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- /u/OtHanski

Edit: Voting time has ended, results are as follows:







For the top 3, a custom subreddit flair will be given as a prize 🙂

It's time for the finals of the first r/Dance tournament! We got six finalists ready to go, and just as before, the event is fully community judged 😀

For the finals the voting will be slightly different from qualifiers. In the finals, you will have to place the dancers in order of preference, placed 1-6. The results will be calculated according to a modified version of the WDSF skating system used in dancesport competitions. The voting is done via Google Forms:

Voting form

Note, you'll be required to sign in to Google to prevent duplicate voting. Email addresses aren't collected though, so you can rest easy. Also, do join us on the r/Dance Discord server, in case you're interested in following the competition more closely 😀

Finalists and video links:







Additionally, in the non-competing category, we have:


Shae Marie


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- /u/OtHanski

It's finally time for the second tournament!

As was the case for the first tournament, the tournament is being run at the r/Dance Discord server, so head on over there if you want to take part! Not to worry though, the videos and results will be updated on the subreddit in pinned posts, so no need to worry about missing any of the submissions 😉

The deadline for registration is April 16th, 12pm London time, or a bit over a week after this post, so be sure to join in before then 😀

Edit: I had accidentally typed in May for the registration deadline, while it was supposed to be April, sorry bout that

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- /u/ccflip7

I have recently got and a job as a dance teacher and I have concerns and was wanting to see what others thought. I have danced my whole life and never experienced anything like this. The owner of the studio requires the kids to do an x amount of push-ups/sit-ups as a whole class. So if one person says “no” then the entire class does 50 push-ups and if someone is late it is 100 push-ups. This is for all ages (3-18). The other teacher requires that the kids do burpees until she get bored and wants them to start dancing. My concern is that this is just not right and that even if they are doing push-ups or whatever they won’t necessarily be doing it. Do you think that this is okay. She said I don’t have to follow them but I must do some form of punishment like that. Do you think that it is worth teaching only 3 ish classes if I have to follow them? I know you have to teach kids not to do things they shouldn’t (I’ve have nannied for 4 years) but I feel like this is the wrong to do it. What is your opinion.

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- /u/Due_Medicine_564
- Daniel Pratt

It isn’t unusual to feel reflective at the start of a new year, but as winter 2020 turns into spring 2021, I’m feeling more pensive than I have in recent years. I’ve written before in the pages of Dancing Times about how lucky I am to be living a dancing life that, though adapted, is […]

The post Brave New World?  appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Marianka Swain
Strictly Speaking: The final

What an extraordinary end to the series. The Strictly final aired just hours after Boris Johnson made his latest screeching u-turn, announcing that millions of people would have to cancel their festive plans and spend Christmas separated from loved ones. Could our dance show, which has been an escapist haven during a grim, dark winter, […]

The post Strictly Speaking: The final appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Marianka Swain
Strictly Speaking: Week 8

Can we believe we’ve only got one show to go? Sob! Anyhow, this was – understandably – not a vintage semi-final. It feels like the celebs have barely begun, and yet here we are asking them to learn two dances. Overall, this… did not go well. It was basically the weakest outing for everyone except […]

The post Strictly Speaking: Week 8 appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Marianka Swain
Strictly Speaking: Week 7

Well, that was a jolly Musicals Week. Although very strange to think it’s already the quarter-finals, when it feels like we’ve only just begun the series. Product of both a shorter Strictly, and time losing all meaning in 2020. I’m both relieved we’re nearly at the end of this year and sad that our sparkly […]

The post Strictly Speaking: Week 7 appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Marianka Swain
Strictly Speaking: Week 6

A rather mediocre performance week, with some improvement in scoring, and alas still some glaring biases. However, poor Clara Amfo really doomed herself with an error-strewn jive that was actually marked quite kindly, yet cemented her place in the dance-off. Though I still think she got a raw deal overall this series, we never really […]

The post Strictly Speaking: Week 6 appeared first on Dancing Times.

