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- /u/OtHanski

Edit: Voting time has ended, results are as follows:







For the top 3, a custom subreddit flair will be given as a prize 🙂

It's time for the finals of the first r/Dance tournament! We got six finalists ready to go, and just as before, the event is fully community judged 😀

For the finals the voting will be slightly different from qualifiers. In the finals, you will have to place the dancers in order of preference, placed 1-6. The results will be calculated according to a modified version of the WDSF skating system used in dancesport competitions. The voting is done via Google Forms:

Voting form

Note, you'll be required to sign in to Google to prevent duplicate voting. Email addresses aren't collected though, so you can rest easy. Also, do join us on the r/Dance Discord server, in case you're interested in following the competition more closely 😀

Finalists and video links:







Additionally, in the non-competing category, we have:


Shae Marie


submitted by /u/OtHanski [link] [comments]
- /u/OtHanski

It's finally time for the second tournament!

As was the case for the first tournament, the tournament is being run at the r/Dance Discord server, so head on over there if you want to take part! Not to worry though, the videos and results will be updated on the subreddit in pinned posts, so no need to worry about missing any of the submissions 😉

The deadline for registration is April 16th, 12pm London time, or a bit over a week after this post, so be sure to join in before then 😀

Edit: I had accidentally typed in May for the registration deadline, while it was supposed to be April, sorry bout that

submitted by /u/OtHanski [link] [comments]
Chinese ancient dance
- /u/Old-Target5334

I’m 17 and I haven’t been in ballet for as long as the other people in my class, who are all much better than me. This year my studio is performing Swan Lake, and when I had a random burst of confidence I put my name down to audition for the white swan and the black swan solos. Now I really really regret it because I’ve been practising so much but I still look very awkward and just overall bad. I can’t stop thinking about the auditions and having bad anxiety attacks over it. I don’t know if I should tell my teacher I don’t want to audition anymore because she might get a bad impression, help

submitted by /u/Old-Target5334 [link] [comments]
- Marianka Swain
Strictly Speaking: Week 3

Ah, Strictly theme weeks: synonymous with high drama, rampant scoring inflation, and a heady mix of glamour and the dredges of a three-year-old’s dressing-up box. This Movie Week was no exception: we got 10s; we got tears; and we got costumes that are so psychologically scarring that they will actually be the last thing I […]

The post Strictly Speaking: Week 3 appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Marianka Swain
Strictly Speaking: Week 2

Welcome to the Thunderdome! Week 1 was all pats on the back for even finding your way into the studio; now, the real Strictly judging begins. Well, sort of. Once again, we found our panel in a mercurial mood, dishing out everything from 3s to 9s with the whimsy of a giggling child dictator. Most […]

The post Strictly Speaking: Week 2 appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Marianka Swain
Strictly Speaking: Week 1

We’re off! This opener had everything we love about Strictly: dance, drama and dance-drama; a bewildering costume lottery; Tess patronising people to within an inch of their lives; scoring that began sane and then descended into utter chaos; and, most important, contestants we’d never heard of before this claiming a place in our hearts.  On […]

The post Strictly Speaking: Week 1 appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Marianka Swain
Strictly Speaking: Launch show

Marianka Swain introduces the Class of 2021 Hurrah, we’re back! Hello, fellow Strictly watchers – I’m so glad that our Saturday nights are sparkly once more. The show really got me through the darkness of winter 2020 and it promises to be a joy again, this time with a full run, a cast of 15 […]

The post Strictly Speaking: Launch show appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Daniel Pratt

It isn’t unusual to feel reflective at the start of a new year, but as winter 2020 turns into spring 2021, I’m feeling more pensive than I have in recent years. I’ve written before in the pages of Dancing Times about how lucky I am to be living a dancing life that, though adapted, is […]

The post Brave New World?  appeared first on Dancing Times.

