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- /u/KidTwisTer_Jaggy
Freestyle fun!!!
- /u/faceboogye
#Freestylefridays are the best
- /u/Historical_Shift_292

I bought a princess cut capezio Leotard, and it fits perfectly EVERY WHERE except fornthe straps, theyre wayyy too long and I have no chest support.

is there any way to fix this or should i try to geta different leo?

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- Barbara Newman
New works in London

Pictured: English National Ballet in Playlist (EP). Photograph by Laurent Liotardo. For every person who thinks ballet means fairytales, there’s another who’s hunting for narratives steeped in sex and another who prefers movement stripped of drama and decoration. Over time, the classical ballet vocabulary has evolved into a flexible language that can satisfy them all. The new […]

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- Daniel Pratt
Old Swan Lakes reflecting new ideas

I’ve been conspicuously absent from this blog for a while. Shamefully, I don’t have a real reason. I could excuse myself by saying it was a kind of coronavirus fatigue. I looked back over this blog’s catalogue with warmth and interest, realising what a privilege it is to have this space to muse on dance. […]

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- Barbara Newman
London Mime Festival at the Barbican

Pictured: Shantala Shivalingappa in asH, a piece by Aurélien Bory. Part of the London Mime Festival. Photograph by Aglae Bory. Over the years, London’s annual Mime Festival has developed into a grab bag of theatrical activity meshing movement, music and speech. Its international array of artists attracts viewers of all ages, who are possibly the […]

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- Barbara Newman
English National Ballet’s Raymonda

Pictured: Isaac Hernández and Shiori Kase in Raymonda. Photograph by Johan Persson. Tamara Rojo has made an enormous effort to stage a full-evening production of Raymonda for English National Ballet (ENB). It is her first attempt at choreography and the first such production by a company from the UK, if you don’t count Rudolf Nureyev’s initial […]

The post English National Ballet’s Raymonda appeared first on Dancing Times.

- Barbara Newman
Nutcracker in New York

Above: Indiana Woodward in New York City Ballet’s production of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker. Photograph by Erin Baiano. Relaying news from New York in the January issue of Dancing Times, Leigh Witchel wrote that “New York City Ballet has done the same version of The Nutcracker since 1954,” but because “there were no major debuts during […]