- HipHopInternational
L’une des plus grandes compétitions de street dance était jusqu’à présent organisée au Zénith d’Orléans par Hip hop international (HHI), la mairie et des associations locales. Annulée en 2020 pour cause de crise sanitaire, la prochaine rencontre aura lieu à Disneyland Paris. La nouvelle est tombée sur les réseaux sociaux en fin de semaine : le […]
- HipHopInternational
HHI JAPAN:  世界最大規模のHIP HOP DANCE 大会への出場権をかけたクルー(チーム)国内選考大会 ALL JAPAN HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021・2021年4月3日(土)神奈川県・横須賀市にて開催! ~クルー/コーチ説明会も2021年1月オンラインで開催~
HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL JAPAN(代表:佐々木 恵美子)は「ALL JAPAN HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021」を2021年4月3日(土)神奈川県・横須賀市 横須賀芸術劇場 大劇場(よこすか芸術劇場)にて開催致します。 画像1: https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/241745/LL_img_241745_1.jpgキービジュアル 本大会に出場し、各カテゴリーにおいて、上位3チームに入賞したクルーは、同年8月にアメリカで開催される世界最大のHIP HOP DANCE大会の一つである「WORLD HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP」への出場権を得ることができます。この世界大会は、54の国と地域からダンサーたちが各参加国内で実施される、国内予選を突破し参加する、まさに世界最大規模のHIP HOP DANCE大会となっており、この大会への出場を機に、プロのダンサーや世界で活躍するダンサーとなっていく日本人選手も少なくありません。 この大会が他のダンス大会と違う大きな特徴の一つとして、全世界で共通かつ、公平な得点制の評価を採用している点が挙げられます。様々な技や演技に対して、加点や減点の基準があり、国際認定ジャッジが、主観ではなく、採点基準に合わせた客観的な採点を行うことで、公平性を担保する仕組みが特徴的です。まるで、フィギアスケートさながらの客観的で、厳密な得点制の手法となっています。 この世界大会に出場するには、4月3日に開催となる、国内大会で上位3チーム(上記3チームが出場を辞退した場合は繰り上げで参加権を得ることができる)に入らなければならず、本年も、大会出場をかけて、し烈な出場権争いとなること間違いありません。 参加クルー(チーム)関係者に向けた、事前説明会は2021年1月にオンラインで開催を予定しております。また、クルー説明会の模様は、後日イベントHPへも掲載する予定です。 イベントHPhttp://hhijapan.com/alljapan2021/ ●開催概要日時 : 2021年4月3日(土) 2部制での開催を想定(時間は調整中)会場 : 横須賀芸術劇場 大劇場(よこすか芸術劇場)アクセス : 「京浜急行汐入駅」徒歩1分、「JR横須賀駅」徒歩8分参加定員 : 36クルー(チーム)参加費 : 1部門参加(5,500円)、2部門参加(8,000円)、3部門参加(10,000円)それぞれ1名につき上記の参加費が必要です。その他詳細な出場要件はイベントHPにてご確認ください。申込方法 : WEBからの申込イベントHP: http://hhijapan.com/alljapan2021/ ●HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPについて世界中のパーフォーマーたちがHIP HOP DANCEの芸術性とテクニックを競い合う機会であり、メディア露出のチャンスという評判も高く、国ごとにタイトルを賭けて踊る世界選手権ともいえる競技ダンスイベントです。 ●HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL(HHI)とは2002年に設立され、ロサンゼルスを拠点としています。数々のダンス大会をプロデュースし、世界中のライブイベント、ライブストリーミング配信、テレビ放送等を通じて100カ国以上で名前が知られています。 ●HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL JAPAN(HHI […]
- HipHopInternational
Tell us about your family background. I am from a middle class family from Vasai, Mumbai. I am the first one in the family who took up dancing as my father and brothers are into the construction business. I did join my father’s business for a brief period of time but then realised that’s not […]
- HipHopInternational
Ces dernières années, le Théâtre d’Orléans puis le Zénith avaient accueilli la finale française du Hip Hop International, une compétition regroupant des groupes de danse hip hop de toute la France, avec en jeu une place en finale des championnats du Monde. L’événement quitte Orléans en 2021. Orléans n’accueillera plus le championnat de France de […]
- HipHopInternational
Los bailarines de Rincón obtuvieron un nuevo premio y lograron clasificarse para una competencia internacional en Estados Unidos. Entre el domingo 17 de noviembre y el lunes 18 se realizó el Torneo Nacional «Hip Hop International» y el joven rinconense Federico Lorenzo Diaz «B-Boy Lil Lorenz», junto a sus compañeros de «The Main Crew”», se […]
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
Chloe and Maud Arnold - Columbia Alumni
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
Chloe Arnold Choreography x NYCDA: FINESSE
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
Sync Ladies Tribute PRINCE x WHEN DOVES CRY - A Capella
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
Chloé Arnold and Jared Grimes - BUFFALO FLATS
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
True to Your Heart - PRIDE Cover!
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
I Got No Strings/N'sync MASH-UP #MagicMondays
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
Why Should I Worry? (Oliver and Company) TIMES SQUARE Cover
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
"At Last I See the Light" HUSBANDS Tangled Duet
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
MAKING OF: Cruella Music Video
- Erika Marie
Rihanna Defends "Real Housewives" Star After Singer Was Mentioned On Show
The "Bad Gal" posed in Leah McSweeney's Married to the Mob brand and playfully called out Ramona Singer.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/rihanna-defends-real-housewives-star-after-she-was-mentioned-on-show-news.136541.html
- Erika Marie
Justin Bieber Tells Simone Biles He's "Proud" Of Her Olympics Decision
Bieber has openly spoken about his mental health struggles and understands the pressures the Olympics champion faces.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/justin-bieber-tells-simone-biles-hes-proud-of-her-olympics-decision-news.136540.html
- Erika Marie
6ix9ine's Ex Sara Molina Tells DJ Vlad She "Regrets" 2019 Interview
That interview revealed 6ix9ine was cooperating with federal authorities and Molina called out Vlad for having her read the indictment on camera.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/6ix9ines-ex-sara-molina-tells-dj-vlad-she-regrets-2019-interview-news.136539.html
- Erika Marie
Safaree Samuels Threatens To Leave "Love & Hip Hop": "Editors Ain't Sh*t"
He wasn't happy with the way the show edited the scene involving his daughter falling.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/safaree-samuels-threatens-to-leave-love-and-hip-hop-editors-aint-sh-t-news.136538.html
- Erika Marie
Teyana Taylor Stars In "A Thousand And One" As Mother Of Foster Child: Report
She reportedly portrays a mother who kidnaps a six-year-old from the foster care system.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/teyana-taylor-stars-in-a-thousand-and-one-as-mother-of-foster-child-report-news.136537.html
- Nailah Spencer
Saweetie Has News For Fans Thursday
Screen Shot 2021 07 29 at 12.08.13 AM