- HipHopInternational
L’une des plus grandes compétitions de street dance était jusqu’à présent organisée au Zénith d’Orléans par Hip hop international (HHI), la mairie et des associations locales. Annulée en 2020 pour cause de crise sanitaire, la prochaine rencontre aura lieu à Disneyland Paris. La nouvelle est tombée sur les réseaux sociaux en fin de semaine : le […]
- HipHopInternational
HHI JAPAN:  世界最大規模のHIP HOP DANCE 大会への出場権をかけたクルー(チーム)国内選考大会 ALL JAPAN HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021・2021年4月3日(土)神奈川県・横須賀市にて開催! ~クルー/コーチ説明会も2021年1月オンラインで開催~
HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL JAPAN(代表:佐々木 恵美子)は「ALL JAPAN HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021」を2021年4月3日(土)神奈川県・横須賀市 横須賀芸術劇場 大劇場(よこすか芸術劇場)にて開催致します。 画像1: https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/241745/LL_img_241745_1.jpgキービジュアル 本大会に出場し、各カテゴリーにおいて、上位3チームに入賞したクルーは、同年8月にアメリカで開催される世界最大のHIP HOP DANCE大会の一つである「WORLD HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP」への出場権を得ることができます。この世界大会は、54の国と地域からダンサーたちが各参加国内で実施される、国内予選を突破し参加する、まさに世界最大規模のHIP HOP DANCE大会となっており、この大会への出場を機に、プロのダンサーや世界で活躍するダンサーとなっていく日本人選手も少なくありません。 この大会が他のダンス大会と違う大きな特徴の一つとして、全世界で共通かつ、公平な得点制の評価を採用している点が挙げられます。様々な技や演技に対して、加点や減点の基準があり、国際認定ジャッジが、主観ではなく、採点基準に合わせた客観的な採点を行うことで、公平性を担保する仕組みが特徴的です。まるで、フィギアスケートさながらの客観的で、厳密な得点制の手法となっています。 この世界大会に出場するには、4月3日に開催となる、国内大会で上位3チーム(上記3チームが出場を辞退した場合は繰り上げで参加権を得ることができる)に入らなければならず、本年も、大会出場をかけて、し烈な出場権争いとなること間違いありません。 参加クルー(チーム)関係者に向けた、事前説明会は2021年1月にオンラインで開催を予定しております。また、クルー説明会の模様は、後日イベントHPへも掲載する予定です。 イベントHPhttp://hhijapan.com/alljapan2021/ ●開催概要日時 : 2021年4月3日(土) 2部制での開催を想定(時間は調整中)会場 : 横須賀芸術劇場 大劇場(よこすか芸術劇場)アクセス : 「京浜急行汐入駅」徒歩1分、「JR横須賀駅」徒歩8分参加定員 : 36クルー(チーム)参加費 : 1部門参加(5,500円)、2部門参加(8,000円)、3部門参加(10,000円)それぞれ1名につき上記の参加費が必要です。その他詳細な出場要件はイベントHPにてご確認ください。申込方法 : WEBからの申込イベントHP: http://hhijapan.com/alljapan2021/ ●HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPについて世界中のパーフォーマーたちがHIP HOP DANCEの芸術性とテクニックを競い合う機会であり、メディア露出のチャンスという評判も高く、国ごとにタイトルを賭けて踊る世界選手権ともいえる競技ダンスイベントです。 ●HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL(HHI)とは2002年に設立され、ロサンゼルスを拠点としています。数々のダンス大会をプロデュースし、世界中のライブイベント、ライブストリーミング配信、テレビ放送等を通じて100カ国以上で名前が知られています。 ●HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL JAPAN(HHI […]
- HipHopInternational
Tell us about your family background. I am from a middle class family from Vasai, Mumbai. I am the first one in the family who took up dancing as my father and brothers are into the construction business. I did join my father’s business for a brief period of time but then realised that’s not […]
- HipHopInternational
Ces dernières années, le Théâtre d’Orléans puis le Zénith avaient accueilli la finale française du Hip Hop International, une compétition regroupant des groupes de danse hip hop de toute la France, avec en jeu une place en finale des championnats du Monde. L’événement quitte Orléans en 2021. Orléans n’accueillera plus le championnat de France de […]
- HipHopInternational
Los bailarines de Rincón obtuvieron un nuevo premio y lograron clasificarse para una competencia internacional en Estados Unidos. Entre el domingo 17 de noviembre y el lunes 18 se realizó el Torneo Nacional «Hip Hop International» y el joven rinconense Federico Lorenzo Diaz «B-Boy Lil Lorenz», junto a sus compañeros de «The Main Crew”», se […]
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
CHLOE ARNOLD x TILER PECK - Independent Women
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
Syncopated Ladies Showcase Tap Dancing Skills Live on 'GMA'
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
Chloe Arnold x Zyla Dances - Tap Dance
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
CHLOE ARNOLD - Emmy Nominated Choreographer 2018
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
Disney's 50th Anniversary Trip | Chris & Clay
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
Advice for Coming Out | Chris & Clay
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
Decorating for Halloween! | Chris & Clay
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
Either/Or: DATE NIGHT Edition | Chris & Clay
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
POOF BE GONE Dance - Husbands Version!
- Cole Blake
Young Thug's "Punk" Estimated To Debut With 85k–95k Sales
Initial estimates for Young Thug's album sales for "Punk" are here.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/young-thugs-punk-estimated-to-debut-with-85k-95k-sales-news.141105.html
- Cole Blake
Mick Jagger Responds To Paul McCartney's Rolling Stones Diss
Mick Jagger responds to Paul McCartney's criticism of the Rolling Stones.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/mick-jagger-responds-to-paul-mccartneys-rolling-stones-diss-news.141103.html
- Cole Blake
Ryan Reynolds Announces "Sabbatical" From Making Movies Following "Spirited"
Ryan Reynolds says he's taking a break from making movies.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/ryan-reynolds-announces-sabbatical-from-making-movies-following-spirited-news.141101.html
- Cole Blake
Richard Sherman Goes Back & Forth With Fan On Twitter
Richard Sherman went back and forth with a fan on Twitter, Friday.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/richard-sherman-goes-back-and-forth-with-fan-on-twitter-news.141100.html
- Cole Blake
L.A. County Requests Vanessa Bryant Take A Psychiatric Exam For Lawsuit Over Helicopter Crash
L.A. County wants Vanessa Bryant to complete a psychiatric exam for her lawsuit over leaked photos of Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/la-county-requests-vanessa-bryant-take-a-psychiatric-exam-for-lawsuit-over-helicopter-crash-news.141099.html
- Jason Cordner
SOURCE SPORTS: Kahleah Copper and Chicago Sky Dominated Phoenix Mercury To Pull One Win Away From First WNBA Championship