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- HipHopInternational
L’une des plus grandes compétitions de street dance était jusqu’à présent organisée au Zénith d’Orléans par Hip hop international (HHI), la mairie et des associations locales. Annulée en 2020 pour cause de crise sanitaire, la prochaine rencontre aura lieu à Disneyland Paris. La nouvelle est tombée sur les réseaux sociaux en fin de semaine : le […]
- HipHopInternational
HHI JAPAN:  世界最大規模のHIP HOP DANCE 大会への出場権をかけたクルー(チーム)国内選考大会 ALL JAPAN HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021・2021年4月3日(土)神奈川県・横須賀市にて開催! ~クルー/コーチ説明会も2021年1月オンラインで開催~
HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL JAPAN(代表:佐々木 恵美子)は「ALL JAPAN HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021」を2021年4月3日(土)神奈川県・横須賀市 横須賀芸術劇場 大劇場(よこすか芸術劇場)にて開催致します。 画像1: https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/241745/LL_img_241745_1.jpgキービジュアル 本大会に出場し、各カテゴリーにおいて、上位3チームに入賞したクルーは、同年8月にアメリカで開催される世界最大のHIP HOP DANCE大会の一つである「WORLD HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP」への出場権を得ることができます。この世界大会は、54の国と地域からダンサーたちが各参加国内で実施される、国内予選を突破し参加する、まさに世界最大規模のHIP HOP DANCE大会となっており、この大会への出場を機に、プロのダンサーや世界で活躍するダンサーとなっていく日本人選手も少なくありません。 この大会が他のダンス大会と違う大きな特徴の一つとして、全世界で共通かつ、公平な得点制の評価を採用している点が挙げられます。様々な技や演技に対して、加点や減点の基準があり、国際認定ジャッジが、主観ではなく、採点基準に合わせた客観的な採点を行うことで、公平性を担保する仕組みが特徴的です。まるで、フィギアスケートさながらの客観的で、厳密な得点制の手法となっています。 この世界大会に出場するには、4月3日に開催となる、国内大会で上位3チーム(上記3チームが出場を辞退した場合は繰り上げで参加権を得ることができる)に入らなければならず、本年も、大会出場をかけて、し烈な出場権争いとなること間違いありません。 参加クルー(チーム)関係者に向けた、事前説明会は2021年1月にオンラインで開催を予定しております。また、クルー説明会の模様は、後日イベントHPへも掲載する予定です。 イベントHPhttp://hhijapan.com/alljapan2021/ ●開催概要日時 : 2021年4月3日(土) 2部制での開催を想定(時間は調整中)会場 : 横須賀芸術劇場 大劇場(よこすか芸術劇場)アクセス : 「京浜急行汐入駅」徒歩1分、「JR横須賀駅」徒歩8分参加定員 : 36クルー(チーム)参加費 : 1部門参加(5,500円)、2部門参加(8,000円)、3部門参加(10,000円)それぞれ1名につき上記の参加費が必要です。その他詳細な出場要件はイベントHPにてご確認ください。申込方法 : WEBからの申込イベントHP: http://hhijapan.com/alljapan2021/ ●HIP HOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPについて世界中のパーフォーマーたちがHIP HOP DANCEの芸術性とテクニックを競い合う機会であり、メディア露出のチャンスという評判も高く、国ごとにタイトルを賭けて踊る世界選手権ともいえる競技ダンスイベントです。 ●HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL(HHI)とは2002年に設立され、ロサンゼルスを拠点としています。数々のダンス大会をプロデュースし、世界中のライブイベント、ライブストリーミング配信、テレビ放送等を通じて100カ国以上で名前が知られています。 ●HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL JAPAN(HHI […]
- HipHopInternational
Tell us about your family background. I am from a middle class family from Vasai, Mumbai. I am the first one in the family who took up dancing as my father and brothers are into the construction business. I did join my father’s business for a brief period of time but then realised that’s not […]
- HipHopInternational
Ces dernières années, le Théâtre d’Orléans puis le Zénith avaient accueilli la finale française du Hip Hop International, une compétition regroupant des groupes de danse hip hop de toute la France, avec en jeu une place en finale des championnats du Monde. L’événement quitte Orléans en 2021. Orléans n’accueillera plus le championnat de France de […]
- HipHopInternational
Los bailarines de Rincón obtuvieron un nuevo premio y lograron clasificarse para una competencia internacional en Estados Unidos. Entre el domingo 17 de noviembre y el lunes 18 se realizó el Torneo Nacional «Hip Hop International» y el joven rinconense Federico Lorenzo Diaz «B-Boy Lil Lorenz», junto a sus compañeros de «The Main Crew”», se […]
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
Maudify: Tap Into Life | Maud Arnold | TEDxUStreetWomen
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
Wanna Be Starting Something / Chloé and Jabu
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
I LIKE / Sync Ladies Tap Challenge
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
ABOUT DAMN TIME / Tap Dance Challenge Tutorial
- Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
Our Cruise on the DISNEY MAGIC | Husbands Chris & Clay
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
What's In My Bag? Chris & Clay | Spill it | In the Bag
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
My Family Came to SEE ME IN HAMILTON!
- Christopher Rice-Thomson
Would You Rather?! PART 2 | Chris & Clay
- Hayley Hynes
Don Q Delivers "Corleone" Featuring G Herbo, Rowdy Rebel, DreamDoll & More
Icewear Vezzo, 42 Dugg, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, and Dusty Locane assisted Don Q as well.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/don-q-delivers-corleone-featuring-g-herbo-rowdy-rebel-dreamdoll-and-more-new-mixtape.122675.html
- Hayley Hynes
Curren$y Delivers The Deluxe Cut Of "Spring Clean 2" With Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks & More
New songs with Lloyd Banks, Rick Ross, G Perico, and J. Stone have been added to the tracklist.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/currensy-delivers-the-deluxe-cut-of-spring-clean-2-with-rick-ross-lloyd-banks-and-more-new-mixtape.122674.html
- Hayley Hynes
Post Malone Follows First Daughter's Birth With Launch Of Kids Clothing Collection
Posty announced the arrival of his baby girl during a recent appearance on Howard Stern's radio show.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/post-malone-follows-first-daughters-birth-with-launch-of-kids-clothing-collection-news.154084.html
- Hayley Hynes
Kim Kardashian Widens SKIMS Bodysuit "Vagina Area" As Requested By Khloé Kardashian
Khloé – who previously named her camel toe "Camille" – aired her grievances about her sister's designs on an episode of "The Kardashians" earlier this year.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/kim-kardashian-widens-skims-bodysuit-vagina-area-as-requested-by-khlo-kardashian-news.154083.html
- Hayley Hynes
Chaney Jones Debuts Lighter Hair In Bootylicious Bikini Bottom Photoshoot
We haven't seen Chaney with Ye in a while, though she's looking great while kicking it with her gal pals.https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/chaney-jones-debuts-lighter-hair-in-bootylicious-bikini-bottom-photoshoot-news.154082.html
- sourcestaff
Supreme Court On Abortions & Roe vs. Wade
Panorama of United States Supreme Court Building at Dusk