It’s been a busy year for Saweetie. The Cali rapper has been working on her upcoming album”Pretty B*tch Music”, going through artist development, securing partnerships with various beauty and fashion companies, graced the covers of major magazines and more. Just when you think the California rapper has done it all, she shows how extensive her […]

The post Saweetie Has News For Fans Thursday appeared first on The Source.

- Nailah Spencer
Megan Thee Stallion’s Collaboration With Revlon and Stock X Sold Out In One Day
Screen Shot 2021 07 28 at 11.47.01 PM

It’s been a year since Megan Thee Stallion first announced her partnership with cosmetics line Revlon. As a global brand ambassador for the beauty brand, the Houston rapper has created some of her makeup looks using their products, released tutorials and helped launch collections. Now, the hottie is back with a new collaboration. Wednesday, Megan […]

The post Megan Thee Stallion’s Collaboration With Revlon and Stock X Sold Out In One Day appeared first on The Source.

- Nailah Spencer
Safaree Says He’s Upset With Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Franchise
Screen Shot 2021 07 29 at 12.42.52 AM

Love & Hip Hop reality star Safaree revealed he may be separating himself from the franchise in the future. In a series of tweets Wednesday night, the reality tv star shared his discontent with series, for airing footage of his 1-year-old-daughter Safire falling in Season 10. Here’s what he had to say about it. “And […]

The post Safaree Says He’s Upset With Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Franchise appeared first on The Source.