Kahleah Copper went off and couldn’t be stopped as the Chicago Sky now find themselves one win away from their first WNBA Championship. Copper scored 20 points in an efficient first-half outing to lead the Sky to an 86-50 victory in Game 3 over the Phoenix Mercury at a sold-out Wintrust Arena in Chicago on Friday. […]

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Kahleah Copper and Chicago Sky Dominated Phoenix Mercury To Pull One Win Away From First WNBA Championship appeared first on The Source.

- Shawn Grant
SOURCE PREVIEW: Big Daddy Kane vs. KRS-One Who Wins the VERZUZ?
attachment big daddy kane krs one

New York City will once again be the location for VERZUZ. Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One are set to take over the Barclays Center. After the announcement was made official, fans began to go into the discographies of both artists and attempt to pick a winner. Brooklynite Antonio Hardy aka Big Daddy Kane stepped on […]

The post SOURCE PREVIEW: Big Daddy Kane vs. KRS-One Who Wins the VERZUZ? appeared first on The Source.

- Jason Cordner
SOURCE SPORTS: Deontay Wilder Breaks Silence and Congratulates Tyson Fury On His Latest Victory

It took a few days but Deontay Wilder finally spoke up and gave Tyson Fury his props and appreciation for the conclusion of their trilogy. Wilder broke his silence with an Instagram post on Thursday morning, congratulating Fury on his victory and “for the great historical memories that will last forever.” “Wow, what a hell […]

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Deontay Wilder Breaks Silence and Congratulates Tyson Fury On His Latest Victory appeared first on The Source.

- Shawn Grant
Stokely Carmichael’s ‘Free Huey’ Reissued by Motown Records’ Black Forum Label
unnamed 3 3

On the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party, the Motown Records’ Black Forum label has reissued Stokely Carmichael’s Free Huey. One of the most popular and influential leaders of the Black Power movement, Carmichael (who later adopted the name Kwame Ture) delivered the speech in February 1968 at the Oakland Auditorium […]

The post Stokely Carmichael’s ‘Free Huey’ Reissued by Motown Records’ Black Forum Label appeared first on The Source.

- Shawn Grant
Lil Zay Osama Preview ‘Trench Baby 2’ With “If It’s War” Single
unnamed 1 6

Lil Zay Osama has released a menacing new single “If It’s War,” alongside the accompanying visual via Warner Records. The film is shot by Diamond Visuals, and brings the song a mafia-style, the cinematic video that shows Zay and his men sticking up the bagman. Zay takes over center stage and raps over the hard-hitting […]

The post Lil Zay Osama Preview ‘Trench Baby 2’ With “If It’s War” Single appeared first on The Source.