This morning the Supreme Court announced its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, reversing the long-standing constitutional right to abortion set forth in the Supreme Court’s 1973 Rose v. Wade decision.   In holding that “[t]he Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion,” the Court’s decision […]

The post Supreme Court On Abortions & Roe vs. Wade appeared first on The Source.

- Kim SoMajor
Democratic Leaders Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and NY Mayor Eric Adams Slam Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Roe V. Wade
Roe V. Wade Eric Adams

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are ripping the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe V. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that led to the legalization of abortion in America.   Pelosi said a “radical Supreme Court” is eviscerating the health and safety of American women.  She also accused Republicans of plotting a […]

The post Democratic Leaders Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and NY Mayor Eric Adams Slam Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Roe V. Wade appeared first on The Source.

- Shawn Grant
Supreme Court Ends 50 Years of Abortion Rights by Overturning Roe V. Wade
ap22123754944247 custom 9571ca15d724c5868af8872ccdc392a261d0ca7f s1100 c50

On Friday, The Supreme Court overruled Roe V. Wade, terminating the constitutional right of women to abortion. Roe V. Wade was put in place nearly 50 years ago. The ruling will now result in total bans of abortion in nearly half of the states in America. According to the New York Times, the 6-3 ruling […]

The post Supreme Court Ends 50 Years of Abortion Rights by Overturning Roe V. Wade appeared first on The Source.

- HesAlwaysWrite
‘Honestly, Nevermind’ Your Opinion, We Needed This Drake Album
Drake Announces 'Care Package' Release

Drake put the social media world in a frenzy when he announced the coming of his seventh studio album Honestly, Nevermind. People anticipated a typical Drake album. You know the emotional records that puts us in our feels. Or the rap heavy tracks with the caption ready lyrics. Well when Drizzy surprisingly dropped Honestly, Nevermind, […]

The post ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ Your Opinion, We Needed This Drake Album appeared first on The Source.

- Bryson "Boom" Paul
Warner Music Group Announces 300 Elektra Ent.
image001 1

A super record label has arrived. Warner Music Group today announced the creation of 300 Elektra Entertainment – 3EE – a new frontline label group that brings together the multi-genre power of 300 and Elektra. Headed by Chairman & CEO Kevin Liles, this supergroup of iconic, indie-spirited brands includes 300, Elektra Records, Fueled by Ramen, Roadrunner, Low Country Sound, DTA Records, […]

The post Warner Music Group Announces 300 Elektra Ent. appeared first on The Source.

- /u/HHHRobot

This is the weekly thread to share what you've been listening to recently and/or post 3x3 collages. Make sure to write some shit about what you listened to in order encourage discussion.

To make 3x3s:

Import from Last.fm:

http://www.tapmusic.net/lastfm/ http://chrisawren.com/widgets/lastfm/ http://lastfmtopalbums.dinduks.com/ http://nsfcd.com/lastfm/

Make yours manually:

https://xsaardo.github.io/Album-Art-Collage-Creator/ https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/

Make sure to re-upload your picture on a site like Imgur, otherwise the 3x3 posts change.