- Sha Be Allah
Nas In 2001 Interview: Jay-Z Said He Was Better Than B.I.G., 2Pac And DMX Fans Were “Starving Street N****s”
Screen Shot 2021 07 28 at 2.33.55 PM

People keep pulling up “lost files” of the Queensbridge king Nas and his 2001 interview during his promo run for Stillmatic may be the most talked about thus far. FELON Magazine, one of the premiere underground publications that surfaced during the turn of the century, conducted an interview with Nas in the midst of his […]

The post Nas In 2001 Interview: Jay-Z Said He Was Better Than B.I.G., 2Pac And DMX Fans Were “Starving Street N****s” appeared first on The Source.

- Jason Cordner
SOURCE SPORTS: Dolphins’ Xavien Howard Shares Why He Wants To Be Traded In a Well Written Social Media Post
Xavien Howard Shares Why He Wants To Be Traded

Xavien Howard wants to take his talents away from South Beach. Howard shared a note via ESPN reporter Adam Schefter on Twitter Tuesday. In the note, Howard said he feels he has outperformed his contract. He and his new agent David Canter say they have tried to renegotiate his deal with the Miami Dolphins, but […]

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Dolphins’ Xavien Howard Shares Why He Wants To Be Traded In a Well Written Social Media Post appeared first on The Source.

- /u/HHHRobot

Been nearly 2 years since the last update to the Overposted List (fka the Favorites List). Let's vote on what albums we want to add to the list and what albums we want to remove.

The thread will be in contest mode (random order), so please search the thread (ctrl+f or search in your app) to see if someone already commented your album before you leave a comment. Don't name more than 1 album in your comment. Ex. "Add: Nav - Nav" or "Remove: Lil B - 05 Fuck Em". Upvote any comments/changes you agree with and avoid downvoting stuff.

What is the Overposted List?: The Overposted List is a list of albums whose songs are banned from being posted to the sub.

What is the purpose of the Overposted List?: The list is meant to contain the over-discussed / circlejerked albums that everyone on HHH already knows, or albums from which songs are constantly posted. There is little value in having a song from MBTDF posted to the sub every month—everyone already knows the album and it takes away space on the front page that could be used to shine light on less jerked-to-death songs.

Can we remove albums too?: Yes. As the tastes of the sub change, or as albums become older, the presence of some albums on the list might not be warranted anymore. This is why we also want to remove some albums each time we vote.

Look at the current list submitted by /u/HHHRobot [link] [comments]
- /u/HHHRobot

This is the weekly thread to share what you've been listening to recently and/or post 3x3 collages. Make sure to write some shit about what you listened to in order encourage discussion.

To make 3x3s:

Import from Last.fm:

http://www.tapmusic.net/lastfm/ http://chrisawren.com/widgets/lastfm/ http://lastfmtopalbums.dinduks.com/ http://nsfcd.com/lastfm/

Make yours manually:

https://xsaardo.github.io/Album-Art-Collage-Creator/ https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/

Make sure to re-upload your picture on a site like Imgur, otherwise the 3x3 posts change.

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- /u/GroovyDhruvy193

DaBaby was originally one of the highest billed artists on Parklife's Lineup when it was announced in March.

But his billing has been completely removed from Parklife's website as of today, as he's no longer on the poster and the stage breakdown..

submitted by /u/GroovyDhruvy193 [link] [comments]
- /u/tehxeno
Welcome to r/Bboy!

What Is... A b-boy/b-girl (or break-boy/break-girl) is a male/female dancer who practices breaking or b-boying/b-girling, the acrobatic hip-hop dance style, commonly known as "breakdancing." Want to learn more? Watch The Freshest Kids a movie on Breakin' history.


Videos You Should Watch Includes tutorials, interviews, inspiration, and more

BBoy MixTapes Various places to listen and download MixTapes

Weekly BBoy Challenge Weekly challenges to encourage each other towards being better breakers.


Bboy Tools

Bboy Federation

Bboy Spot

Bboy World Forum


More Than A Stance


Interested in the Funk Styles? (Locking, Popping, etc?) Check out /r/FunkStyle

Reddit Stuff

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Do you have suggestions for the subreddit? Message the /r/BBoy Moderators with your suggestions!

You may also comment in this thread.

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- /u/BboyADMotion
Progress is coming
- /u/Repulsive_Response64
Sleepy Jesus