- /u/TheRoyalGodfrey
Albums Young Thug - PUNK (featuring Drake, Doja Cat, Travis Scott, J. Cole, Future, Mac Miller, Gunna, Nate Reuss + more) [ATL Trap, Pop Rap, 300 / Atlantic] Gucci Mane & The New 1017 Records - So Icy Boyz (featuring Lil Baby + more) [Trap, Label Album, Atlantic] PinkPantheress - to hell with it [2-Step, Alternative R&B, Parlophone] Dax - Pain Paints Paintings (featuring Snow Tha Product, Tom McDonald, Lecrae, Yelawolf, Clever & Nasty C) [ DOM KENNEDY - From The Westside With Love Three (featuring Quentin Miller + more) [West Coast Hip Hop, OPM] City Morgue - CITY MORGUE VOLUME 3: BOTTOM OF THE BARREL (featuring Jasiah) [Nu-Metal, Hikari-ULTRA / Republic] Loski - Censored [UK Drill, Since 93] KenTheMan - What's My Name [Trap, Asylum] Zack Fox - shut the fuck up talking to me (featuring The Alchemist, Kenny Beats + more) [Comedy Rap, Parasang] Kacy Hill - Simple, Sweet, and Smiling [R&B, Independent] Slimelife Shawty - Better Living (featuring Lil Durk) [Trap, ATL, Alamo] BIGBABYGUCCI - Human (featuring Tia Corine + more) [SoundCloud Rap, Independent] Offset Jim - Rich Off The Pack (featuring EST Gee, ALLBLACK, Babyface Ray, Kenny Beats & Aitch) [Post-Hyphy, Play Runners / EMPIRE] Baker Boy (🇦🇺) - Gela [Australian Hip Hop, Island] Kirk Knight - After Dark [Beast Coast, Blacksmith] MemoTheMafioso - Pennies to Riches [San Diego, Trap, Create Music] LIL UGLY MANE - VOLCANIC BIRD ENEMY AND THE VOICED CONCERN [Cloud Rap, Independent] Duwap Kaine - HardHead [Plugg, TAF] BLACKSTARKIDS (🇦🇺) - Puppies Forever [Indie Hip Hop, Dirty Hit] Jdot Breezy & Whoppa Wit Da Choppa - The Kuran (featuring Spinabenz) [Florida Trap, Hitmaker] Brendan Bennett - DID I DREAM THIS LIFE OF MINE [Pop Rap, Florida, White, Off Center] Payroll Giovanni - Giovanni's Way (featuring Tee Grizzley, Peezy, Kash Doll, Babyface Ray, Doughboyz Cashout + more) [Michigan Trap, BYLUG / EMPIRE] DB.Boutabag - 2 Klocks, Vol. 2 (featuring Young Slo-Be, Ralfy the Plug + more) [Sacramento Gangsta Rap, Bag Klan / Thizzler on the Roof] Levi Carter - Heaven Must Be Ghetto [GHETTO SOUND] Xenia Rubinos - Una Rosa [Neo-Soul, Art Pop, Anti] S. Maharba - Cold Friend [Knives] Grafh & DJ Shay - Stop Calling Art Content (featuring Bun B, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Benny the Butcher, Cyhi the Prynce, Elcamino, Ransom, BSF + more) [Boom Bap, Team Bang Dope Gang / Black Soprano Family] Obijuan & Giallo Point - DRESDEN JEWELER Big Twins & Cuns - Hood Stories [East Coast Boom Bap, Tuff Kong] Jameel Naim X & MEPHUX - Viktor (featuring Roc Marciano, Flee Lord, Eto & T.F.) [Boom Bap, LordMobb] Mykill Miers & Pawz One - Double Homicide [West Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Below