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- /u/TheRoyalGodfrey
LPs ELVIS (w Denzel Curry, Doja Cat, Eminem, Cee-Lo Green, Jazmine Sullivan, Nardo Wick, Swae Lee + more) [Soundtrack, RCA] Chris Brown - Breezy (w Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Lil Wayne, Jack Harlow, Bryson Tiller, Fivio Foreign, Wizkid, Tory Lanez H.E.R., BLEU, Ella Mai & Blxst) [R&B, Pop, RCA] GIVĒON - Give Or Take [R&B, Not So Fast/Epic] French Montana & Harry Fraud - Montega (w Quavo, Rick Ross, Benny the Butcher, Babyface Ray, EST Gee, Jadakiss & Chinx) [East Coast Hip Hop, Coke Boys] Cochise - THE INSPECTION (w Chief Keef, Young Nudy, Sam Wise + more) [Southern Hip Hop, Trap, Columbia] Juicy J & Pi'erre Bourne - Space Age Pimpin' (w Project Pat) [Southern Hip Hop, Trap, Trippy] Money Man - Big Money (w G Herbo, Benny the Butcher, Nardo Wick, Peezy + more) [Trap, Black Circle/EMPIRE] Jon Z (🇵🇷) - Proyecto Zeta (w Myke Towers + more) [Latin Rap, Chosen Few Emerald / WK] Lupe Fiasco - DRILL MUSIC IN ZION [Chicago Hip Hop, Lyrical, 1st and 15th Too / Thirty Tigers] J.I The Prince Of N.Y - Young & Restless Vol. 1: Baby Don [NY Drill, G\STAR / Geffen*] Zaytoven - STREETZ GOT NO HEAT (w Bun B, Trouble, PeeWee Longway, Foolio + more) [Trap, ATL] Young Slo-Be - Southeast (w DaBoii, EBK+ more) [Stockton Trap, KoldGreedy/Thizzler] Dear Silas - It's Giving SELF LOVE! [Southern Hip Hop, SND Village] Louie Ray - Still Grinding 4 (w Lil Migo, Baby Money & Tripstar) [Michigan Trap*] Don Q - Corleone (w G Herbo, A Boogie Wit Da Hooie, 42 Dugg, Icewear Vezzo, DreamDoll & DUSTY LOCANE) [NYC Trap, Highbridge/EMPIRE] Chetta - Been Here Forever (w $UICIDEBOY$) [Trap, G59] Blasfem - Blasfem On Air [Taste the Floor] Lil B - Frozen [West Coast Rap] Dollars Up Nero & Kool John - Double Up [Bay Area Rap] Theo Croker - LOVE QUANTUM (w Wyclef Jean, Jill Scott, Jamila Woods + more) [Jazz Fusion, STAR PEOPLE NATION / Sony] Akhenaton (🇫🇷) & Nicolas Craven - Latin Quarter, Pt. 2 (w Ransom, Planet Asia + more) *[Boom Bap?, *Craven] Jon Connor - BITW: The N Tape* [Midwest Underground Rap] ElCamino - ElCamino 3 (w Harry Fraud, Jay Worthy, A$AP ANT + more) [Buffalo Rap, Anti Gun Violence] Garren - This What You Want? [(normal)/Corite] Ahwlee - Ftrs [Beat Tape] YS - Runway Baby [L.A. Trap, ISWT] Teeezy - The Fkn Blue Devil 3 [West Coast Rap, Day1k] AJ Snow & Jansport J - NO AWARDS FOR THE REAL (w Quadry & Tyler Reese) [Boom Bap, Made By OGs/All Attraction, No Chasin'] Jahn Dough - The Garden Project (w Dizzy Wright + more) [Rap, DalMar] Santana Fox - Girl Next Door (w Boldy James + more) [Rap, Prodigy's Daughter] Tab-One - Glory in the Weight [Boom Bap, Jazzy, NC, M.E.C.C.A.] Kotic Couture - Late to the Party [Baby City] Toomanyflowers - Orchyds (w KayCyy, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Hus KingPin + more)** Deluxe Lil Durk - 7720 (w Moneybagg Yo, EST Gee, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Ella Mai & Doodie Lo) [Chicago Drill, Pop Rap, Alamo] - Curren$y - Spring Clean 2 (w Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks, G Perico & J Stone) [Stoner Rap, Southern, Jet Life] BLK ODYSSY - BLK VINTAGE: THE REPRISE (w Benny the Butcher, George Clinton, Mereba, Baby Rose + more) [Alt-R&B, EMPIRE] Sy Ari Da Kid - The Shadow in the Shade (w JID, EARTHGANG, Benny the Butcher, Mickey Factz, Sway + more) [Rap, No I in Team / Clinq] Robb Bank$ - FALCON OF THE MILLENNIUM - FALCONIA [Cloud Rap, 430 ENT DEATHLESS] Ralfy the Plug - Skateboard P (w Drakeo the Ruler, DaBoii, Louie Ray, Peezy, Money Man, BlueBucksClan, Cash Kidd, Baby Smoove, GT + more) [L.A. Trap, Stinc Team] Psihotrop - Necesar [Romanian Rap] EPs Roddy Ricch - The Big 3 (w Mustard + more) [Pop Rap, Compton, Atlantic] Totoy El Frio (🇨🇴) - El Nuevo Testamento [Latin Rap, Colombia, UMG] Chucky73 - Reencarnaciòn [Latin Drill, Bronx, * Sie7etr3*] KANKAN - ##B4W2G* [Plugg, Rage, Dallas] Mach-Hommy - Dump Gawd: Triz 9 (w Tha God Fahim) [East Coast Street Rap, Newark, Haitian] Moelogo (🇳🇬→🇬🇧) - Euphoric [Afrobeats, Motrakz] Anonymuz - Anago [Trap, FL, Rxdical] Shy High - Goodbye Delicious [Boom Bap, TikTok, Oregon, MUSH] Reggi