
Mulți bolnavi, puțini vaccinați. Rata de imunizare rămâne a fi scăzută în țară
Pandemia scăpă de sub controlul autorităţilor. Potrivit Ministerului Sănătăţii, în ultimele patru zile s-a înregistrat o medie de 1500 de cazuri noi pe zi, în timp ce numărul moldovenilor care se imunizează anti-COVID-19 cu prima doză este în mediu de două mii de persoane pe zi.
Omul lui Dodon de la conducerea „Moldovagaz” îi MUȘTRULUIEȘTE pe moldovenii care fierb la aragaz două căni de apă și nu una. „Comunicatele lor au menirea să provoace PANICĂ și să slăbească pozițiile R. Moldova la negocierile cu Gazprom”
Directorul „Moldovagaz”, Vadim Ceban, a decis să-i muștruluiască pe moldovenii care nu înțeleg că în aceste zile trebuie să reducă la maximu...
„Moldovagaz” seamănă PANICĂ în rândul cetățenilor? Furnizorul de gaze naturale îndeamnă, a doua zi consecutiv, moldovenii să deconecteze centralele termice și să folosească gazele doar la prepararea hranei
„Moldovagaz” îndeamnă repetat cetățenii R. Moldova să economisească la maximum gazele naturale, prin intermediul unui comunicat de presă. Fu...
CONTRABANDĂ // Sute de kilograme de carne de vită congelată de origine străină, cu termenul de valabilitate expirat, urmau să fie vândute în piețele din Chișinău
O cantitate de 240 de kilograme de carne de vită congelată de origine străină, cu termenul de valabilitate expirat, urma să ajungă în piețele...
CRIZA GAZELOR // Ucraina a sărit în AJUTOR Republicii Moldova: Kievul ne livrează energie electrică pentru a acoperi deficitul determinat de scăderea cu 35% a volumului de gaze trimis de către Federația Rusă republicii noastre
Reducerea volumului de gaze naturale livrate R. Moldova de către Federația Rusă în luna octombrie a determinat un deficit de energie elec...
Parlamentul a decis cum vor fi cheltuite cele 236 de milioane de dolari de la FMI
Suma 236 de milioane de dolari, echivalentul celor 165,333 de milioane de Drepturi speciale de tragere (DST) de la Fondul Monetar Internațion...
Circulația transportului public în Piața Marii Adunări Naționale este sistată.
Șeful „Moldovagaz”: Nu este nevoie să fierbeți un ceainic plin, economisiți gazul
Vadim Ceban consideră că moldovenii ar putea reduce capacitatea sistemelor de încălzire autonome.
Salvatorii au ajutat echipa de filmare care s-a întors pe Pământ să părăsească vehiculul de coborâre Soyuz
Expert: Chișinăul ar putea semna cu România un contract de livrare a gazelor
Chișinăul trebuie, în maximum două săptămâni, să ia o decizie politică ca de la 1 noiembrie să fim aprovizionați cu gaz.
Cunoscutul medic trage un semnal de alarmă și spune că pacienții infectați cu SARS-CoV-2 care aleg să se trateze acasă, singuri, după rețete care circulă pe internet, riscă să moară. Ce mesaj transmite medicul Mihai Craiu.