System] Pokémon 25: The Album (featuring Post Malone, Vince Staples, J Balvin, Tierra Whack, Lil Yachty, Katy Perry, Mabel, ZHU + more) [Soundtrack, Capitol] All Hail Y.T. - Player Made (featuring Jay Worthy, Boldy James + more) [Financed By Dope Money] Passport Rav - Sand In My Carry On (featuring The Musalini, Pro Dillinger + more) [Boom Bap, Be Fly Stay Hungry] Jae Skeese - Revolver Ocelot (featuring Conway the Machine + more) [Boom Bap] EPs Sainte - Out the Blue [UK Rap, RIYL Curren$y, YSM / Believe] Elijah Waters - Arranged Escape [European Rap, Indepedent] Jimothy Lacoste - Jimothy's House Party Package 2 Shawny Binladen - Wikipedia (Deluxe) [Sample Drill, WCF] Pan Amsterdam - P.A.&JSammich [Jazz Rap, Florida, Def Pressé] Steven Bamidele - Uncrowded EP [Soul, Park the Van] Asia Graves - If You Knew Better [R&B, Indepedent] Songs Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY (Extended) Giveon - Just For Me (PinkPantheress Cover)* Lil Durk - Pissed Me Off Mac Miller - Yeah (Faces Re-Release Bonus Track) Kodak Black - Killing The Rats James Blake & slowthai - Funeral Lil Yachty - Believing Soulja Boy - Squid Games NLE Choppa - Another Baby OTW(Pound Cake Freestyle)* YNW BSlime - Citi Trends (feat. NLE Choppa) KAYTRANADA - P.O.M.M. (feat. Tinashe) [2017 Demo]* / LALALA (2019 BUBBA Demo)* Chicken P - VVS (feat. Yung Bleu) Key Glock - Da Truth Fabolous - Gyalis Freestyle* Michael Kinanuka - Beautiful Life Maxo Kream - GREENER KNOTS Brennan Savage - When It All Goes Wrong Hotboii - All The Opps Erick the Architect - Self Made KA$HDAMI - Intermission Benny The Butcher & Blaze Gee - The Game Hiatus Kaiyote - Canopic Jar Aesop Rock & Blockhead - Jazz Hands Locksmith & K.A.A.N - Ramp Up Louis Futon - Re-Up (feat. Armani White) Foolio - List of Dead Opps Jay Worthy & DåM FunK - All Over (feat. Sadat X) / Moonlight (feat. Budgie) CEO Trayle - Red Sight Freestyle NxxxxxS & Soudiere - Bulletproof (feat. Joey Fatts) Kreayshawn - The Mom Song (feat. Christina P) SG ALI - Hidden Pain (feat. OMB Peezy) CASUAL (of Hieroglyphics) - BLACK EGYPT Roc Marciano & Nicholas Craven - 1000 Mile Stare Liv.e - Bout It SICKBOYRARI - All Red Jelani Blackman - Secrets Lil Migo - Rumors 3 Bandmanrill - SHAKE IT Big Baby Scumbag - Red Light Freestyle Homeboy Sandman - Parks and Wreck (Theme Song Remix) LukeyWorld - No Suckas Wynne & Christo - CARROT CAKE Haviah Mighty - Coulda Been U (feat. Astrokidjay) KayCyy - Bombs Away (the perfect interlude) BabyTron - Where They At Ouija Macc - Get A Life Mibbs (Pac Div) - Joy Demetuest - Masc Off (feat. Teddy Jackson & Akenya) Moël - Now It’s Late Lord Jah-Monte Ogban - Red Flag Emoji Cashus King - HBCU 10TA Lil A - Boss Life Alfred Banks - Flaunt (feat. CZA)