El Autentico (🇻🇪) - ESELA [Reggaetón, Venezuela, UMG] Andrez Babii - Why Do We Fear Still? [Latin Rap, South Florida, Warner] BoofPaxkMooky - How to Float (w Levi Carter) [Plugg, ATL] Baby Stone Gorillas & Gotdamnitdupri - GODDAMNIT BABYSTONES (w RJmrLA, Slumlord Trill & Chucksta) [L.A. Trap, Park Money/MoneyMusic] Michael Christmas & Ricky Felix - Christmas In 6 (w Joseph Chilliams, Tony Shhnow + more) [Feel Good Indie Rap, Boston] RBG LilBobby & LilCJ Kasino - Before I Self Destruct (w Sauce Walka, GGO Kurt & JOJO MAN) [Trap, TX] Davus (🇺🇾) - No Cap [Latin Trap, Uruguay, Crucnk] New Boix - 440 [Radioactive Lemons] Bils (🇳🇬) - BAD GUYS NEED LOVE TOO [Afrobeats, Mad Solutions] Singles Eminem & Snoop Dogg - From the D 2 the LBC Lil Nas X & YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Late To Da Party DaBaby & Davido - SHOWING OFF HER BODY Beyoncé - BREAK MY SOUL YG - RUN (feat. 21 Savage, BIA & Tyga) Wiz Khalifa - Bad Ass Bitches 50 Cent & Dr. Dre - The Psycho (feat. Ester Dean) Dot Da Genius - Talk About Me (feat. Kid Cudi, JID & Denzel Curry) 22Gz & Kodak Black - Up N Stuck Gorillaz - Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat) Kalan.FrFr - No Stoppin' (feat. Blxst) Logic - 2006 Demo* Brent Faiyaz - PRICE OF FAME The Game & Hit-Boy - Violence Dave - My 24th Birthday Bktherula - THROUGH 2 U (Remix) [feat. Ski Mask The Slump God] Aitch - In Disguise (feat. Bakar) Coi Leray - Involved Hus KingPin - School (Full Scholarship Remix) [feat. Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Rozewood & Manny Megz] Zacari & Isaiah Rashad - Bliss glaive - minnesota is a place that exists Ricardo P & E-40 - Wavy Nedarb & Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - I'll Be the Fire Jay Royale & Benny the Butcher - The Iron (Big Ghost Ltd. Remix) Diana Drill & Giggs - Heartless Not3s - Where You Been? funeral & midwxst - None JayDaYoungan - First Day Out Pt. 2 (Influential Freestyle)* CHIBI LOL & Big Scarr - Eye of the Tiger Shordie Shordie - Pon De River The Grouch & Atmosphere - The Muah On Your Cheek DJ Jay Woods - Knock Her (feat. Project Pat, Nesha DeShaun & Khalil King) Icewear Vezzo, Peezy & Payroll Giovanni - The Commission 6 Dogs - Turtles Don Thado & Sally Sossa - Naomi Osaka DJ Primetime - BANKROLL (feat. Rucci, Kenai & ProjeckBabyTwin) Kojey Radical - Born (feat. Cashh) / BULLIES (Apple Music Home Sessions) Foolio - Looking For You Dee Watkins - For The Birds Lethal Bizzle - Dapper Dan (Remix) [feat. ShaSimone, BackRoad Gee & Rob Marley] Big Yavo - OVO Tommy Genesis & Charlie Heat - All the Bands Ambar Lucid - La Torre 1TakeJay - Solo at Fox Hills 1TakeQuan - Nothing Less Apollo Brown - Time Lost P Yungin - Tempted Bfb Da Packman - Megan Knees Lil Pat The Nicest & Bfb Da Packman - Hating Bandmanrill - Don't Make Me Crash (Girl With The Tattoo Remix)* 2FeetBino - 10x Harder BlueBucksClan - Just Hit Me Coast Contra - Never Freestyle BNG Nappsakk & Hardo - Gold Rush Lil Migo - Cheated Patrick Cc: & RobOlu - Tweaked! Lil Zoovie & RMC Mike - V8 Nights Da$H & AL.DIVINO - Electric Bill King Los - Goat Tape 2 (Silent Hill Freestyle)* Jazz Spastiks - Cognitive Fusion NYGTurbo & Pasto Flocco - Vision Deezie Brown, Jackie Venson, Mailk, Mobley & Haile Orion - Jeromeo & Juliet (Good Friday) Bastien Keb - In the Woods Big Homiie G - Off Da Top Thelo Khan - Huey Young (feat. Tha God Fahim) Pappy Natson & Nicolas Craven - Silver Lining (feat. Tha God Fahim) Nyce Da Future & Eto - On God (Feat. Flee Lord) MGF Bandit & LilCJ Kasino - WBTO Phoelix - Need Sumn Slim Papi & CRIMEAPPLE - David Lynch Merlyn Wood - ROCKSTAR [ MASTER V3 ]* RXKNephew - Simmity Sam No Blam* / Not One LAZY Bone* Hassan the Don & Big Sad 1900 - Do Better Dolla Davis & Big Sad 1900 - Ksubi Jeans Amber Window, Miss C-Line & Ryler Smith - Strong Love Yun' Doe & Bla$ta - Cheat Codes CallMeJohnny, Bla$ta & WeezGotti - Body Dess Dior - Rich and Raw Wrecking Crew (Casual, Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, PremRock & Small Professor) - Behemoth Big Kahuna OG - Smelling Blood / 2 Minute Freestyle Bear1boss - Hi 2Day! Cousin Feo - Napoleon Nights KVthewriter - Never Say Never