* means not on Spotify/Apple Music

sorted by Spotify monthly listeners

From /u/KHDTX13 (will be updated):

SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS: Fresh Singles Fresh Albums & EPs Full Calendar submitted by /u/TheRoyalGodfrey [link] [comments]
- /u/HHHRobot

If you're looking for a recommendation give a description/music link/artist so that other people will know what you want.

Example: "I want to hear an artist that sounds like old Kanye production" (you can get more specific but usually enough). And then someone will respond with recommendations X, Y, and Z.

You can also leave a top level comment recommending an artist/project/scene that you think others might like if they like X, Y, and Z.

Example: "You guys should check out DJ Mustard's mixtape Ketchup RIYL (recommended if you like) post-hyphy and minimalistic west coast beats"

Remember, the point of this thread is to share music, try not to post stuff that's already really popular unless it answers someone's question.

The more descriptive you guys are with your posts, the easier it is to help you find what you want. Just stating an artist's name isn't that helpful since you might only like one specific aspect of that artist's music.

Previous RIYL posts

submitted by /u/HHHRobot [link] [comments]
- /u/Chriscftb97
Rank Artist Album Label Pure Sales Streaming Sales Track Equivalent Sales TOTAL SALES 1 Drake Certified Lover Boy OVO/Republic 46,000 562,329 5,000 613,000 2 Kanye West Donda G.O.O.D./Def Jam 37,000 272,000 684 309,000 3 J. Cole The Off-Season Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope 37,000 243,000 2,000 282,000 4 Tyler, The Creator CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST Columbia 55,000 114,000 604 169,604 5 Lil Baby & Lil Durk The Voice of the Heroes Alamo/Geffen/Interscope/WolfPack/Quality Control/Motown 4,000 144,000 1,000 150,000 6 Polo G Hall of Fame Columbia 18,000 124,000 1,197 143,000 7 YoungBoy Never Broke Again Sincerely, Kentrell Never Broke Again/Atlantic 10,199 126,874 701 137,775 8 Rod Wave SoulFly Alamo/Geffen/Interscope 4,000 126,000 700 130,700 9 Migos Culture III Quality Control/Motown 22,500 106,000 2,028 130,500 10 Lil Nas X MONTERO Columbia 22,000 102,000 2,000 126,000 11 Young Stoner Life, Young Thug & Gunna Slime Language 2 Young Stoner Life/Atlantic 6,000 106,000 1,000 113,000 12 Moneybagg Yo A Gangsta's Pain CMG/N-Less/Interscope 4,000 106,020 713 110,713 13 Doja Cat Planet Her Kemosabe/RCA 11,024 95,722 2,715 109,461 14 Meek Mill Expensive Pain MMG/Atlantic 10,000 82,000 3,000 95,000 15 DJ Khaled KHALED KHALED We The Best/Epic 15,006 76,000 3,000 94,000 16 NF CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) NF Real Music/Virgin 61,541 27,377 916 89,834 17 The Weeknd The Highlights XO/Republic 9,995 69,827 9,018 88,840 18 Pop Smoke Faith Victor Victor/Republic 3,984 83,000 1,323 88,000 19 Trippie Redd Trip At Knight TenThousand 6,143 69,171 426 81,000 20 Don Toliver Life of a DON Cactus Jack/WeRunIt/Atlantic 20,866 51,001 323 72,190 21 Lil Tjay Destined 2 Win Columbia 2,549 59,013 705 62,267 22 Pooh Shiesty Shiesty Season Atlantic 1,324 61,618 463 62,000 23 NCT 127 Sticker - The 3rd Album SM/Virgin 58,161 2,964 188 61,648 24 Nas King's Disease II Mass Appeal 20,385 34,962 1,594 56,941 25 Prince Welcome 2 America Legacy 51,970 4,476 480 56,926 26 Baby Keem The Melodic Blue Columbia 1,187 52,517 365 54,068 27 G Herbo 25 Machine Label Group/Imperial/Republic 1,609 44,693 289 46,591 28 Isaiah Rashad The House Is Burning TDE/Warner 4,338 38,175 211 42,724 29 Jazmine Sullivan Heaux Tales RCA 6,907 32,177 694 39,778 30 H.E.R. Back of My Mind RCA 6,099 29,045 1,026 36,170 31 Young Dolph & Key Glock Dum and Dummer 2 Paper Route/Empire 3,775 31,187 258 35,220 32 DMX Exodus Def Jam 14,332 16,872 965 32,168 33 42 Dugg Free Dem Boyz CMG/Interscope 819 30,899 206 31,924 34 $uicideboy$ Long Term Effects of SUFFERING G59 3,464 27,703 93 31,260 35 Giveon When It's All Said And Done... Take Time Not So Fast/Epic 1,307 28,624 365 30,296 36 Lil Tecca We Love You Tecca 2 Galactic/Republic 1,203 28,689 134 30,027 37 BROCKHAMPTON ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE RCA 14,932 14,362 53 29,347 38 Only The Family Lil Durk Presents: Loyal Bros Only The Family/Empire 2,020 26,806 200 29,025 39 EST Gee Bigger Than Life Or Death Warlike/CMG/Interscope 2,053 26,186 217 28,456 40 J Balvin JOSE UMLE 24,832 1,402 700 26,935 41 Anuel AA & Ozuna Los Dioses Real Hasta La Muerte 3,359 22,588 416 26,363 42 YNW Melly Just A Matter of Slime P2021 6,377 19,232 752 26,361 43 ITZY Crazy in Love JP 21,663 4,374 170 26,206 44 Various Artists Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album RCA 1,924 22,963 1,244 26,132 45 Tee Grizzley Built For Whatever Atlantic 828 23,363 235 24,427 46 Big30 King Of Killbranch Bread Gang/N-Less/Interscope 1,526 20,578 464 24,067 47 Toosii Thank You For Believing South Coast/Capitol 5,538 17,853 97 23,488 48 Yung Bleu Moon Boy Vandross/Empire 2,208 20,728 533 23,469 49 24kGoldn El Dorado Records/Columbia 2,501 19,675 458 22,634 50 Kevin Gates Only The Generals Part II Breadwinner's Association 2,346 19,706 303 22,365 51 Big Scarr Big Grim Reaper Atlantic 1,649 20,125 84 21,858 52 Kodak Black Haitian Boy Kodak Atlantic 691 19,845 123 20,659 53 Logic Bobby Tarantino III Def Jam 2,910 17,319 330 20,559 54 KAROL G KG0516 UMLE 1,439 18,166 576 20,181 55 Mozzy Untreated Trauma Mozzy/Empire 10,656 8,446 499 19,964 56 Young Dolph PAPER ROUTE iLLUMINATi Paper Route/Empire 2,428 17,260 189 19,876 57 Vince Staples Vince Staples Blacksmith/Motown 3,374 16,264 114 19,752 58 Rauw Alejandro VICE VERSA Sony Music Latin 456 18,674 258 19,388 59 G-Eazy These Things Happen Too BPG/RVG/RCA 2,518 16,068 634 19,219 60 Leon Bridges Gold-Diggers Sound Columbia 12,160 6,473 335 18,968 61 Benny The Butcher The Plugs I Met 2 Black Soprano Family/SRFSCHL 8,419 9,571 205 18,194 62 Snoh Aalegra TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES Artium 3,341 14,473 250 18,064 63 Myke Towers LYKE MYKE Warner 671 17,208 88 17,967 64 MO3 