* means not on Apple Music or Spotify

Sorted by Spotify Monthly Listeners, honestly ignore a lot of stuff with less than 1k unless I recognize it

Old NMFs Full Calendar submitted by /u/TheRoyalGodfrey [link] [comments]
- /u/temporary_whatever

I feel like the vocal deliveries of rap artists influenced by jazz musicians really bring something novel to rap music. Pharoahe Monch, Myka 9, Kendrick Lamar, and Busdriver all come to mind.

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- /u/Spicyytamale

Tyler, The Creator’s sixth studio album.

What are your favorite songs?

Does it hold up a year later?

What are your thoughts?

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- /u/Epicallytossed
- /u/tehxeno
Welcome to r/Bboy!

What Is... A b-boy/b-girl (or break-boy/break-girl) is a male/female dancer who practices breaking or b-boying/b-girling, the acrobatic hip-hop dance style, commonly known as "breakdancing." Want to learn more? Watch The Freshest Kids a movie on Breakin' history.


Videos You Should Watch Includes tutorials, interviews, inspiration, and more

BBoy MixTapes Various places to listen and download MixTapes

Weekly BBoy Challenge Weekly challenges to encourage each other towards being better breakers.


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- /u/toinfinityandbyd

Just dropped a dope b-boy breaks mix. Somethin you could use for your moves. Hope yall dig it. Link below and thanks in advance for those who check it out. Peace and love!


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