Shottaz 4Eva H$M/Empire 2,104 15,654 175 17,933 65 Pi'erre Bourne The Life Of Pi'erre 5 Interscope 397 17,170 87 17,653 66 Sleepy Hallow Still Sleep? Winners Circle/RCA 231 16,433 89 16,754 67 ATEEZ ZERO : FEVER Part.3 KQ 1,121 15,415 199 16,735 68 Ski Mask The Slump God Sin City The Mixtape Victor Victor/Republic 775 15,433 53 16,260 69 Farruko La 167 Sony Music Latin 816 15,427 565 16,807 70 Lil Yachty Michigan Boy Boat Quality Control/Motown/Capitol 218 15,708 71 15,997 71 Gucci Mane Ice Daddy Guwop/Atlantic 1,125 14,508 295 15,928 72 Lil Skies Unbothered All We Got/Atlantic 756 14,145 175 15,076 73 ZAYN Nobody Is Listening RCA 4,181 10,338 378 14,898 74 Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid Trust Fund Babies Republic 1,535 12,987 287 14,810 75 Fredo Bang In The Name Of Gee (Still Most Hated) Se Lavi/Def Jam 4,023 10,572 93 14,687 76 Logic YS Collection Vol. 1 Def Jam 1,955 11,807 377 14,140 77 Nelly Heartland Records/Columbia 2,976 9,877 1,108 13,961 78 mike. the highs. 4TheHomies 6,532 7,025 77 13,634 79 CJ Loyalty Over Royalty CJ Music/Warner 370 11,930 270 12,570 Top 10 First Weeks of 2021 Across All Genres Rank Artist Album Label Pure Sales Streaming Sales Track Equivalent Sales TOTAL SALES 1 Drake Certified Lover Boy OVO/Republic 46,000 562,329 5,000 613,000 2 Kanye West Donda G.O.O.D./Def Jam 37,000 272,000 684 309,000 3 Taylor Swift Fearless (Taylor's Version) Republic 185,215 112,072 2,785 300,072 4 Olivia Rodrigo SOUR Geffen 68,333 214,446 3,771 286,550 5 J. Cole The Off-Season Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope 37,000 243,000 2,000 282,000 6 Morgan Wallen Dangerous: The Double Album Big Loud/Republic 75,181 178,576 7,608 261,365 7 Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever Darkroom/Interscope 148,529 84,055 1,464 234,049 8 Tyler, The Creator CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST Columbia 55,000 114,000 604 169,604 9 Justin Bieber Justice RBMG/Def Jam 30,000 119,941 4,401 154,000 10 Lil Baby & Lil Durk The Voice of the Heroes Alamo/Geffen/Interscope/WolfPack/Quality Control/Motown 4,000 144,000 1,000 150,000


Q: Source?

A: http://hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming

Q: How is this list sorted?

A: It's sorted by the total first-week sales

Q: What are pure sales?

A: Pure sales are purchases of the album (iTunes, Amazon, physicals, etc)

Q: What are track equivalent sales?

A: Track equivalent sales (or TEA/Track Equivalent Albums) is a term used to describe the sale of music downloads or singles. A track equivalent album is equal to 10 tracks, or 10 songs

Q: Where is X album?

A: Only albums that make the top 50 in sales+streaming for their debut week are counted

Q: Why do some albums show exact sales numbers while others do not?

A: The albums that do not show exact numbers are the ones that have had sales corrections from Billboard

Q: Where can I find last year's list?

A: 2020 list, 2019 list, 2018 list, 2017 list, 2016 list

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